I'll Fight For You

18 year old Tia Mason is living a life of being a directioner. She was just an everyday fan with hopes of meeting her idol, one direction. She wanted her love, Louis Tomlinson, to love her back, But all of her friend's say that it will just be a poster relationship.. But maybe they've got it wrong.


1. The Concert

*Tia's POV*

I was sitting on the couch ready to open my last present. My dad got his video camera out.

''Why do you need the video camera out?'' I asked.

''You'll see.''

Everyone was smiling.. I began to get a bit nervous.. I opened the small box.  I started screaming and crying.. I got VIP tickets to see the boys. My family was laughing at me and smiling.

''Mommy, is there something wrong with her?'' my 4 year old sister jess asked.

I started laughing but jumping around. I picked up the phone to call my best friend Macie, but my mum stopped me.

''You get to bring 2 of your friends, who do you want to bring?''

''Macie and Brooke!''

I picked up my phone and called macie'

''Oh my god. Oh my gosh, i cant even breathe macie..''

''What happened?!''

''I got 3 VIP tickets for THE BOYS! as in we get to meet them! I'm bringing you and brooke. I started crying, oh my gosh i still have tears in my eyes from this. It's actually THIS weekend on saturday night!''

She started screaming and she came back 5 minutes later. 

''My mum said i can go.. OH MY GOSH, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH TIA. I'm crying right now.. It's too hard to breathe.''

''I know, i can barley breathe and I just never thought I'd get to meet the boys.. My parents said we could never afford it, but we are..''

''I know, oh my gosh, are you bringing anyone else?''

''I'm bringing Brooke too! Can you please call her and tell her?''


Macie called Brooke. We were all fangirling on twitter and stuff.. I couldn't believe i was meeting one direction on Saturday.


**Saturday Night**


Brooke, Macie, and I were getting all dolled up for the concert.

''Maybe Liam will love me..'' Macie said excitedly.

''Yeah right!'' Brooke replied.

''In your dreams.'' I said.


I was just sitting here shaking. I hope this isnt a long dream.. This means everything to me. 

''We should get in the car now..'' I said.

''Okay.'' They replied.


We arrived at the concert. We sat in our front row seats. The boys were preforming More Than This. I was screaming and crying again.. To think it was just a few hours til we meet the boys..


''In his arm's I get weak my body fails im on my knee's, praying!'' Louis sang..

He was looking straight at me and sorta smiled. Niall then touched Macie's hand.


Macie was screaming at the top of her lungs.. Then louis touched my hand and smiled at me again. I was screaming and screaming.. This was going to be the best day ever.. I don't want it to end.


The last song that they were preforming came on.

''I'm really upset.. None of the boys touched my hand.'' Brooke said.

''We get to meet them.. Maybe you'll get a horan hug!'' Macie replied.


It was time to meet the boys. I tried to look my best. I was talking to Louis.. I had tears dripping down my face.

''Hey beautiful, whats your name?''

''I'm tia, and i have something for you.'' I gave him a box of chocolate.

He smiled.

''Thank you, babe.''

Did Louis just call me babe? Oh my gosh.

''Where do you live?'' He asked.

''I live in london..''

''You should meet me at Milkshake City tomorrow at 4.. we have off.''  He told me.

''Yeah! That would be amazing!''

''See you soon darling.''

He kissed me on the cheek. I finished meeting the boys. I got a horan hug.. So did Brooke and Macie.

''Harry wants to hang out sometime! I gave him my number.. Let's see if he'll ever text me.'' Macie said laughing.

''Liam said he'd follow me on twitter, and he's gonna DM me!'' Brooke said.

''Well Louis called me babe, beautiful, and he wants to meet me at Milkshake City.''

Brooke and Macie were screaming. We got back in the car.. Tonight was the best night ever..



that was the end of chapter one! sorry if it was too long or too short.. it's not the best ever, but it'll get better! i update every tuesday! :) thanks for reading this (:

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