Unexpected Love

When Nicole and her best friends Angel and Dallas go to London to spend the summer with her dad, she didn't expect to meet her favorite band. One Direction.
They all go head over heels over the teenage heartthrobs, but they remember to not loose their heads. Will Nicole fall for the sweet, blue eyed Irish boy, while trying to get over the one who broke her heart? Will Angel change for the one she loves? And will Dallas go out of her mind trying to impress the flirt, find out ! XXX-You gotta read this-XXX


1. The trip.

Bzzzzzz.Bzzzzzz. "C'mon Dallas." I groaned. I looked at my phone. 'One new text message' I opened it. 'Where are you the plane leaves in an hour?' it said. I sighed and texted back.'My moms finishing getting ready were about to leave. Don't worry well be there.' I put my phone down.  Me my friends Dallas, and Angel were going to visit my dad for summer. He lives in London. My mom and dad divorced when i was 5 years old. I dont like to talk about. Bzzzz.Bzzzz. 'Okay but hurry up'  I threw my phone on the bed. "Honey are you ready?" my mom yelled from downstairs. "Yeah I'm ready! Give me one sec let me grab my suitcase." I yelled back.I looked in the mirror. I never thought of myself as pretty but I was okay I guess. I had long brown curly hair and green eyes. I was tannish, and had really long legs. I was wearing a Hollister sweatshirt, ripped skinny jeans, with my pair of red vans. I just got out of a messy relationship. His name was Danny and he cheated on me with another girl. This was a little less than a month ago. I picked up my green suitcase and started to go downstairs. "Go get in the car." my mom said in a rushed tone of voice. I went outside. I got into the front seat of the car. 'Baby you light up my world like nobody else' my phone sang. "Hello?" I answered. "Hey Nicole it's Angel, are you coming to pick me up?" she asked. " Yeah were bout to leave right now." "Okay see you in a bit" I hung up. My friend Angel, is kinda short with straight blonde hair and blue eyes, she is really pretty and competes in modeling pageants and has won all of them but one. My mom got in the car and looked at me, "You ready to go?" she asked. "Yeah, i think so.Angel called shes ready for us to pick her up." "Okay" my mom said with a sigh. We pulled up to Angels house. "Hey Angel." I said "Hey." she said back looking really tired. My mom pulled out of the driveway. "Nice outfit." I said. She was wearing a floral tank top, and demin jacket. with a pink mini skirt, and brown boots. "Thanks." she replied. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing it's just I didn't get any sleep last night. My mom and dad were fighting again." She said with a sad and tired look in her eyes. She put her hair up in a messy bun."Oh." I looked down as we arrived at the airport. Okay get out girls we have to hurry we have about 40 minutes, till our flight leaves." my mom said. Me and angel got out of the car with our suitcases. I looked at Angel, and she smiled. "Here we go." she said. We started to walk up to the airport. "So how are things with you and Micheal?" I asked her. "Oh it's all good, he tried to calm me down last night, he was really sweet." she said with half a smile. We walked into the airport. My mom came up behind us. We saw Dallas. Dallas is about as tall as me and she is super skinny. She has light brown hair, and dark brown eyes. She was wearing a orange crop top, and demin shorts. She had on a pair of black sneakers. "There you are!" she yelled, and gave me a hug. "Come on we have to go through security. We walked through the gate and boarded the plane. As soon as I sat down I dozed off.

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