Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


13. Chapter 11-Why Me?

Liams POV I have been sitting in the waiting room for about three hours now. Lily and Zayn are here too. All of us have been silent, worried about how Becca is doing. The only person I have been talking to is the nurses, but they haven't been very helpful. I Guess the only person who is allowed to tell me how she is, is the doctor who is working on her. Not once have I seen him So who knows when hes going to come out.. "Liam Payne?" I heard a males voice yell I stood up, "Um yeah, that's me?" "Could you please come over here?" He asked. I nodded and walked over to where he was standing. "Hello Liam, I'm Dr. Smith." He said shaking my hand. "How is she? Is she gonna be ok? please tell me shes ok?" I just had to find out how she was. "Shes not in the greatest shape, But its nothing to bad that its going to kill her. A few of her ribs a sevierly fractured. She had allot of deep cuts too. For her recovery, she is going to have to stay here until she is strong enough to go home. once she does get to go home she is going to need to stay in bed until i say that it is alright for her to get back to her regular schedule. Any questions?" He asked "Well can I see her?" I asked/demanded  "yes, but she might be sleeping. Becca also might kind of be out of it, so keep the talking to a minimal. Her room is right down the hall." Dr. Smith pointed to a room down the hall. "Alright thank you so much!" I smiled at the doctor, then looked towards Lily and Zayn who were already looking at me with concerning eyes. "We get to see her! C'mon let's go!" They automatically shot out of their seats and ran towards me. "We have to be quiet since she was just in surgery." I explained to them as we walked into her room. She heard us come in, cause right as I walked in she said, "Liam, is that you?" I smiled. Thank god she remembered me!  I walked over to her bed and grabbed her hand, "Yes sweety, its me." I kissed her hand. she smiled at me. "Hey honey, how are you doing?" Lily asked her softly. Becca started to cry, "Why does this have to happen to me? I've never done anything wrong in my life! I never cheated him or anything and he treats me like I'm a little bug that he wishes was dead!" "Don't say that about yourself! You are a wonderful girl! Ryan is just an asshole who should be locked up for what he has done to you!" I yelled but not to loud to scare her. "Fine, But when do i get to come home?" Becca asked. "Depends on how fast you recover, your pretty broken up babe." Lily explained. "I'm fine. C'mon guys lets go home" She stood up, But then she fell on the floor "Oh shit are you okay?" Zayn asked Becca helping me put her back on her bed. "Yeah I'm fine. Can you guys come back later though? I'm tired and want to get some sleep." Becca asked us. "You guys can go, but I'm staying with her." I told Lily and Zayn. They nodded and walked out. Becca looked at me and smiled, "Babe you look hungry. How about you go to the food court and get yourself something to eat." I looked at her smiled, nodding my head, and walked out. Shes right, I haven't eaten all day Beccas POV I am still kind of confused on what happened last night. All I remember is Ryan beating me. I just don't remember how I got here. I mean why would he want to hurt me even more then he already has? I never did anything wrong to him. Did he rape me? Or did he at least try? I'll have to ask Liam once he gets back. Just then I heard the door open. Why is Liam already back? I just sent him to get food like two minutes ago. "Liam why are you already back? You need to go eat and stop worrying about me!" I smiled, But was also kind of angry "Oh don't worry, I'm not Liam" A females voice said. "Who are you?" I asked "You will figure it out sooner or later. But for now, all I'm gonna say about my self is that your close with one of my old um friends" She was behind the curtain, so i wasn't able to make out a shape of the woman. "Well why are you here?" I asked "I'm here to warn you." "About what?" "You need to stay away from Liam! He was mine first! You know your abusive boyfriend Ryan? Yeah well i sent him to do that stuff to you last night. He was suppose to kill you last night, but then your little heroes came in and saved the day!" She sounded annoyed "K-kill?" I swallowed hard. She sounded familiar..."D-Danielle, is that you?" It couldn't be? The woman walk away from the curtain. I was right it was Danielle. "Whoopdy doo! you figured it out!" She clapped her hands. "If I see you and Liam anywhere together, this time i wont send anyone to do the dirty work. I'll send myself!" She got close to my face and pointed her finger."Now I better go before Liam gets back. You better break up with him tonight. I've found you once, I can find you again." She lightly scratched my cheek with her finger nail and smirked as she walked out the door. Two minutes later Liam walks in. "Becca, why was Danielle just in your room?" Tears balled up in my eyes. "Liam?" I Sniffed "I'm scared!" I gave him a hug and wouldn't let go. "Why are you scared?" He asked "Because, Danielle just threatened to kill me..." 

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