Past or Present?

What is life going to be like for Avery when she goes to a One Direction concert? Will she become great friends with the guys or will she end up truly hating them?. Will one of the boys fall in love with her or will she choose the guy who she has known all of her life Dakota? What will happen if she discovers Dakota fell for Louis' girlfriend Eleanor? What if she likes him, what will happen to Louis? Will Louis be heartbroken or figure out that he has feelings for Avery? You have to read the story to find out.


6. Author's note.

Okay guys I know I don't publish all that much but I will try to publish more. My summer was really busy and now that school has started i am even busier. Inbetween school and Volleyball. Becasue it seems the teachers just hate me and have to give me loads of homework everyday and I have volleyball practice four days a week. okay you know how I said that you guys could email suggestions for the story to me at just scartch that one because that one is to old and has to much stuff on iot already so I have a different one i decided to have you uys use and it will most likely only be used for movellas. it is email me soem ideas or just put them in the comments and please favorite an d like the book thank you.



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