1. I Love You Liam

Liam and I had been dating for about six months now. I really liked him. Every time I kiss him I feel sparks fly. I truly knew deep down I did love him. I never did say anything about it though, scared he wouldn’t feel the same way. Liam, the boys and I decided to have a movie night at my house tonight. Everyone had chosen their spot when I went to go make popcorn and get other snacks. Of course Niall came to help me because it included food. When I came back the movie was just starting.

 It was about 10 pm and only the middle of the movie and I was starting to fall asleep when I heard Liam say something to the other boys. He turned down the movie and started talking to them. About me surprisingly.

“Guys isn't she just … precious? I have to admit that I think I am falling in love with her,” I just couldn't help but smile I felt the same way about him.

“Umm … Liam” I heard Harry say when I opened my eyes and looked up at Liam. His cheeks were turning red with embarrassment.

“Liam don’t be embarrassed. I Love you Liam.” I say looking down.

“You do!?…I love you too Liz, I have just been afraid to tell you. I’m sorry you had to find out this way.” Liam said in response.

“Yes I do Liam. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Just then he pulled you on to his lap for a passionate kiss. Liam and I really did love each other and everyone knew that we were perfect for each other.


The End 

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