Unexpected Love

When Nicole and her best friends Angel and Dallas go to London to spend the summer with her dad, she didn't expect to meet her favorite band. One Direction.
They all go head over heels over the teenage heartthrobs, but they remember to not loose their heads. Will Nicole fall for the sweet, blue eyed Irish boy, while trying to get over the one who broke her heart? Will Angel change for the one she loves? And will Dallas go out of her mind trying to impress the flirt, find out ! XXX-You gotta read this-XXX


3. One direction.

My heart skipped a beat, or more like 100 beats. One direction. One direction. One Direction. Stop it. Dont fangirl. I tapped Angel who was about to scream. "Keep your mouth shut, don't scream or say anything, and definitely dont fangirl." I said. Dallas was just staring at Harry Styles. I snapped her out of it. "It's One freakin' Direction! Nicole Oh my gosh, I'm about to jump on Harry." Dallas said. "No don't. You're going to-" I got cut off by my phone going off. It was a text message from my dad.'I'm home where are you?' I texted back. 'At Nandoes, were coming home.' I told Dallas and Angel to come on. They didnt want to but they did but when we tried to get out the door we got trampled by 100's of fans. One moment I saw a lot of screaming girls, then the next thing I saw was black. I woke up with five anxious people talking. I pretended to still be asleep I heard them talking.

"We can't just tell them, 'Hi were One Direction, you're in our appartment.' that would be idiotic"

"Well, than what do we do?"

"Wait I think one of them is awake."

My eyes darted closed. Then slowly opened. I saw the five most beautiful guys I had ever seen. There standing infront of me was Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomilison. A.K.A One direction. I sat up in a bed. My eyes, met Nialls' the Irish sweetheart. I looked away really fast. "Where am I?" I asked. Liam the 'Dad' of the group looked at me and said. "Well, um its kind of a long story. You were at Nandoes, and then some fans came in and you guys got hurt pretty bad  and blacked out, so now your in our appartment." I blinked, and came to a relization that I was in THE One Directions apparment. I tried not to freak out."Okay, where's my phone?" Zayn walked in. "Looking for this?" he asked and winked at me. I smiled and took my phone. Now Dallas was awake. I told her what happened. She loooked calmer than I thought she would be. She wasnt fangirling.Which was good. Then Angel woke up. Zayn immediately, looked at her. Dazed. Angel had to be told what was going on twice. Zayn offered both times. Me Angel and Dallas all thought that us being knocked out was a good thing.

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