With Zayn


1. Skyping With Zayn

I was crying so much while talking to my boyfriend Zayn on skype, I missed him so much!

Zayn: Riane, I miss you so much! But please don't cry, I hate seeing my baby cry.

Me: Sorry but sometimes skyping, texting and calling you just isn't enough!

Zayn: Skyping, texting and calling is NEVER enough!

I smiled knowing how much he cared about me.

Zayn: Yay! That's my girl, keep on smiling! 

He threw his hands in the air while saying it making me laugh even more.

Me: Promise you won't get with any beautiful girls?

Zayn: First of all, you are perfectly beautiful and second of all I would never do that too you babe!

Me: Zayn, your making me blush 

I looked down blushing a violent bright red.

Zayn: Babe lift your head I cant see your beautiful face!

I lift my head and look at him hearing Liam and Niall calling him to come

Me: Zayn you have to go I will talk to you soon! 

I waved and closed down Skype.

I sighed as I moved away from my laptop the tears coming back but not as strong.

I missed him so much I wished with all my heart that he didn't have to be on tour. I sighed as I sat down on my bed, at least this was the last week of the tour and then he comes home again. 


The End

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