Unexpected Love

When Nicole and her best friends Angel and Dallas go to London to spend the summer with her dad, she didn't expect to meet her favorite band. One Direction.
They all go head over heels over the teenage heartthrobs, but they remember to not loose their heads. Will Nicole fall for the sweet, blue eyed Irish boy, while trying to get over the one who broke her heart? Will Angel change for the one she loves? And will Dallas go out of her mind trying to impress the flirt, find out ! XXX-You gotta read this-XXX


7. The 'Date'

We all gt up around 10:30. We didnt really talk about Zayn, or Micheal, we just focused on getting ready. We all got showers, and did our hair. I wore a pink strapless dress with yellow flip flops. Angel wore a Yellow sundress with black ankle boots. And Dallas wore a tank top and flower skirt with peach colored sandals.  By the time we were ready it was 11:30. The boys would be here any minute. We waited outside and at 11:57 they were here. On the way to the park I sat by Niall and Louis. Dallas sat by Harry. Liam drived. Angel sat up front with Liam. Zayn like he said was not here. "Wheres Zayn?" Dallas asked.

"He's with Perrie."  Liam said. "Who's Perrie?" I asked. "His mum." Angel said. "He texted me that he was doing something with his mum today." Harry, Louis,Niall, and Liam all laughed. "No, Perries his girlfreind." I then got it all.Angel was hiding back tears."Oh." "Angel," I whispered to myself. When we arrived at the park I went straight to Angel. "Angel, are you okay?" I asked. "No. Why would he kiss me if he knew he had a girlfriend.?" Just then Angels' phone rang. It was a blocked number. She answered it.



Angel-Who is this?

Zayn-It's Zayn

Angel-What do you want?

Zayn-I'm sorry.

Angel-For what?

Zayn-For....for cheating on you with Perrie.

Angel-*Silent Tears* Zayn?


Angel-I'm sorry.

Zayn-What did you do, this is my fault.

Angel-I.. did the same thing as you.



Zayn-Now I don't feel bad. You.. I thought you were different. I guess not.

Angel-Zayn, it was just a stupid realationship.

Zayn-Whatever you say Angel.*Hangs up*


"What did he say?" I asked. "He admitted he cheated, and so did I, now he hates me." *Angel bursts out crying.*

"Forget about him, Angel. Just think about Micheal."  I said. "Nicole. I can't I cheated on him. I can't look at his face again, i feel so guilty." "Hey whats up?" Liam comes running up to us. His eyes go to Angel who's face is buried in her knees. "Angel right?" He asks me quietly.  "Yeah." I replied. "Angel, whats wrong?" He asks as he grabs her hand. Liam dries her tears. They go walking in the park. I smile as they walk away. Niall comes over to me and sits down. "Hello, beautiful" He says smiling. "Hi." I say back. "Whats wrong?" He asks his eyes narrowed. "Niall, whyd did you kiss me yesterday?" I said. It sounded hurtful, even though I didnt mean for it to. "Oh, um I don't know, you didnt like it?" He asked sounding hurt. " I hid my face in my hands. "No I liked it, it's just we barely know each other. And I just got out of a messy relationship, I don't know what to do." He lifted my chin up. "Hey, love, don't cry. I love you, you don't have to love me back , but remember I will always have your back." I looked into his eyes, and leaned forward and kissed him.  We ended standing up I put my arms around his neck and he put his hands on my waist. It was a long kiss, and I enjoyed it."Do you love me now?" asked Niall "Who said I didnt love you?" Niall laughed. We went walking.


Dallas' P.O.V.

I held Harry's hand, as we walked around the park. "So are we a couple now?" This question scared me. I was only gonna be in London for the Summer. Then what? Say 'Oh bye, I have to go back to the USA.' and even if I said yes we would never get to actually be 'together' I mean he's famous for petes-sake. "I don't know do you wanna be?" I asked smirking. " I love you more than anything in this world, I want to be with you. I want you to be Dallas Styles.Does that answer your question?" "Yes." I replied. "Does this answer  yours?" I leaned up and kissed him right on the lips. "Yes it does." he laughed.


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