My Brother's Best Friend.

Scarlett Brooks begins sixth form college. She begins to find out secrets about her brother, secrets she wishes she sometimes never found out. However, she does take quite an interest in one of her brother's best friends.


12. Stop, Please.

We pulled into the driveway to Louis' house and as soon as the car stopped I jumped out and stood at the front door waiting for Louis to unlock it. 

He silently stepped out and opened the front door and I pushed past him inside. The house was in complete darkness and I took out my phone to check the time. It was just after midnight so I expected his family to probably be asleep. 

"Theres no one home." he spoke for the first time since his outburst. 

"Oh. Where are they?" I asked immediately regretting my calm tone towards him as he clicked on a light and the room lit up making me squint for a second while my eyes adjusted. 

"Visiting my dad but right now that doesn't matter." he said shaking his head. "We need to talk." 

"Maybe we could just wait to the morning, I mean, i'm really tired and-" 

"This can't fucking wait, Scarlett!" 

I jumped at his loud and harsh tone and sunk back into the sofa I was now sitting on. 

"I did absolutely nothing wrong tonight. I already told you she was drunk and sat down on my lap. Nothing, and I mean, nothing, happened." he stated. 

"I think you're forgetting one little thing, Louis." I said folding my arms and eyeing him up and confusion crossed his face. "You completely lied to me tonight. Remember 'I'm having a study night tonight' eh? What happened to that? What were you studying tonight? How many girls you could get to-" 

"Shut up!" he shouted and I jumped. "You fucking know that i'm not like that. I told you that I gave up all that crap!" 

"Yet you were still at the party!" I challenged and stood up taking a few steps closer to him. 

"Do you really want to know why I went to the party tonight, Scarlett?!" 

"Well I have been asking!" I said throwing my arms around. 

"Because I was keeping an eye on that fuck-up of a brother you have! He was- He- I promised I wouldn't say anything." Louis said and turned his back to me, cursing at himself. 

Silence took over the room as I stared at the back of Louis' head blankly. All my emotions dissolved and I stood there feeling empty and exhausted. 

"Just tell me, Louis." I said, my voice barely audible. He turned round to face me, his lips were pressed tightly together in a line and he stared at me, almost like he was studying me. 

"Theres a girl at the party that Riley is involved with. But, this girl already has a boyfriend who was also at the party and Riley was planning something really fucking stupid tonight and I knew he was going to end up getting caught and end up in hospital or some shit and I wanted to be there incase anything messed up was to happen."

As Louis' words sunk in I began trying to think of any couples who were at the party however I didn't even know half the people there making it impossible. 

"Who's the couple?" I asked, dreading hearing the names of people I recognize. He sighed and closed his eyes. "Tessa and Liam."

My heart dropped. 

"No. No fucking way. He wouldn't." I began to see red and my anger rose dramatically. 

"Scarlett, just calm down alright?"

"No Louis! How could he do that to Liam? One of his best friends! Its sick!" I screamed and tugged at my hair. 


(Louis' POV)

"I know, thats exactly why I had to be there." 

"But you're here!" she said pointing at me. "What if somethings happening right now? Louis we need to go back!" she said and started heading towards the door. I reached out and grabbed her waist pulling her back in towards me. 

"Thats a very very bad idea. Right now Riley isn't exactly thrilled with me and doesn't want me anywhere near you, so us showing up together would send him straight into action." I warned her and she stopped her struggle from my grip. 

"How did you know he isn't happy with you?" She asked, seeming to forget about everything. 

"I was listening behind the door. I should have came out there and showed Riley what I thought about h- I'm sorry." I laughed and she rolled her eyes. 

"Louis, please take me back to the party." she begged and I sighed giving in and pulling her out the front door and back into the car.



About 10 minutes later we arrived back at the still booming party. As I stepped out of the car and got along side Scarlett, I automatically reached out and grabbed her hand, only to have to pull back out. 

"You go in through the back entrance so we don't look like we're together alright." I ordered instead of asking her. She nodded and began to walk across the garden and round the back as I went through the front door. 

I looked past drunken bodies searching for Riley, Liam or Tessa. 

"Hey bud."

I looked to my left at a drunken Liam stubble towards me and put his arm round my shoulders. 

"Where'd you head off to?" he slurred and grinned. "Just some air." I lied. "Wheres Tessa?" I asked nervously. 

"She left about twenty minutes ago and never came back" he laughed and took a swig from a bottle of beer. My eyes traveled towards the stairs and I pressed my lips together, fearing the worst. 

"You haven't seen Riley anywhere have you mate?" I asked. 

"Seen him bout half an hour ago in the kitchen".

I nodded and pulled his arm off me. "You go talk to some people and I'll go look for Riley" I said to him and began walking towards the kitchen. 

I walked in and looked round. He wasn't perched on one of the counters or over getting another drink. I left the room and began going up the stairs not knowing what I was going to find. 


