Penbrook a quiet, town so beautiful it could be a postcard, but books shouldn't be judged by their covers.


2. where you feel the need to carry a gun.


        I closed the message. I’d eased a little now that I had something to focus on; I grabbed my mum’s large sports bag which we’d used to bring our toiletries. Once it was empty I considered what I would need, I didn’t know how bad this thing was, but like the amazing pessimist I am I prepared for the worst. I added basic things to the bag first rope, tablets, a flashlight, some batteries in various sizes, matches and a blanket. I took some pride in my packing skills, this all seemed like stuff you needed in an emergency, and the bag wasn’t even half full. I spilled all of the shopping bags on the floor hurriedly and scanned the items. I threw two bottles of water into the bag, along with a few tins of beans, a tin on peas, a tin of mixed vegetables, some corned beef and some super noodles. After a little dithering I guiltily added two packs of cookies. I unzipped my suitcase; all my clothes wouldn’t fit in my bag, so I had to think about this logically. I changed into my favourite pjs which consisted of shorts and a vest top, I then pulled  my rolling stones t-shirt and some grey sweat pants on over the top them. Finally I added my pink “North face” hoodie to the ensemble. I was still wearing my red converse and looked a complete mess, but it was an emergency so I didn’t really give a shit. There was enough room left in the bag for me to fit in my tan boots, a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of shorts, my thick grey cardigan, two random t-shirts, a vest and some undies. I was just about to close my bag when I remembered something. Slightly paranoid I checked no one was watching before slipping the sleek black box, that I knew contained my mum’s hand gun and ammo, into the bottom of the bag and zipping it up. I swung it over my shoulder, it was much heavier than I expected, but I would manage. I walked to the window and looked out at the street. It was completely desolate the ominous silence was incredibly oppressing. I felt as if my breathing was too loud, and I could hear my heart steadily thumping. 

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