Penbrook a quiet, town so beautiful it could be a postcard, but books shouldn't be judged by their covers.


1. where your friends are your neighbours


 I bobbed my head rhythmically with the song on the radio, unpacking was always easier with music, for me it was also always easier when mum was out on business. Honestly being a loner is easier for me; I blame all the moving around I’ve had to do with mums work; I’ve become a very introverted child. On a brighter note though, we were moving in summer, which meant I wasn’t obliged to socialise for a while yet. This time it was Penbrook, which according to the internet was “a small sunny town, where you friends are your neighbours and your neighbours are your friends.” In my opinion it was weird and oddly over developed; I mean what small, isolated, town had its own power plant, hospital, and military compound?

     There was a knock on the door, I peeked around the curtain and sighed with relief realising it was only the guy delivering our groceries; about time too, I was starving since it took freaking hours to get here. After hastily shoving the frozen stuff in the freezer, I rooted around for a bowl and spoon so I could make cereal. Most of our furniture like sofas and the TV hadn’t been delivered yet, so I was perched on the edge of my suitcase eating when a long, loud, monotone note interrupted the radio show. I frowned and walked over to the radio, but before I could change station a voice began to speak. “The following audio is being transmitted across all radio and television stations in the Penbrook area... Penbrook is in a lockdown situation. We urge that all inhabitants lock their doors, and close their windows, it is adamant that you stay inside until told to do otherwise by a registered officer. We must insist that you do not call anyone, or try to leave Penbrook. If you do so there will be serious consequences. You will receive a text message giving you further details on this matter.” As the radio cracked into static I realised how fast my heart was beating. 

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