(Scarlett's POV)

"Scarlett?! Are you alright?"

I looked up at Harry staring down at me as I picked up a few empty cans of beer I knocked over. 

"Oh! Hey! Yeah i'm fine." I smiled and placed the cans on a counter and flattened out my dress.

"Wheres Louis?" he asked looking round. 

"He's here somewhere I think. Don't know. I came back for Maisie, do you know if shes still here?" I asked and he nodded.

"I seen her with Leonie about 5 minutes ago." he replied and I thanked him. 

"Louis didn't hurt you or anything right?" Harry asked as I began to walk away and I snapped my head up to look at him. "What? No way! He would never do that." "I was just checking. He seemed really mad earlier, I didn't want you to be on the receiving end of anything." Harry smiled. "Well I'm fine, he's fine and I really need to go find Maisie so.." I trailed off and he nodded. "Yeah of course go. I'll see you later then." "Bye Harry." I waved and walked off towards the kitchen.

I pushed through the many bodies inside the living room and eventually reached the kitchen. It was less crowded in here and I was able to get through easily. 

As I looked around the crowds of people I noticed Liam among them and began pushing my way towards him.

"Liam! Hey!" I bellowed as I reached him and he turned to me and grinned. "Scarlett! Hey wheres your drink? Cmon let me get you one!" he said and grabbed hold of my hand and began pulling me towards the table lined with drinks. He opened a bottle of WKD and handed me it. "Drink drink! Are you having fun?" he asked and opened himself another bottle of beer. I looked down at my drink nervously and brought it up to my mouth, tilting my head back as I took a gulp of it. The taste was amazing and I began to question what Maisie was on about when she said it was disgusting earlier. "Yeah, the party is fantastic, are you having a good time?" I asked and looked round the room for any sign of Tessa. "Yeah its great! Would be better if my girlfriend would hurry up and get back from wherever she ran off too!" He laughed and my stomach tightened. "I'm sure she'll be back soon" I said sounding pathetic. "Anyways, I should be headi-"

"Quick everyone you have to see this!" 

I turned round and looked at a boy standing beside the door that lead out to the hall. Everyone began piling out the door and my mind started racing as my feet carried me through the crowds and out the door. 

"Wonder whats going on?" I heard someone say in my ear and I looked round at Liam right behind me. There was a loud crowd gathered in the large hall. They were forming a circle around something that I couldn't make out. Liam's hand placed on my back and he began guiding me through the crowd telling people to "fuck off and move". 

As we got to the front of the crowd my heart stopped and my body went numb. 

Louis and Riley.

"You don't want to be doing this here Riley." Louis spoke.

Riley's eyes met mine and he smirked. Louis turned round to look at me. There was a open cut on his bottom lip and I flinched at the site of the blood running down his chin.

A scream escaped my lips as Riley took Louis' lack of concentration as a chance to attack. 

Louis lay on the ground as Riley got down on his knees next to him, gripped his shirt and pushed Louis's head down against the hard wood floor and giving Louis' face another punch.  

Shrieks escaped from me and I pounced on Riley hitting him backwards so he was lying on his back with me on top of him. I began frantically hitting him as best as I could but my hits were weak, barely fazing him at all. 

"Get the fuck off me!" Riley shouted grabbing either side of me and throwing me across the floor like I was nothing but a doll. 

As my eyes refocused on Riley standing up and taking a few steps towards Louis my brain jumped back into action and I began screaming again. 

"Stop him! Somebody fucking stop him!" 

Harry and Liam appeared from the crowd, grabbing Riley and pulling him away from Louis while someone who I think was Zayn bent down to examine Louis. 

Hands wrapped themselves under my arms and yanked me up, pulling me away from Louis and I once again began screaming. 

"Get off me! I need to see if he's alright please let me go!" I cried as I found myself outside in a matter of seconds. I was placed down on a bench and Harry stepped infront of me, staring at me with concerned eyes. 

He crouched down so he was eye level with me. "Are you hurt?" he asked reaching out and placing my hair behind my ears. 

"I think I knocked my arm off something, probably only a bruise though." I smiled weakly and nodded. 

"He threw you pretty hard. I want to fucking kill him." He spat. 

"It's fine really. I'm use-I mean, nothing." I shook my head, stopping myself from admitting my past experiences with Riley to him. He furrowed his eyesbrows and looked down at the ground. 

"I want to take you home now. Properly this time." He said and stood up normally.

"No, no way, not until I see Louis." I argued and he sighed.

"Scarlett, don't argue with me right now, I need to get you home. If I did the first time then you wouldn't be in this fucking mess." 

"I need to see Louis." I replied firmly and he looked to his left. "Fuck you're so stubborn. Come on." He said, reaching out his hand and I took hold of it as he took me back inside. 

Louis was still on the floor when we got back inside and I rushed to his side and got on my knees clutching his hand. 

