Past or Present?

What is life going to be like for Avery when she goes to a One Direction concert? Will she become great friends with the guys or will she end up truly hating them?. Will one of the boys fall in love with her or will she choose the guy who she has known all of her life Dakota? What will happen if she discovers Dakota fell for Louis' girlfriend Eleanor? What if she likes him, what will happen to Louis? Will Louis be heartbroken or figure out that he has feelings for Avery? You have to read the story to find out.


3. After the concert.

Louis' P.O.V.

I think I am starting to like Avery... Wait I am dating Eleanor. All of a sudden the door opens and in walks Avery. She looks so beautiful and she isn't even screaming. I wonder if shew is dating that boys she is with I think his name is Dakota. Avery then said,:" I don't think I have introduced myself how I was told to.... My name is Avery Smith and I am 20 years old and this is my best friend Dakota." So they aren't dating but I am still dating Eleanor. "Avery and Dakota do you think it is okay if Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie come and hanogout with us too?" Liam asked. "Yeah that is fine, I would love to meet them." Avery replies. Wow she is so nice.

Dakota's P.O.V.

I think that Louis likes Avery. He keeps looking at her and smiling. I bet you that is why she kept smiling during the concert because Louis kept glimpsing at her.(I was staring at Avery through just about the whole concert.) Wait where is Avery, OH MY GOD  I lost my best friend she like no where to be seen. So, I go up and aske Liam where she went. He said "Louis went to take her on a backstage tour since the other girl didn't come he aid he would give her a tour by herself. She tried asking you if you wanted to come but you were fully zoned out so she just went." "oh okay."

Avery's P.O.V.

Louis came up and asked me if I wanted to have thew backstage tour. "I thought all of ypou guys were going to give the tour and I also thought there was one more girl coming?" I asked. He replied with, "The other girl didn't come to the concert and since it is just you and Dakota I thopught I would give you a guys a tour by mysekf and the rest if the guys can wait here for the girls." I told him that sounded good just let me go and get Dakota. I walked up to him and started saying his name and shaking him but he was like totally zoned out. I went back to Louis and said Dakota wasn't coming so we went off. He showed me everywhere  and I mean everywhere from teh dressing rooms to the bathrooms. After the tour he said.," So what do you think and would you like to come on the vacation with us each of us guys gets to pick one fan to come on vacation and I choose you. So, what do you say?"

Louis' P.O.V.

I can't believe I just asked her to come on vacation with us I don't think it is the best idea because I know I would do something wrong because whichever fan I pick I have to share a room with and same for the rest of the boys. I honestly didn't think she would say yes but when she did I almost fainted. I must have gone pale because she asked, "Louis are you okay you nlook a little pale?" I said,"Yeah just fine I think we should go back the boys and Dakota will be wondering where we are and I bet Daniele, Eleanor, and Perrie will be here." Then we went back.


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