Opening my eyes

Ava was your average fan. Dreaming about the boys and singing to their songs 24/7. But one day all of the changed... Running into of the boys and having her world flipped upside down. Is it all fun? Or can it get worse?


1. Icing

"I was sitting at home, waiting for my friend Kallie to text me and tell me she got tickets to the One Direction concert next summer. I sat on my bed moving my leg around. I probably went through at least 80 different positions on my bed within five minutes. Finally after the longest seven minutes in my life, Kallie texted back, "I GOT EM! I GOT FOUR TICKETS IN ROW 116 SECTION A!!!!" I threw my phone onto my bed and screamed really loud... I even started to cry... But that's beside the point... I was going to the One Direction concert! I moved around for about ten minutes before actually sitting down to breathe. I immediately realized that I should call her. She is my best friend, and she moved away a few months ago. To Florida. It's a long ways away from me in Minnesota. I quickly picked up my phone and called her (half crying - half freaking out) and said, "Kallie! *sniffle* We got em! *sniffle*  We got the tickets! *sniffle*" she screamed and then said, "OH MY GOD AVA I'M SO EXCITED!" we both laughed at our silliness and the Kallie said, "Skype me!" I hung up and I called her on Skype. When she answered we both screamed and did One Direction's inbetweeners dance together. We were laughing so hard we were crying! Kallie and I chatted on Skype for a full two hours about the concert. We decided on what to wear, what to bring, and we were still discussing what kind of sign to make when my dad opened my bedroom door and said, "Ava, got to wrap it up. It's time for bed." I begged with him to let me stay up for another hour, but he rejected. (I didn't blame him, it was 11:30pm) I hung up with Kallie and got ready for bed. I got my pajamas on and as soon as my head was on the pillow, I was asleep. The next morning I woke up to my alarm. ('Up All Night') I shut it off and climbed, slowly, out of bed. Once I got down I slipped into some comfy clothes and went downstairs to start studying for my finals which started today. It was ridiculous having tests the last three days of school. But of course, they went fast and sooner than I thought, it was summer. And pretty soon I had no idea what I was doing. I was napping all day, eating a lot, and hanging out with friends. The summer between seventh and eighth grade went so fast, it was scary. Because it seemed like when I woke up the next day, it was the first day of school all over again. Eight grade was going to be a boring year, I could tell. Mostly because you know everyone and nothing big usually happens. I do remember having one thing happen though. I got a boyfriend. And I really liked him. He was super sweet, cute, and really funny. We dated all that year. It was fun! We did break up in May though. He was moving to Michigan. All year though, all I talked about was the upcoming one direction concert. Every other sentence was "One Direction". I was so excited. And, not soon enough, summer came. And it was finally June. The concert was in July and I was freaking out. I was also freaking out because in a week Kallie was coming back to Minnesota until the concert. Which ment she would come and visit for five weeks! My life couldn't have gotten any better at that point. On June 10, (the day before Kallie was coming.) I was walking to the store to pick up some vanilla icing because I was making a cake. I was listening to my One Direction playlist, trying to memorize song lyrics for the concert. Finally, I got to the store. I walked down to the isle with the icing. I reached up and grabbed the last icing can, when suddenly I felt another hand on it. We both pulled it down at the same time, causing my arm to jolt towards the person. He said in a higher male voice with a thick Irish accent, "It's mine, I saw it first." I glared at him. He was wearing dark sunglasses with a gray hoodie sweatshirt on, with the hood on his head. I couldn't even make out all of his facial features... I didn't understand why a person would wear a sweatshirt on an 85 degree day. I put both hands on the can and pulled it closer to me and said, "Really? I'm making a cake for my friend who I haven't seen in a long time, I think my story has more reason to it!" He still would not let go of he frosting. He pulled back towards him and said, "But I'm hungryyy!!!" I quickly pulled the can towards me again and said, "But I love my friend!" and with one last pull he let go of the can, and fell onto the ground, face first. I smiled and said, "Glad you understood why I needed it so bad. Hope you find another snack!" The person slowly sat up, but his sunglasses were broken and his hood was off his head. He has blonde hair and beautiful eyes. I instantly know who it was. I had gotten in a fight over icing with Niall Horan, from One Direction. I dropped the icing in the ground and quickly helped him up onto his feet. Once he was