"Louis, are you alright? Please be okay, please." I begged and a smiled creeped onto his bloody face. 

"I've had worse down to me." he laughed and I couldn't laugh with him. Trust Louis to be joking around at a time like this. I bent down and placed a kiss on his forehead then turned to look up at Harry who was standing over us.

"Can you take us back to Louis' place please?" I begged and he nodded. Harry took hold of his right arm and placed it over his shoulder as Zayn came and took my hand out of Louis' left hand and placed his arm over his shoulder to help him up. Pained groans escaped Louis' lips as he strained his battered and bruised body. I opened the front door as Harry and Zayn maneuvered Louis out of the house and I followed. 

We began the walk out of the driveway and I stopped them as they began walking the opposite direction of Louis' car. "Can we take his car?" I asked and Harry and Zayn shared a look. "You can drive them back and I'll follow behind to give you a lift back here to get your car. I haven't drank much so I'm fine." Zayn said to Harry and he nodded. 


Harry and Zayn placed Louis as gently as they could into his car and I jumped in next to him grabbing onto his hand immediately which earned a small smile from his cut mouth. "I'll get you cleaned up as soon as we get back." I mumbled as Harry got into the front seat. I reached into Louis' pocket and handed Harry the car keys and he began to drive to Louis' house. 


When we reached Louis' house, his house was still in darkness and no other cars were surrounding the area so I took it as his family were still out. Zayn was close behind us and arrived before Harry attempted to remove Louis from the car. I slipped my hand into Louis' pocket again and grabbed his house keys before stepping outside and letting Harry and Zayn get to work. 

I opened the front door and was greeted by the silence of his house. I clicked the light on and headed down the corridor towards Louis' room, leaving the doors open and turning on lights as I went to lead them to Louis' room, though they had probably been here before. 

I pulled down Louis' bed covers and set up his pillows for him as Harry and Zayn entered holding up Louis. They lay him down on the bed and I began taking off his shoes and socks and placing them on the floor. 

"Can one of you change him?" I asked turning to face Harry and Zayn. "He'll just sleep in his boxers." Harry replied and I nodded turning back to face Louis and began to attempt to take off his shirt which earned more pained moans. "Help please" I cried and Zayn and Harry rushed to my side to help hold Louis up as I rose the t-shirt over his head. I unbuckled his belt and yanked down his trousers slowly and put the shirt and trousers over a chair in the corner of the room. I fixed Louis into the bed and then turned to face Harry and Zayn.

"We should be getting back." Zayn said, taking another glance at Louis.

"Thank you both so much, I wouldn't have been able to do this without you both." I smiled pulling each one of them into a hug. 

"Its fine honestly. If you need us at any time just give us a ring and we'll be right back to help okay?" Harry said as he let go of me. "I will, thank you both." I smiled. "No problem at all. We'll show ourselves out. Look after him." Zayn grinned and I laughed. They left the room and I rushed to Louis' side. 

"Are you okay?" I whispered, fearing he was asleep and I'd wake him. 

"Sore and I feel disgusting." He whispered, his eyes still shut. I examined his face. The cut on his lip was huge and was still bleeding and he had a gnash above his eyebrow which was also bleeding. 

I ran to the bathroom and began frantically searching for medication and equipment to clean him up. I found a basin which I filled with water, a sponge and some painkillers and rushed back to Louis' room. "I'll be back in a second." I whispered and ran to the kitchen and began searching for a glass to fill with water. After five minutes of searching I found one and quickly made my way back to Louis' room.

"Are you still awake?" I asked as I entered the room and he let out a low laugh. "I'm not going to fall asleep. My eyes just hurt." He muttered and I rolled my eyes as I placed the glass on the bed-side table before taking two pain killers out of the box and bringing the first one to Louis' mouth and washing it down with the water before doing it again with the second. 

I then dabbed the sponge into the water and started getting closer to Louis' cuts. "This might sting a bit." I mumbled as I made contact with his wounds and he whimpered. I began wiping the now hardened blood than had ran down his chin and was covering his cheeks. 

"Fuck this is painful" he murmured and I began chewing on my bottom lip as I gently patted the area surrounding the open wounds. 

"I'm sorry." I whispered and continued cleaning his face.

"Sleep with me tonight?" he asked so low I believed I imagined it until he opened his eyes slowly to look at me. "Will you?" he asked. 

"What about your famil-" 

"They won't be back until way later tomorrow. Please Scarlett, please." He pleaded. 

I looked down at his face and I knew that I couldn't say no to him. Without a word I placed the basin and sponge down on the floor and walked round to the other side of the bed. I kicked off my shoes and slid my body under the covers. 

Louis began moving in the bed and moved as close to me as he could so his face was inches from mine. I reached my hand up and placed it on his cheek making him flinch as the tip of my finger grazed against his open wound and I pulled away but he grabbed my hand and placed it back laughing. "Didn't mean stop, you know." 


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