Past or Present?

What is life going to be like for Avery when she goes to a One Direction concert? Will she become great friends with the guys or will she end up truly hating them?. Will one of the boys fall in love with her or will she choose the guy who she has known all of her life Dakota? What will happen if she discovers Dakota fell for Louis' girlfriend Eleanor? What if she likes him, what will happen to Louis? Will Louis be heartbroken or figure out that he has feelings for Avery? You have to read the story to find out.


2. The Concert and meeting One Direction!!!:)

Avery's P.O.V.

Finally we get to the arena. I am freaking out and I give the guy my ticket and show him the backstage pass. He tells a guy to bring me and Dakota backstage. "Avery promise me you won't scream to loud when you meet them? Dakota whispers to me. "I promise, I will try not to even scream, I will probably just freeze and not be able to talk at all." We go into this secret back room thing. Liam, Harry, and Zayn are sitting on couches talking while Niall is attacking Louis shouting,"Give me back the chips!!" Liam looks up and sees us and says,"Hey my name is Liam." Dakota says" Hi I am Dakota. Nice to meet you." Liam says," Nice to meet you too." Then finally I say," Hi am Avery." Liam says," Hi and sorry about Niall and Louis... Give me a second, please." He walks over and pulls Niall and Louis off of each other and says something to them that I don't understand. While he is doing that Zayn says," Hey I am Zayn  nice to meet you." Hey and it is also nice to meet you to."Harry says flirtatiously. It doesn't affect me very much because I don't have a crush on Harry, because I like Louis. Then the guy comes back to get us and says,"The concert is about to start and the boys have to finish getting ready." Dakota and I have front row seats so we can watch the concert without a problem. All I could think about is how cute Louis is.


Dakota's P.O.V.

I thought Avery was going to freak out but she didn't even scream. We are to our seats and the cconcert is about to start. Avery says,"Oh my direction Louis is so much cuter in person, to bad he is dating Eleanor... well I like Eleanor but I LOVE Louis."I was going to tell her I liked her after the concert but I am having second thoughts about that. All of a sudden Avery screams so I look upn and One Direction is running on stage. At least she isn't screaming in my ear. They just started to sing there finale song What Makes You Beautiful. After the song is finished we get to go back and hang out with the guys again. Hopefully she won't scream in there ears. The guy just came to get us again so we are on our way backstage again.


Avery's P.O.V.

Louis kept glimpsing down at me during the concert. I wonder what that was about. He is dating Eleanor so he probably doesn't want to go out with me.

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