Undercover Love

Allison is a beautiful 18 year old girl from southern California. She is the average teenage girl that's a senior in high school besides the fact that she secretly works for a secret government sector called "sector 9" and she gets hired to assassinate potential threats to America. What will she do when she is hired to assassinate One Direction but can't bring herself to do it when she falls in love with one of them?


14. Alisa's House

As I drive to Alisa's house Harry held my hand the whole way.

"Harry I need to tell you something" I finally said after sitting in silence for 20 minutes.

"what's that babe?" he asked.

"if they find us I want you to take the boys and drive as far away as possible. Just leave me behind." I said.

"are you kidding Allison?" he kind of yelled.

"Harry I'm not messing around I want you guys to be safe before me." I said as my voice trailed off.

"Allison I will never leave your side no matter what. If that means that I die with you then I will be happy as long as I'm with you" he said seriously.

"Harry I'm flattered but you deserve a long life head of you and I came here and ruined it for you" I said as a tear fell down my cheek. Why am I so emotional?

"Allison if it wasn't for you we would be dead. We owe you our lives" he said.

"I feel bad that the boys can't see their girlfriends ever again or they will die" I said sadly.

"they will understand that and be happy you are giving this opportunity for them to live" Harry said with a reassuring smile. I turned my attention back to driving and tried not to cry.

When we arrived at the house it looked like no one was there. I kind of got worried until we stepped inside and the boys were all in the couch watching tv. A weight was lifted off my chest.

"yay your home!" Louis yelled and all the boys ran up and hugged us and and we told them the story if what happened.

"should we be worried?" Liam asked.

"no we are good now but we need to figure out a plan" I said as I say down at the table.

"what do you mean make a plan?" Zayn asked.

"I was thinking long and hard on the way here and I decided we need to break into sector 9 and kill mr. Stowers" I said.

"what will that accomplish?" Niall asked.

"I haven't figured that out yet but when he is dead I am no longer afraid of anyone or anything" I said matter of factly.

"so how do we do that then?" Harry asked.

"well with great planning and good disguises it's easy as pie" I said with a smile and pulled at a piece of paper and started to write out the plan and all the supplies we needed.
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