Undercover Love

Allison is a beautiful 18 year old girl from southern California. She is the average teenage girl that's a senior in high school besides the fact that she secretly works for a secret government sector called "sector 9" and she gets hired to assassinate potential threats to America. What will she do when she is hired to assassinate One Direction but can't bring herself to do it when she falls in love with one of them?


12. Mr. Stowers House

After we left Starbucks we went to a random parking lot where I was going to steal a car. I put my hood and gloves on. I looked at Harry and he put his hood on.

"whatever you do don't touch anything" I whispered to him as I chose an old beat up honda accord and shattered the window with my elbow. I unlocked the car and Harry got in. I messed aroun with the wires and finally started the car. Luckily it was dark out so no one would notice us.

"what's a good time to go to the house?" Harry asked as I was driving to Mr. Stowers house.

"well we are going to go sit in front of the house and see if he is home" I said.

"is he scary?" Harry asked a little scared.

"awe your cute. I'm not scared if him" I said with a reassuring smile and grabbed his hand.

"you know it's kinda weird that your the one protecting me when it should be the other way around" Harry said squeezing my hand.

"it's how I was raised" I said with a huge smile.

"it's pretty hot" Harry said with a smirk.

"there you go again with that. But anyways what we should really worry about Mr. Stowers is his power in the government." I said getting serious again.

"but you could kick his ass?" Harry asked with a smile.

"of course" I winked and lightly punched his arm.

When we arrived in my neighborhood I kept my eyes peeled. I didn't see any cars that weren't supposed to be there. With my training I learn to know every detail of my surroundings and memorize it. We parked the car somewhere random and whipped the door handles of our finger prints and ditched the car. We walked in the shadows of the trees until we came to across the street from my house. We sat behind a hedge and I scrutinized the house. Everything looked the exact same. None of the lights were on and there was no movement in the house. After an hour of watching the house I finally decided it was time to go inside.

Harry and I stood up with our hoods on and I grabbed his hand as we crossed the street. I went to the side of the house and opened the gate. I looked inside the windows and saw no one was home. We went to the back door and I had a gun ready in my hand. I went in the back door and looked through every room of the house. No one was there. I went back to the back door and let Harry in. He walked inside a little hesitantly.

"are you scared?" I asked playfully.

"well I mean I've never done this before" he said grabbing my hand. I led him to my bedroom. When we walked in he turned the light on. I quickly turned it off.

"that's basically letting everyone know we are here" I said in a whisper.

"how can you see?" he asked.

"my eyes will adjust and I know exactly what we need." I said as I let go of his hand and started packing all the necessities that we needed in my extra large suitcase. I threw Harry a duffel bag and told him to grab bathroom necessities. I packed a bunch of weapons and other things we needed. Harry finished with the bathroom so all we had left was the 15 grand. It was hidden in a secret compartment in the bottom if my closet. I opened it and started putting the money in the suitcase. Harry helped me and when we were done we zipped up the suitcase and headed down stairs. I noticed my mini cooper keys hanging on the hook so I grabbed them and we went to the garage. We loaded the suitcase and duffel bag and started to get food from the pantry. As we were putting food in my car that's when I heard the noise.

It was the sound of a Mercedes car door closing. Mr. Stowers drives a Mercedes. I quickly turned around grabbed Harry's hand and sprinted to the garage. It was too late. He opened the door and saw us. At first he didn't realize what was happening and then he noticed me and I saw that evil grin build on his face. We kept sprinting to the car but Stowers was chasing us.

"you'll never get away with this Allison" he yelled just as we got in the car and I turned it on and locked it. I opened the garage door just as he opened the door from the house. I quickly reversed the car as he shot at my car. I pushed Harry's head down. He kept shooting at us as I quickly drive down the street and as far away from mr. Stowerss house as I could.

After we were driving for 10 minutes and I was sure we weren't being followed I let out a sigh of relief.

"maybe we should stay in a motel tonight and then go to the house tomorrow" Harry suggested.

"maybe your right. I am tired" I said in relief as I headed to the motel.

When we got there we got a room and I parked the car in a dark corner. We would need to leave tomorrow morning before the sun sets. We didn't even bother to bring anything into the room.

"this is gross" Harry said as we opened the door to our room.

"yeah maybe we should just drive there tonight" I said.

"just go take a shower babe you will feel better" Harry said as he kissed my head and gave me a little shove to the bathroom.
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