Harry's Twitcam


1. Harry's Twitcam

My name is Alexandria Webber and this is how I met Harry Styles. I really hope you enjoy my story.

The day it started Harry was doing a Twitcam and I'm sorry to say it, but it wasn't much to enjoy. He was just sitting there awkwardly and trying to respond to questions asked but he was being way to slow. I was watching the way his perfect mouth moved and listening to the sound of his perfect warm, way too slow voice. I pressed the start chatting button and started typing “You are perfect just the way you are” and I sent it knowing I would regret it later.

He suddenly stopped talking and was quietly looking at his screen. I saw him do stuff on his laptop. My iPhone gave a message of me having a tweet so I checked my twitter on my computer “Harry Styles @Harry_Styles just started following you”. I looked at my screen with shock. But how I wondered. I got a DM, Harry Styles: Do you really think so? Andria.W: Yes :) Harry Styles: Well, I must say you are beautiful. :) Andria.W: Well I must say you are too ;).

Did I just really DM with Harry Styles. And are we actually flirting? I wasn't even fangirling I was just sitting there talking to Harry Styles a boy from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. We chatted away, but he said he needed to meet me. I told him that was okay and that I would love to meet him in person.

So he got me over to London and I stayed over at his place. I arrived at his place and finally saw him. His perfectly curly hair and piercing green eyes. I was captured by his in real life beauty. He started down at me and smiled. He took my hand and dragged me into his hallway. He put his hands on my hips and looked deep into my deep brown eyes . "God you’re beautiful" Harry said and leaned in. Our lips touched and the kiss was soft, but passionate. While I was at Harry’s place we just watched movies cuddled up and we shared many a kiss. He asked me to stay with him and I decided that it wouldn't hurt. So I stayed longer with him and after being at his house for a month he asked me to be his girlfriend. Who knew Twit-cam was this effective!

Well that's my story. I hope you enjoyed it.


The End

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