up he said, "Wow. I haven't fought over food in ages. Nice to meet you! I'm Niall!" I just stared at him, dazed and confused. He grabbed my hand and started to shake it, but I couldn't move, so he moved it for me. He leaned in and said, "This is the part when you tell me your name..." I blushed and said quietly, "Ava..." he let go of my hand and said, "Beautiful name! Almost as beautiful as your smile!" I giggled. I finally got my strength back and had the courage to ask, "what are you doing here in Minnesota? And in Stillwater?" he rolled his eyes, "Managment had Signed us up for a contest prize where the winner gets to meet us and go on a boat with us down the St. croix river..." he quickly caught himself, "Not that I don't enjoy your state, or town or anything! It's just having being labeled as a 'prize' is sort of... I don't know weird." I shrugged, "Hey at least you have five good friends, a lot of free food, millions of fans, and are super talented! It could be a lot worse you know." He chuckled and then replied, "Wise words! Well I have to be going now, but I really would love to chat with you again! When are you free? No wait... Here!" he handed me a slip of paper that he pulled out from his pocket and said, "Call me as SOON as you get back to your house, and we can talk there!" I smiled and nodded my head. He said, "Bye now! Don't forget!" and he walked away. I turned around and started to walk out, completely forgetting about the icing I left on the ground, which was the whole reason this happened. I walked home on a cloud, floating and dazed. I walked in the door of my house and called him... I screwed up the number a couple times because I was so nervous. Finally, I dialed it right and it rang. Once... Twice... Suddenly I heard his voice, it sounded so different over the phone, "Hello?" he said. I got nervous, but I chocked up and said, "hey! It's Ava... You told me to call as soon as I got home..." I could feel my face blush as I said that. He laughed and said, "Ha-ha! So icing called back? Usually girls don't call me back..." I laughed so hard I started to cry, "Girls don't call YOU back?! Yeah right!" he laughed a little and said, "What you don't believe me? The only two girl contacts I have on my phone are my mom, and my hairdresser!" I started to laugh even more, which is embarrassing for me because when I laugh hard I suck in air in a funny way so I start to sound like a dying bird. My laugh made Niall laugh, and pretty soon we were a laughing mess. Finally Niall got it together and said, "Alright alright... Well I was wondering if you wanted to come hang out with me at my hotel. The guys are all busy doing their own thing and I'm a lonely wreck. Maybe you should bring the frosting and we could bake something... Well you could bake something. And I could eat it..." I laughed and said, "Ok I'll be over in a minute... First I will have to pack my stuff... And get a ride... And figure out what hotel your at..." he laughed and said, "Well you get your stuff together and give me your address... I'll come and pick you up!" I almost fell over I was so excited! I gave him my address and he said, "Awesome! I'll see you in a jiffy!" he hung up and I did too. I have never moved so quickly in my life... Trying to get all the stuff took no time at all! I told my dad where I was going and he was fine with it. By the time I sat down I realized it took me a minute to get ready. I decided to text Kallie and tell her what had happened. She freaked out of course. She was so excited to come and visit me it seemed like she was going to pee her pants. As soon as I told her that Niall was going to pick me up, he pulled up in my drive way. I slipped into some flip flops and walked out of the door. He got out of the car to greet me and opened the door on the passenger side for me. What a gentleman he was! The whole way to the hotel we listened to KDWB and sang along. I was belting out to the song, 'Call me Maybe' while Niall was quieter. He had the voice of an angel and he was being as quiet as he could. About half way through the song I couldn't take how quiet he was. I turned to him and yelled, "TAKE IT AWAY NIALL!!" he smiled and sang louder then ever, GIRL YOU CAME INTO MY LIFE I MISSED YOU SO BAD I MISSED YOU SO BAD I MISSED YOU SO SO BAD!" I smiled so big I thought my mouth was gunna fall off. After we finished singing along I said, "Niall you have a beautiful voice! You need to belt it sometimes! I mean we're in the car... That's the time to be belting it!" he laughed and said, "I know... Sometime the guys make fun of me though because I sing higher then them. I usually only sing background too, so singing quiet it almost a habit." my smile went away. I never knew how hard Niall had it compared to the others. We pulled up into the hotel parking lot after that. We climbed out and walked up to his room. He explained to me that each boy had a room to themselves, but usually they shared one room together. He said right before he unlocked the door, "If it's a mess for freak