Teenagers and Poetry

Okay this is just based on the fact that I was getting annoyed with my friend because she could not understand the meaning behind the rhythm and flow of poetry and how it can mean so much to people.


1. Teenagers and Poetry



Teenagers today only believe what they see or hear,

They do not look for the meaning behind the words,

The always think everything is oh so clear,

But some realise that this is quite absurd.


They go and play on their computers and phones,

And hide up in their rooms,

But they never hear that slight drone,

The one which many hear before they reach their dooms.


They no longer realise the true poetic art,

They think it rather dull,

The creative world in which they are all a part,

Never ceases to form words that are so meaningful.


It isn't easy like so many of them believe,

Many think you just choose words that rhyme,

Not words that can fool and decieve,

They do not realise that poems last for all of time.

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