My Brother's Best Friend.

Scarlett Brooks begins sixth form college. She begins to find out secrets about her brother, secrets she wishes she sometimes never found out. However, she does take quite an interest in one of her brother's best friends.


2. Louis Tomlinson.

After my encounter today Riley's friend Louis I couldn't get him off my mind. I know it sounds really stupid but I just couldn't shake him. The way it was our first ever time meeting but he called me his 'best friend'. What was with that?

After I got the money from Riley, me and Maisie went and got lunch then headed to our next class. Eventually the day ended and I went home.

When the bus stopped me and Riley got off and started walking towards our house. "What was with your friend today?" I blurted out randomly. "Who? Louis?" he asked stupidly. "Obviously." I groaned. "Oh, I dunno. He's a joker so don't mind him. He didn't mean anything you know? He'll probably not talk to you again." Riley laughed. "Oh ok.." I said a little too disappointingly. Riley looked at me oddly. "Why? Do you.. you know.. erm.. do you?" he stuttered. "Huh? What?! NO!" I laughed nervously and I tried to sound disgusted. "Yeah yeah, alright." Riley grinned. "Riley! I don't like him! I only met him!" I said shoving him. "Yeah ok sis!" Riley laughed and swung his arm around me, pulling me close to him. We walked like this up to our house and then broke up.

Riley opened the door and we walked in. "Hey mum!" Riley shouted planting his bag onto the floor straight away. I stepped over it and started going up the stairs without a word. "WAIT WAIT! SCARLETT!" Mum gushed, running out from the kitchen. "Yeah?" I said stopping and bending over the banister to see her. "How was your first day Scarlett?" she asked with a big smile on her face. "Oh yeah mum my day was great thanks for asking. We did all these cool thing-" "Oh shut up Riley! I was getting to you!" Mum said interrupting him and turning back to me. I laughed and started answering her. "It was amazing. The building is so huge! I made new friends already and me and Maisie are in loads of classes together which is great! I met one of Riley's frie- I mean, yeah, it was awesome." I smiled. "Thats good honey. NOW Riley-" my mum sighed and went into the living room after him closing the door behind her. I laughed to myself and headed upstairs to my room.

I jumped onto my bed and got comfortable. I took off my bag and emptied all the books onto the bed and spread them out. I opened my school diary and looked at my homework for tomorrow. It was mainly just writing names on books and getting certain equipment for lessons that you didn't already have. 

I was about 10 minutes through writing my name on my books when the doorbell went off. I stopped writing and looked at the wall in silence. Waiting to hear the door open and someone start talking but there was nothing. I sighed and pushed the book I was currently writing on off my lap and stood up marching out of my room and downstairs. "FINE, I'LL GET IT. EVEN THOUGH I WAS THE ONLY ONE BUSY DOING WORK. YOU TWO JUST RELAX IN THERE." I shouted at Mum and Riley and threw the door open. 

"Hel- Oh my God its you." I said staring at Louis blankly. "Hey" he grinned. I sighed loudly. "You here for Riley? Two mins, i'll go get hi-" I started but his hand reaching out and grabbing my wrist stopped me. "No no no. Im here for my best friend." he winked. "Yeah.. Riley right? You know.. my brother? Riley Brooks.. your erm.. best friend." I urged. Was he completely nuts?! "No! You!" he laughed hysterically. I just stood there and blinked at him.

"Louis? Hey! What you doing here mate?!". I looked around at Riley stepping out of the living room. Louis' hand shot to his side, letting go off my wrist, instantly. "Oh yeah hey mate. I came to see if you wanna play footie but along the way I met my best friend." Louis grinned looking at me. "Louis I told you to stop that. Its gross, remember?" Riley laughed and pushed past me. "Oh and Scarlett, you can go now." Riley said shooing me away. I looked at Louis who was staring at me, his blue eyes gleaming and his smile huge. I just nodded and ran for the stairs. I shot up them and into my room. I opened my bedroom window and listened to their conversation.

"You are the biggest freak alive, you know that?" Riley laughed. "All i'm doing is coming over to say hello to my best friend!" Louis replied. "DUDE! She's not your best friend! You're like an obsessed freak! What is up with you? Do you like her or what?" Riley questioned. My heart stopped waiting to hear the answer. "N-No! Jeez Riley, catch yourself on." Louis said with a hint of anger in his voice. I closed the window fast and stood there unable to move. I mean, its good that he doesn't like me right? It would be gross going out with my brother's best friend. I hadn't realised that my throat had gone completely dry so I went back out of my room. I reached the top of the stairs and bent down. The front door was now closed which must mean that Riley and Louis are gone. I stood up straight again and started walking downstairs to the kitchen.

I walked into the kitchen and opened a cupboard and took out a glass. I put it down on the counter and opened the fridge. I took out the orange juice and filled the glass up. I could hear two people talking in the living room. Maybe Riley didn't go out after all. 

I leaned against the counter sipping from the glass, then I remembered about today and the money. I started walking into the living room to tell mum that I was sorry about not stopping today. I opened the door and started rambling on. "Mum, i'm so sorry for not stopping this morning, I completely forgot about the money, I was too focused on beating Riley and then I realised what I had done when I was at school and had to go out to Riley and ask him-" "And I was there!"

I froze. I turned around slowly to look at the two seater couch. One of the seats was gone. But it wasn't taken by Riley like I thought it would be.

"Oh my God. Please, please, please tell me this isn't happening." I sighed and fell into the one seater. Louis grinned at me. "Don't worry hunny! Riley told me about today. Just make sure you get the money from me tomorrow before you leave." my mum said not realizing what was happening. I ignored her and looked up at Louis. "Wheres Riley?" I asked annoyed. "Upstairs getting changed from his uniform." Louis replied. "Right.. of course he is.." I mumbled. "Well, i'm going to go back to my room now." I nodded and stood up. When walking past Louis I made gestures for him to come out to the hall. He nodded in response and I left the room and closed the door. I could hear him asking my mum if he could use the bathroom and she of course said yes. Then the door opened and Louis stepped out and closed the door. "Will you EVER leave?!" I hissed at Louis. "Now, correct me if i'm wrong, but I think you don't like me." Louis grinned playfully. "MAYBE if you didn't show up randomly, I would like you more!" I whispered. "Hmm ok. I'll try. BUT, you're still my best friend!" he winked. I was about to say something back but footsteps came hurdling down the stairs and Riley appeared. "Lets go mate!" Riley said running straight to the door and outside. "Cya Scarlett!" Louis winked and ran outside after Riley. I pushed the door closed and trudged upstairs to my room. I flopped onto my bed and put my head into the pillow and groaned.

Even though it seems that I hate him, I still haven't made my mind up about him. He's just trying to be nice and make me feel welcome right? Maybe I could loosen up and learn to like him.. as a friend. Maybe we could be 'best friends'.. <3

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