Unexpected Love

When Nicole and her best friends Angel and Dallas go to London to spend the summer with her dad, she didn't expect to meet her favorite band. One Direction.
They all go head over heels over the teenage heartthrobs, but they remember to not loose their heads. Will Nicole fall for the sweet, blue eyed Irish boy, while trying to get over the one who broke her heart? Will Angel change for the one she loves? And will Dallas go out of her mind trying to impress the flirt, find out ! XXX-You gotta read this-XXX


4. Unexpected Love.

After we all felt better we sat on the couch.  "I have to use the bathroom." I said. I went down the hall looking for the bathroom. I came to a door and walked in. I saw Niall shirtless, this was him room. "I'm so sorry." I said embarrased. "It's okay, I dont mind." he said back. "Um where is the bathroom?" I asked. "Oh, down on the left." he said looking down. "Thank you." I smiled and left. I went into the bathroom. I was so mad at myself right now.Ugggh! I used the bathroom and put my hair up. I cam out and ran into Niall in the hallway. "Ah, sorry." he said. "Not your fault." i replied. I looked into his eyes. This part I wasnt expecting. He leaned down and kissed me. Right on the lips. At first I hesitated, but then I kissed him back. Harry walked into the hallway. "Niall! What are you doing mate?" I pulled away from Niall. "Harry, umm, nothing just helping her find the bathroom." "On her lips?" Harry asked. "Okay, we kissed just don't tell Liam,Zayn or Louis. " Niall begged. "I won't." Harry said I ran downstairs. The only people in the living room were Zayn,Angel, and Louis. "Wheres Dallas?" I asked Angel. "I don't know Harry took her somewhere." I then knew where she was. I past Niallas room again and ran into Harry's. Him and Dallas were kissing. "Dallas. What. Are.You.Doing.?" Dallas pulled away from Harry. "Nicole. Uh we were kissing, I'm sorry." "No its okay." I said. I walked out. If I found Angel stuck to someones lips I'll loose it. That's not what I found. I found Angel and Zayn on the couch, having a HARDCORE makeout session.

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