Unexpected Love

When Nicole and her best friends Angel and Dallas go to London to spend the summer with her dad, she didn't expect to meet her favorite band. One Direction.
They all go head over heels over the teenage heartthrobs, but they remember to not loose their heads. Will Nicole fall for the sweet, blue eyed Irish boy, while trying to get over the one who broke her heart? Will Angel change for the one she loves? And will Dallas go out of her mind trying to impress the flirt, find out ! XXX-You gotta read this-XXX


2. Welcome to London!

I woke up by the sound of Dallas' voice. "Nicole, wake up were here!" "Huh?" I asked. "Were here!" she said again. "I sat upright in my chair, Angel was asleep. "Angel wake up, Dallas wake Angel up." I said. Dallas shook Angel really hard. " What Dallas?" Angel said. "Wake up were here."  Angel woke up fast. We all looked out the window. We exited the plane, and ran into the airport. My mom tapped my shoulder. "Mom what are you still doing here your gonna miss your flight back home!" I exclaimed. "Don't worry, It leaves in an hour. Now here's my credit card, go catch a taxi to your dads house." she said, and gave me a kiss on the forehead. "Bye, mom." She walked away. "Okay guys lets go catch a taxi to my dads." I said to Angel and Dallas. We walked out of the airport, but got caught by a police officer. "Excuse me but why are you children in London without an adult. " he said stern. "Excuse I am a legal adult." i took out my ID I turned 18, 2 months ago."I'm very sorry, have a good day." he said. We then caught a taxicab and went to my dads. I always knew he had a big house but Dallas and Angel didn't, when they saw my dads' house their jaws dropped to the floor. "This is you dads house?" Angel asked. "This is bigger than the place I modeled at!" "Wow." Dallas said. We all walked inside and dropped our suitcases on the floor."Dad!" I yelled. No answer. "Dad I'm here now!" "Guess no one is home." I said. Dallas and Angel shrugged.  I went to the phone in the living room and called my dads cell number. 1 ring. 2 rings. 3 rings. "Hello?" my dad answered. "Dad," I said relieved.

"Yeah honey?" he asked. "Were at the house where are you?"  "Oh, im at the market, ill be home in about an hour." he explained. "Oh okay see you in a little while. Bye" i said. "Love you Bye." he replied. I hung up. "He's at the store. He'll be home in like an hour." I said to Angel and Dallas." "Okay." they said. We went upstairs to unpack we all shared a bedroom, but i would call it a bed room, it had 3 beds, and 3 dressers, and a big T.V. and a huge bathroom. We all unpacked our clothes into the dressers, and toiletries into the bathroom. We all jumped onto our beds. "You guys wanna get something to eat?" Dallas asked. "Sure" I said. Angel agreed. We walked down to Nandoes, to eat. We were all sitting at our table when all of a sudden, five gorgeous guys, walked in. 

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