Undercover Love

Allison is a beautiful 18 year old girl from southern California. She is the average teenage girl that's a senior in high school besides the fact that she secretly works for a secret government sector called "sector 9" and she gets hired to assassinate potential threats to America. What will she do when she is hired to assassinate One Direction but can't bring herself to do it when she falls in love with one of them?


5. Decisions

The next morning I woke up with a huge smile on my face. I heard a knock on the door I went to go open it. There were flowers on the floor with a little note. I picked them up and smelled them. They smelled amazing. I walked back inside and read the note. "have breakfast with me at 10? -H"
Well of course I'm going to. I had an hour before 10 and I was already ready in a floral jumper and pink cardigan. So I sat down and thought about things. I thought about how my life would be if I didn't assassinate them. I would be fired and no one else would hire me and that's all I know what to do. I would even possibly have a hit on my head especially if sector 9 found out I didn't kill them because I fell in love. I also thought about that kiss I shared with Connor. I could always return from killing One Direction and start something with Connor. I just didn't like his kiss as much as I liked Harrys. I sat there and contemplated life and finally came to a decision. I will go through with my assignment no matter how hard it will be or hurt me. I have to kill Harry and his friends. I have no choice.
It was finally 10 and I walked down to the lobby and I saw Harry and the 4 other boys from one direction. Harry walked up to me and gave me a huge hug and kissed my cheek. I blushed. Allison you need to not let him touch you. I told myself. Harry grabbed my hand and led me to the other boys. They looked the exact same as the pictures in my file.

"boys this is Allison" Harry said pointing to me as if I were a trophey.

"hello" I said shyly.

"hi Allison I'm Zayn" Zayn said pulling me into a hug.

"I'm Liam" Liam said with a huge smile.

"I am Niall" Niall said shaking my hand.

"and I'm Louis" louis said as he pulled me into a hug and whispered in my ear "hazza has it bad for you. Don't play him please." I nodded my head as if saying yes. Damnit why'd I do that?

"nice to meet you" I said with a huge smile. And we went to the hotel restaraunt and got breakfast. I was having so much fun with them. I couldn't stop laughing my abs hurt. Allison you need to stop socializing and start working. I told myself.
After breakfast the boys all went upstairs and all said they were happy they met me and they already loved me and I said the same. It left Harry and I alone in the lobby.
I looked at him awkwardly waiting for him to say something then he picked me up and ran out of the hotel.

"Harry put me down this instant" I yelled at him.

"no way" he said as he kept running.

"where are you taking me??" I yelled.

"it's a surprise" he said with a smirk. Then the worst thing that could happen on my mission happened. I saw a bright flash of a camera. I immediately hid my face. This could be really bad if paparazzi got a picture of me and the boys.

Finally Harry let me down when we were out of view of paparazzi and he took my hand and ran. I followed him. Before we knew it we were at the beach. He rolled his pants legs up and we started to walk on the sand. We found a spot by the ocean and sat down.

"Allison can I ask you something?" Harry asked.

"yes?" I answered skeptically.

"why do you not have twitter or Facebook?" he asked to my surprise. Oh crap why didn't I think of this before.

"I just don't like social network sites" I could barely say because it hurt my heart to lie to him.

"oh that's what I thought" he said with a satisfied smile.

I layed my head on his shoulder. Damnit Allison why are you doing this to your self. The closer you get the harder it will be to pull that trigger. Today was Saturday. Sunday would be the perfect day to invite the boys on the yacht. But how do I make sure it's only them and me? This is where my lying will come in handy.

"Harry I have a question for you" I said looking at him.

"what might that be beautiful" he said with his green eyes staring deep into my soul. I blushed.

"you know how my parents are rich? Well they have a very small private yacht and they told me I could bring 5 friends on the yacht, and I was wondering if you and the boys wanted to go on it with me?" I said nervously.

"of course I'd love to and the boys were just telling me this morning they wanted to do something fun tomorrow" Harry said with a big grin.

"okay great. We can leave the hotel tomorrow at 8 and I have drinks" I said with a wink.

"sounds like a great time" Harry said with an even bigger smile.

"yes well I need to go back and get everything prepared for tomorrow I'll see you tomorrow at 8" I said with a huge smile and walked away.
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