Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


12. Chapter 10-My Crazy Ex-Boyfriend

Becca's POV I woke up in a dark room I didn't recognize. I sat up abrubtly and then grabbed my head. I felt dried blood on the side of my face and my eye was all puffy and bruised and I had a major headache. What happened? Where's Lily? Where am I? I was thinking when someone walked into the room. The light hurt my eyes so I couldn't exactly see who it was. " Well, look who's awake." A voice said. He- I could tell by his voice- said as he came into the room.  He shut the door behind him and darkness filled the room again. He walked closer to me and grabbed my face in his hand. " What do you want?" I said fearfully. " Becca, you don't remember me? That's a shame. Because if you did, you'd know exactly want I want." He said menicingly. All  of a sudden I realised who it was. " Let me go, Ryan." I said. " Not until I get what I want! And you know I always get what I want, right Becca?"  All the memories came flooding back. All the memories of him pressuring me to do... things... with him and then him beating me if I didn't. I shuddered. These were all the memories I put in the back of my brain so I would never have to relive them. I knew Ryan would beat me if I didn't do whatever he wanted. So I decided to play along. " And what is it you want from me?" I said sweetly. I gently took his hand off of my face. " You'll see. And don't try to play games with me, bitch." Ryan said. He slapped me across the face before walking out of the room. I rubbed my face where he slapped me. My eyes had adjusted to the dark so I could kind of see around the room. There was a window in one corner. I got up and made my way to it. I pushed on it and the window swung open. I looked out. I was up in the second story but I saw a ledge not too far down. I was thinking about my escape plan when I heard footsteps on the stairs. I quickly closed the window and ran back to my seat.  Lily's POV " I'd like to file a missing person's report." I said to the police officer at the station. Becca had been missing since Ryan took her the day we got here. I started to follow them but they got lost in the crowd so I ran to the front of the airport and took a cab to my parents house. I told them what happened and we called the police, but they said they couldn't file a report until she had been missing for 24 hours. Do you know how much Ryan could do to her in 24 hours? I called Liam and the boys also, and they said they would be at my house by tomorrow. I sighed. " Could you tell us some imformation about this missing person?" The lady said. "Ummm..... Becca Wells, age 18, 5'6, last seen wearing sweatpants, uh... was abducted by her crazy ex- boyfriend Ryan Matthews." " Do you have any idea where Ryan could have taken her?" " Not really. My best guess would be to start at his house then maybe his work."  " What are the adresses if these places?"  I told her the addresses and she typed them into a computer. "Okay we'll get someone on her case right now." She got up and walked away. "Thank you so much!" I called after her. ( Sorry guys I don't know if that's really how police reports go so don't hate xxxTalls) Liam's POV I was so worried about Becca. What if he rapes her or even worse kills her? I sighed and looked at the cab driver. "Can you please drive a little faster? We're kind of in a hurry." I said as nicely as possible. The driver just humphed and drove a little faster. We finally got to Lily's house and I jumped out of the car. Zayn payed the driver and we ran into the house. " Hello? Lily? Mr. and Mrs. Graves? It's Zayn and Liam!" I called out. " Up here you guys!" Lily shouted from upstairs. I bounded up the steps and into the room with the pink door. Lily was sitting on her bed. She looked up. " Hey guys." She said sadly. Her eyes were puffy from crying. Zayn walked over to the bed and put his arm around Lily. I sat down next to her. " It's okay, Lily. They are going to find Becca." I said to her. " It's all my fault! I should've been able to keep up with him! I should've saved her!" She shouted in frustration. " No, Lily. Don't say that. It is not your fault. You did the best you could." Zayn said comfortingly. She looked at him and smiled weakly. They started to make out and I rolled my eyes. "Look you guys. I know you just got back together but we have more important things to worry about right now then your tongues down each others throats!" I said sternly. " Right. Sorry, Liam." Lily said. " Do you know if Becca had her phone with her when Ryan took her?" I asked Lily. " Yeah it