Undercover Love

Allison is a beautiful 18 year old girl from southern California. She is the average teenage girl that's a senior in high school besides the fact that she secretly works for a secret government sector called "sector 9" and she gets hired to assassinate potential threats to America. What will she do when she is hired to assassinate One Direction but can't bring herself to do it when she falls in love with one of them?


4. The First Date

I stared at myself in the mirror. My long golden brown hair was loosely curled down me back. I had heavy mascara and light eye liner on my top lid on. I had my black high waisted shorts with my black sheer tights on. I wore my black knee high boots and a green collared shirt. I put my gun, wallet, room key, and phone in my purse and sat on the couch waiting for Harry.
As I sat there I felt so empty. I thought about how Harry acted with his friends how happy he was to have a normal life and not kill people for living. Yeah he may be a famous pop star but he also isn't a fake person to almost everyone he knows. As I was lost in thought I heard a knock on my door. I grabbed my coach bag and opened the door.
I was greeted by beautiful emerald green eyes. I had not noticed those before.

"wow you look beautiful" harry said shyly.

"thank you" I said with a big smile and walked out the door and closed it.

"so I have planned for us to go to a famous taco restaraunt considering tacos are my favorite food" he said with a big grin.

"no way tacos are my favorite food too" I said with a huge smile. Crazy that wasn't even a lie.

As we walked to the taco shop we talked a little bit and Harry told me about himself and I told him this fake made up story about how I'm from Canada and my parents are really rich and are in business here right now but I don't know where they are. They just give me a room key and then show up a week later. He was buying it. For some reason I felt bad lying to him. Why am I feeling bad about lying to some pretty British boy when I don't feel one tad bit guilty about killing Muslims?

Wen we arrived at the restaraunt I ordered fish tacos and he ordered chicken tacos.

"so Allison your a very pretty and smart girl what do you plan on doing with your life?" he asked.

"I want to go into sales and eventually own my own company" I said with a smile. Again I didn't lie.

"wow that's interesting. Do you go to school now?" he asked seeming really interested in my answer.

"I go to high school" I said. Again not a lie. Why was I not lying to him? I know why I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

The night from there on was amazing. We talked about everything and anything. We stayed at the restaraunt talking until they kicked us out. I almost forgot what I was here for.
After we got kicked out we decided to walk back to the hotel.
As we were walking Harry grabbed my hand. I squeezed it to reassure it was allowed. Why was I letting him hold my hand? I should be sitting here thinking of the best way to kill him. You need to back off. I told myself. But I couldn't the warmth of his hands were so inviting. I haven't felt this feeling before in my life. It was almost as if someone actually cared for me. I shook my head. Allison stop this. You are here for one thing and one thing only. Kill One Direction.
When we arrived back at the hotel he walked to my room. When we got out the front I reached in my bag and got out my key I was about to open my door when he grabbed me by the waist twisted me around, kinda like what Connor did, and kissed me. This kiss was very different then the kiss from Connor. This one made my knees go weak. I had a weird feeling in my stomach from this kiss. This time I kissed him back. I liked this kiss I was positive about it. When he pulled away I found myself following him so the kiss wouldn't stop.

"good night" he said and kissed the top of my head.

I walked inside and quickly locked the door. I stood there staring at the ground with a little smile on my face for 5 minutes. Then my phone rang. It was Mr. Stowers.

"hello?" I said into my phone.

"how is everything?" he asked with a cold voice. Then reality hit me. I had to kill him wether I had a crush on him or not.

"going exactly as planned" I tried to say as normal as possible. After I hung up. I sat on the bed and started crying. Why was I crying? I don't cry? I'm Allison Dortch. I kill people for living. I dont have a heart. I don't care for anyone but katelyn, kelsi, and Stephanie. But I couldn't help but think about his smile. His eyes. His curly hair. The way he touched my lower back in protection as we walked through a door. The way our hands intertwined perfectly. The way his kiss sent shivers down my spine. The way he made me feel like I had something to live for.
As I sat there thinking about all this i finally said out loud to myself.
"you've gotten yourself into some deep shit here allison".

As I walked away from her hotel roomi had a little grin on my face. I walked back to my room with the boys and walked in.
"howd it go?" Niall asked with a playful grin.

"she was wonderful" I said with that grin still on my face.

"oh shit man" Niall said.

"what??" I asked.

"you like her" he accused me.

"I think I do" I said and I couldn't help but grin. Unthought of her beautiful hair and beautiful eyes and smile. The way she just talked and talked and listened to me talk about my life. She was absolutely perfect. When I kissed her, it was hands down the best kiss I've ever had. It made me feel all tingly inside. I think I really like this girl that I've only known for a day.

"guys come in here!!" Niall yelled to Liam, Louis, and Zayn.

They quickly walked in.

"Harry has found himself a girl and I'm not ginna lie she is gorgeous" Niall said to them.

"no way lets look her up online!" Liam said. We all ran to the computer and I typed "Allison Saunders" it didn't come up anywhere. She didn't have a Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, or anything. Hmmm that's weird.

"maybe she just doesn't like that stuff?" louis asked.

"yeah I'm sure that's gotta be it" I said even tho deep down I knew there was something off here.
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