My Brother's Best Friend.

Scarlett Brooks begins sixth form college. She begins to find out secrets about her brother, secrets she wishes she sometimes never found out. However, she does take quite an interest in one of her brother's best friends.


7. Secrets And Lies.

I went around town for a few hours, trying to avoid going home knowing Riley's friends would be piled in my house, one of them being Louis. However, by 7pm I got bored and there was no where else for me to go other than home. I cycled back dumping my bike in the garden. I opened the door to the house and was hit by the strong stench of alcohol and another weird smell I couldn't quite put my finer on. Music was blaring from the living room and empty cups were scattered around the ground. I ran to the living room, flinging the door open and finding people dancing, drinking and doing drugs. My mouth fell open as Riley was sat in the middle of the group sniffing powder up his nose. 

I slammed the door closed and run for the kitchen. There were large crowds in there too, drinking away. Louis was walking around with a large black bin bag picking up cups and bottles from all corners of the kitchen. "Louis!" I shouted over the loud pumping music. He looked round his shoulder and dropped the bag as soon as he seen it was me. "I'm so sorry!" He shouted. "What are they doing! Riley's in there with a large group of people doing drugs! My mums going to be home in an hour and the smell is going to be impossible to remove!" I shouted at him. "Scarlett, I swear I told them not too but they wouldn't listen, they never do!" he pleaded. "Get them out of here!" I screamed and pushed him. He stumbled back a little and nodded. As he brushed past me he said something that sounded like 'sorry'. 

I ran to the bag that he had dropped and started continuing the job that he had started. The music cut off and I started hearing Louis telling people to clear off and I could also hear Riley's voice booming telling Louis to lighten up or fuck off. The words Riley started using towards Louis got worse and as each word slipped out of his mouth my anger built. I threw the bin bag down and stormed into the living room. "Riley, get yourself and your sleezy friends out!" I screamed at him. Riley staggered up close to me. My heart started pounding as I smelt his alcohol covered breath. "Or what?" he smirked. "I'll tell. I swear i'll tell." I lied. He looked at me in confusion. "You know what about." I answered his un-asked question and i felt my cheek that he had hit. His eyes widened. He knew if I told about him hitting me that would be him ruined. He stepped back and turned to his friends that were watching the whole thing. "Lets go somewhere else guys." he told them. Everyone started leaving the house but Louis and Riley stayed where they were. "Scarlett. You dare tell, and I swear, you will not be my sister anymore." Riley said harshly. Without another word he left the house knocking into me as he past. 

I collapsed onto the sofa and put my head in my hands. A hand touched my shoulder and I rose my head and looked at Louis. He knelt down beside me and smiled softly. "It's going to be alright Scarlett." he spoke calmly. I shook my head. "The house is a mess and smell the place." I murmured. "I'm going to help you clean up. Now cmon! Don't waste anymore time." Louis said standing up normally. I stood up with him and he placed his hand in mines. He pulled me towards the kitchen and handed me the half filled bin bag. He went and got another one and ran towards the stairs. "T-they were up there too?" I asked in disbelieve. "I didn't let any of them have sex I promise." He said and without another word he vanished upstairs. 

I walked out into the hall and started picking up all the cups I had stepped over when I first arrived. I then went into the living room and started cleaning up in there and half way through that Louis joined me there and helped me out. "Do you have any air freshener that we could spray everywhere with?" he asked picking up a can of beer and placing it in his bag. "Yeah we should have a few bottles somewhere." I replied. I placed my bag down and walked out to the broom cupboard. I opened it and searched inside until I found 3 bottles of air fresheners. I walked back to the living room and tossed one to Louis. "You sure this'll work?" I asked him placing the spare 3rd one down on a seat. "Yeah, air fresheners are magic." he grinned and started spraying around the living room. I ran to the kitchen spraying everything insight. I heard Louis running up the stairs and I ran after him spraying as I went up. I did my room and my mum's whilst Louis did Riley's the bathroom and the spare room. 

"Do you think we're good?!" I shouted at him from my mum's room. "Yeah, we're good." I spun round and seen him leaning against the door frame to my mum's room. "I don't think you're allowed in here." I said pushing him back and stepping out of my mum's room and closing the door behind me. "Sorry." he muttered. I walked down the stairs and sat on the bottom stair. Louis followed me and sat next to me. 

"Thank you for helping me out." I smiled. "Least I could do." he smiled back. "You know what?" I started. Louis looked at me waiting for me to continue. "I wouldn't have told about Riley hitting me even if he didn't leave." I admitted and Louis sighed. "If you don't tell its going to get much worse Scarlett." "Not if I 'get on his good side'" I quoted him from earlier. He laughed lightly. "I don't even think that'll work now. I thought he was going to hit you again when you confronted him. If he had touched you I.." he trailed off and shook his head. "Why did you come barging in like that?" Louis asked changing subject. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but the way he was talking to you was disgusting." "Its just a normal weekend for me." Louis laughed. My mouth fell open and I looked at him. "You mean he talks like that to you all the time?" I wondered. "Yeah, but he's fine at school." "Why do you stay friends with him?" I asked in awe. "He's been my best friend all my life. I know he's changed but him being my best friend hasn't. Some days I want to explode at him and get away from him but I can't." he explained. "Why not?" "I have no one else." he shrugged. "What about Liam? Niall? All the others?" I asked. "They hang about with Riley more than me. They'll take his side no matter what." "Then me." I blurted out. He turned and looked at me and I stared back. Neither of us said a word. "Right, you don't want me to get into danger and if we hang out it'll make things worse" I sighed and looked away from him. "Unless we keep it as our secret". I turned and looked at him and he was looking at me with a smirk plastered across his face. 

Without saying another word I leaned in towards Louis and kissed him slowly taking in how his lips felt on mine. My heart started racing as the kiss started getting more heated and Louis was pulling me up onto his lap without breaking the kiss for a second. There was a sound coming from behind me and I quickly pulled away and looked at the door. The handle pulled down and my mum walked in. She jumped as she seen me and Louis sat on the stairs. "Oh hello. Whats going on here?" my mum asked. "Louis was just about to leave and find Riley" I said fast and Louis looked at me. I looked at him then to my mum. "Well... bye Louis." I smiled and ran to the door opening it for him. Louis stepped outside and smiled at me as he past. I closed the door and looked at my mum. "Wheres Riley?" she asked and placed her jacket over the banister. "He's out with some mates and I let Louis use our phone to ring him and find out where he is." I told her casually. She nodded and walked into the living room. 

"Scarlett. Get in here now." 

I ran to the living room and stopped dead at the door looking in at my mum holding up the two bin bags me and Louis had used to clean up. My mouth fell open as she rummaged through them pulling out empty cans of beer. "Would you like to explain?" my mum asked and threw the bags on the ground. "Its not what you think mum I promise!" I pleaded. "I think its exactly what it looks like, Scarlett. You had a party!" she shouted at me. "Mum please you have to believe m-" "Go to your room Scarlett! I don't even want to look at you right now!" she screamed. I sprinted up the stairs and into my room. I slid down the closed door and onto the floor placing my head in my hands. 

Things were looking up but of course, had to be destroyed. 

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