out, we aren't usually clean..." he unlocked the door and slowly opened it. Inside was the messiest hotel room I had seen in my life. There were bags upon bags of chips on the floor, the pillows were all over the room, clothes were spread out all over, pizza leftover were on the floor too. On the couch there was Harry and Louis, sitting together eating some popcorn watching the movie 'Insidious'. Every once and a while Harry would turn away from the movie and look around the room because he didn't like scary movies. Across the room in the kitchen was Liam, looking through the fridge for something. And on the kitchen stool was Zayn, looking in a mirror fixing his hair. As soon as the door was closed all four boys turned to look at me. I froze in one place, feeling my cheeks get red hot as I said quietly, "Hello..." Niall could tell I was nervous so he walked up and put his arm around me and said, "This is my friend Ava, she and I met at the store and she is going to spend the day with us!" Harry laughed and said in a deep British accent, "OHHH Niall has a girl! Who would have guessed??" Louis hit Harry in the arm and stood up and walked over to me. He said, "Hello Ava! Nice to meet you! I apologize for Harry, he is a bit... Rude." he laughed and Harry attempted to throw a pillow at Louis but missed by a lot. Liam walked over an said, "now Niall, you can't just go around town picking girls to bring to our hotel room! That isn't how life works!" Niall said, "I know Liam, but you guys are so boring and she is so fun! I just to be with her for awhile alright?!" Liam shook his head and went back to digging in the fridge. I looked up at Niall and he nodded toward another room. We walked in there and it was a clean room. It had a nice bed, an organized closet, and dresser. The bed was made and there was nothing all the floor. All that was out of the ordinary was a bag of chips on the bed. The TV was left on and so Niall went to shut it off. He then turned around and said, "Well this is my room! Make yourself at home!" he smiled and I did too. I sat down on a chair by the bed. He went to his closet and started digging around. Finally he turned around with something behind his back. He flung it around and set it on the bed, it was a Monopoly bored game. He said, "Let's play this until the boys are out of the kitchen! But I have to tell you... I'm always the ship." I laughed and said, "that's fine! As long as I can be the dog!" he laughed an said, "It is so on!" we played monopoly for about an hour before we heard the rest of the boys leave the room. As soon as the door shut Niall stood up and said, "FINALLY! I'm starving!" he led me out of his room, into the kitchen, and said, "Let's get cookin!" I laughed and took the cake mix out of my bag and the icing. He liked his lips, and I could tell he was really hungry. I prepared the batter as fast as I could, and got it in the oven fast too. But the cake took 17 minutes to make and I knew that would be too long of a wait. So I decided to make some lemon aid in the mean time. That occupied me and him until the cake came out of the oven. Once it was out him and I started to frost it together. I accidentally got some on his hand and he said, "why did you do that?!" and then put some on my hand. I said, "I didn't try to!" and then put some on his face. he laughed and said, "Oh really?!" and then whipped some on my hair and face. Pretty soon we were in a cake and icing fight, making an even bigger mess of the hotel room. We were laughing and screaming really loud too! By the time we were out if cake and frosting, we both stopped and went to the bathroom to look at ourselves. I had frosting all over my hair and face. Same with Niall! We both were laughing so hard it hurt. By the time we were both done laughing Niall looked at me sweetly and smiled, "We have to do this again. I'll be here for another week, then I'll be back again in July for a concert here... We obviously need to hang out again... Soon!" I giggles and smiled, "Agreed! I'm free tomorrow night!" he smiled and said, "Great! Dinner for two at eight!" I smiled... but forgot kallie  was coming. I quickly said, "Oh my gosh... I forgot... My friend Kallie is coming to visit from Florida tomorrow!" he looked me in the eyes and said, "Well then have a her come along too!" he smile and then said, "Yeah if she comes she can get to know us too! I'll bring Harry so she can get to know him better!" I. Laughed and said, "Sounds awesome!" he laughed and we pick up a little. By the time we were done it was 9:00. He drove me home and ashen he dropped me off he walked me up to my door and said, "Don't forget about our date tomorrow... It was fun today! And I hope tomorrow will be the same!" I smiled and he leaned in and kissed my cheek. I blushed and said, "This was the best night ever! Thank you..." He smiled and walked back to his car. He waved good-bye. I walked inside and floated on a cloud uptime my bed and fell asleep, thinking about Niall. 
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