Undercover Love

Allison is a beautiful 18 year old girl from southern California. She is the average teenage girl that's a senior in high school besides the fact that she secretly works for a secret government sector called "sector 9" and she gets hired to assassinate potential threats to America. What will she do when she is hired to assassinate One Direction but can't bring herself to do it when she falls in love with one of them?


9. Unexpected Friend

"Allison!!" I heard some one yell from behind us. What the hell? How did someone know me in England? I turned around and saw to my utter shock...Connor Hayton.

"what are you doing here?" I said as I motioned for the boys to hide their faces.

"I'm on vacation with family" he said with a fake smile. He was lying. I know a lie when I see one. I haven't been training for 15 years for nothing.

"oh that's interesting. Where are they?" I asked with suspicion.

"well I could answer that but I'd rather know why your here and not in San Fran?" he said with a devilish tone.

"well we switched last minute" I lied. It felt good to lie again with out the searing pain.

"well why don't you and "One Direction" have fun on your yacht. Oh wait why are they even back? Do I need to call Mr. Stowers?" he threatened in a devilish tone.
Wait what? He knew about everything?

"how do you know?" I asked in utter shock.

"you really should do better background checks on people you associate with. Especially with your reputation. You better get going. Mr. Stowers wont be happy when he hears that they are alive" he said with a threatening tone. My eyes widened in shock as I processed what he said.

"you think I'm scared of the man that trained me to be better then any other trained government agent? Think again" I said as I punched him in the nose knocking him to his knees and grabbed Harry's hand and started running full sprint to the motel.

When we arrived at the motel we all doubled over out of breath.

"who was that?" Harry finally asked when he caught his breathe.

"well he was a guy I went to school with but apparently he works for sector 9 as well. But hey you guys stand here and wait for me. Don't act suspicious and of someone looks threatening here" I said and handed Harry a gun. He quickly hid it behind him.

I walked inside the office of the motel and to my utter happiness I found a creepy old man. Perfect. I looke down at myself and pulled my shirt down. I jumped on top of the counter and leaned over and seductively looked at him.

"can I get a room honey" I said with a wink.

"name and ID please" he said not buying my act.

"see baby the thing is a lost it and I have to wait here for a new one" I said trying to look like an innocent girl in need of help.

"what do I get out of this?" he asked with a creepy pedophile grin.

"I could make your wildest dreams come true" I seductively said into his ear.

"here is the key to room 21" he said and I saw it had a note he wrote his room number.

I quickly walked outside and the boys followed me to the room. When we got inside we dumped everything we had on the bed.
We had hardly anything. We had all of our cell phones and my guns and about a grand.

"you guys need clothes" I said as I looked at them and noticed they were in bathing suits.

"you need to not wear a sexy cat women outfit." Harry said and I looked down at myself and saw I was in all black.

"Harry and I will go shopping. You guys stay here and please lay low and if anyone shows up run as fast as you can to the Starbucks down the street." I said as I grabbed their phones and started to walk out.

"woah why are you taking our phones?" Liam got up and reached for me.

"they can track our phones. Seriously you guys don't realize the seriousness of this situation. If we are caught we will all be tortured to the edge of life and then slowly be killed" I said in a serious tone. They all looked at me with the same face. They were frightened. I had have changed their lives in an hours time. Then Harry and I left to go shopping.

I broke all of our phones and threw then away in a random thrash can.
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