Past or Present?

What is life going to be like for Avery when she goes to a One Direction concert? Will she become great friends with the guys or will she end up truly hating them?. Will one of the boys fall in love with her or will she choose the guy who she has known all of her life Dakota? What will happen if she discovers Dakota fell for Louis' girlfriend Eleanor? What if she likes him, what will happen to Louis? Will Louis be heartbroken or figure out that he has feelings for Avery? You have to read the story to find out.


5. Band meeting!!

                                                                Liam's P.O.V.

I just got the best idea!! I called out, "Band meeting in the dressing room." I think Eleanor just realized Louis was here when I said that so she jumped off Dakota's lap and ran and gave Louis a hug and kiss. Avery and Dakota both looked a little upset by that kiss. I guess what me and the boys thought about Dakota was wrong he must not have liked Avery in that way. We all ran into the dressing room and I said, "We should have a sleepover with Dani, El, Perrie, Avery, and Dakota." Louis said," Yeah we should but where would everyone sleep I am pretty sure that Avery and Dakota don't want to sleep on couches and the guest room is currently a storage room." He had a point. Then Harry whispered something to Niall. Niall nodded and then HArry said," How about we ask Avery and Dakota where they want to sleep. Dani and El have to leave later because they have stuff going on early tomorrow morning so Louis do think that maybe Avery could sleep with you? If you don't feel comfortable with that or she doesn't me and Niall will sleep in my room and Avery and Dakota can have Niall's room or something."

                                                                          Louis' P.O.V.

"....or something." Harry said. I said," I would be fine with sleeping with Avery but I have to talk to El and see what she has to say. But, where is Dakota going to sleep?" Liam said," Well since Dakota is a guy he can decide to go home tonight or he could sleep in the small guest room. But, Dakota and Avery both can't sleep in that bed because it is only a twin." I said," Okay let's go talk to them." When we got back I told El I had to ask her something. I told El about the sleepover and she said,"What did you have to ask me now?" I asked," Is it okay if Avery and I share a bed if she chooses to spend the night?" El looked like she was thinking and finally said,"No." I asked,"why?" and she said," Because I don't feel comfortable with you and another girl in your bed." I said," Well, and I don't feel comfortable with you sitting on another guys lap with your face inches away and you flirting. It looked like you were about to kiss him but I trusted you enough not to kiss him and you can't trust me to be in the same room as a girl practically without someone else in the room." She said." NO I don't." I said," Well I am not the one who has cheated on other people before I honestly don't know how I trusted you to be on his lap or with him in that room with only Avery and she wasn't even in there when we got back!" I went back into the room Liam came up and said,"They both agreed to spend the night and Avery said she was fine with sleeping with you." Then Avery came up and whispered," Can I talk to you out in the hall I have something important to tell you." I just nodded and we left the room El had already comeback in so it was a private conversation. I said,"Can I ask you a question quick?," she nodded so I continued," where were you when we came back in the room?" She said," I went to go look for the dressing room and when I couldn't find it I decided to go to the bathroom." I asked her," Why were you looking for the dressing room?" She said," I had to tell you something."I nodded for her to go on so she continued,"While you guys were gone...I don't know how to tell you this...But as soon as you guys walked out the door.... Dani and Perrie decided to go get some coffee quick...After they left...El hopped right onto Dakota's lap and kiss him... Dakota pushed El right onto the floor...but El just got right up and did the same thing again...that is why I went to look for you guys>' She finished. I was in shock but not complete shock. I cannot believe El did that and she doesn't want me alone with Avery as if on cue El walked out. El said," Just came to make sure nothing is happening because as Lou pointed out earlier to me I don't trust him in a room alone with girls." Avery looked shocked at what she said. After a awkward silence Avery spoke up and said," You can't trust him in a room alone with girls but you think he should trust you in a room alone with guys. El I told him what you did and I was in there you couldn't have expected it to be a secret even if I wasn't in there. Dakota would have told me and I totally still would..." Louis cut me off and said," Eleanor we are done. You can leave now," She huffed and left.

                                                                  Zayn's P.O.V.

Louis and Avey walked back in but Eleanor wasn't with them my first thought was were Lou and Avery kissing when El walked out the door but then I thought Lou wouldn't do that. Liam knocked me out of Lala land when he asked,"Where is Eleanor?. Lous said," Eleanor and I just broke up because apparently she kept kissing Dakota while we were gone." Everybody looked at Dakota. Dakota got uncomfortable and finally said," i kept pushing her off of me."

                                                          Avery's P.O.V.

" Okay I am confused on some of this so me and Dakota are going to spend the night at your place but what are the sleeping arrangements?" I asked. Louis spoke up,"Well either you and Dakota can sleep in Niall's bed or Avery you can sleep with me and Dakota can haev toe twin bed in the spare bedroom." Dakota said," Avery I am fine with either option so you can decide."I said," Okay Lou do you snore?' Lou shook his head no, so I continued," I will sleep with Lou as long as he is sure he is okay with it." Louis said ," Time to party and by the way we are totally playong truth or dare!!!!!" 


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