I met Louis in a Music Store


1. Our first incounter

Me and my friend where die-hard directioners, like the kind that found some way to relate everything back to One Direction. we shopped around the shopping centre for a while, talking about the lads, as always. we even came across some t-shirts with “I Love One Direction” across the front, which we, of course, bought. I also bought a bracelet that said “I Love Louis,” a

s he was my favorite of the lads. we were walking around the emptier side of the shopping centre when we passed the music store and decided to go in. They had cut-outs in the front of the store, promoting some of the new movies that had just been released. we looked at the posters and a few t-shirts, but were disappointed to find that there was hardly any 1D Merchandise. “Seriously!? They’re the biggest boy band in the world, and they don’t have anything here? I mean a few old posters, but c’mon! We want cut-outs and holograms!” my friend said, joking with you. All though, a One Direction Hologram would be pretty cool, I thought to myself. we looked around some more, and my friend got a call from her Mum. She stepped out of the store to take the call, and I finally found the lad’s newest CD and put it in the music sampler machine, putting the large head phones on. I cranked the volume up all the way as the first song came on. I knew that others around me could hear the music, but I simply didn’t care. I was jamming out, trying my absolute hardest not to sing along, when I felt someone standing beside me. I didn’t bother to look up, thinking it was some random costumer trying to look at music. “Is that a good band?” You heard a voice next to you say. You could barely understand what they were saying over the  music, but refused to take th headphones off, continuing to scan the CD. “Yeah, they’re my favorite! It’s One Direction. This is their new album.” I said, still staring at the CD. “Oh, really? You liking the album so far?” The guy said, referring to the music that was still blasting in my ear. “Yeah, totally! I really like how each of the lad’s get a lot of solos. Especially Louis, he’s kinda my favorite.” I said, proudly. Everyone knew that I loved Louis, and I wasn’t afraid to tell people, either. I took the headphones off as the last song ended, and turned to look at the guy who was still standing next to me. “Oh, is that so?” The guy said with a smile, as you realized, standing before me, was The Louis Tomlinson. You stared at him, shocked that you had just had a conversation with him, and told him he was your favorite, without realizing it was him. “Uh, yeah…” I said, blushing, looking away from him. “Oh, now you’re being bashful, huh?” Louis said with a smile. I bit my lip and blushed as I looked up into his beautiful eyes. “Well, since you like the album so much, how about you come with me and meet the lads. We can sing a couple songs for you, live, if you don’t mind?” Louis said, with a smile, taking my hand and leading me outside. I sent a text to my friend saying you meet her later, but didn’t say anything else. I knew she wouldn’t believe me if I said I was in a car with Louis Tomlinson, on my way to meet the rest of the lads. As soon as we got to our destination, Louis came around and opened the door for me, grabbing my hand again and leading me inside. It turns out that Louis had brought me to a studio, where all the lads had some free time between rehearsing for their next tour. I quickly met all the lads, who greeted me with big hugs and smiles as Louis explained how we had met, and that we were a fan of their new album. “So what do you think Lads? Can we sing her a few songs?” Lou said with a smile. “Of course, but only if she agrees to let us take her to lunch afterwards.” Liam said smiling, and the rest of the lads agreed that it would be a great idea. After they sang a few songs, we headed out to a very nice restaurant, where we spent hours talking and getting to know each other. Before the night ended, Lou gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked me out on a date for that weekend at an even nicer restaurant. I  couldn't wait. 


The End 

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