was in her pocket." She said confused. " Are you saying we should try to call her?" Zayn asked. " Yeah. That way we could get the GPS on her phone activtated and we can find her!" I said excitedly. " Alright. I'll call her." Lily said as she pulled out her phone. Becca's POV Ryan had been coming in and out of the room he was keeping me in since I got here. and every time, he left a new bruise or cut on me. He never told me what he wanted but I could guess it was for me to suffer and die. Just then he walked in the door. "Hey, Becca. You're not looking so hot today." He said as he looked at my bruised and bloody face. "My friends are gonna come soon and kick your ass!" I yelled at him and spit on his shirt. His eyes filled up with rage and he punched me in the face. I tried to hit him back but he stopped me. He punched me in the stomach and then kicked me when I fell over. I spit up blood and he laughed. I heard One Direction's " What Makes You Beautiful" coming from my pocket and my eyes widened. Shit! That was my phone! Ryan heard it to because he grabbed it out of my hand before I could answer it. He threw it across the room and it landed in god knows what. then he turned to me, a new fury in his voice. " Looks like your little band boyfriends and your slut friend won't be able to help you now huh?" He said as he kicked me in the stomach repeatedly. I choked and he kicked once more, as hard as he possibly could. I threw up and he picked me up and shoved me back in my seat. But this time he tied me up so I couldn't move and he duct taped my mouth shut. He spit on my face then walked out. I started to sob. Please find me fast, Liam...I thought before I blacked out. Liam's POV " She didn't answer!" Lily said. "It's okay. The GPS is still activated and it looks like we found her! She's at 690 Greenbay Avenue. Do you know where that is?" I asked Lily. " Yeah. It's the old warehouse we all used to hang out at before Ryan went all crazy possesive." She said. "Could you take us there?" I looked at her. "Sure. But don't just go barging in there, Liam. Ryan's dangerous. He might have weapons." She warned me. "It's fine. As long as I have Zayn fighting with me, Ryan doesn't stand a chance." I said, throwing my arm around Zayn. He smiled. Lily looked at us skeptically. "Fine, let's go. But be careful." She said. *Skip Car Ride* When we got to the warehouse I got out of the car and quietly walked in the door. I saw a staircase so I motioned to Zayn to follow me up. Lily came to, because we couldn't convince her to stay in the car. I heard muffled screams coming from one of the rooms so went in and found Ryan slapping Becca across the face. He heard me come in and he turned around. Becca looked a me fearfully. " Well. Looks like you found her. Congratulations." Ryan said nonchalantly. I didn't say anything. I ran across the room and punched Ryan in the face as hard as I could. He got up and he had a bloody nose. He started to run at me but Zayn tackled him and started punching him in the face. Lily ran over to try and help Becca. Ryan had pushed Zayn off of him and was now punching him in the face. I ran over and pulled him off of Zayn. Ryan pushed me to the ground and ran to Lily and kicked her in the stomach twice. " Nice try, bitch. You're not gonna get her back. Ever." He said to her as she lay on the ground. Zayn punched him from behind and I went over and started kicking him. Zayn let me take over punching Ryan and he went to help Lily. She got up and started to untie Becca from her chair. Ryan was now sitting on top of me punching me. I was trying to get him off when Zayn came back and kicked Ryan in the head. He fell over, unconcious but still breathing. I punched him one last time just to make sure he was out. I got up and went to Becca. " Lily, call the police. Becca needs an ambulance." I said. She nodded and dialed 911.  I scooped Becca up bridal style. " Are you okay, love?" She shook her head and tried to talk but nothing would come out. I touched her face where she was bruised and she flinched. "It's okay, Becca. You're going to get help soon." I kissed her bloody lips before she passed out.  Just then the police and paramedics burst into the room and took us all to the hospital. They rushed Becca into the emergency room and the rest of us into a different room. Lily was fine except for a bruised abdomen and a few cuts. Me and Zayn were alright, but we both had bruises and blood everywhere. They cleaned us up and ushered us out to a waiting room. Now we just had t o see if Becca was alright. 

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