My Brother's Best Friend.

Scarlett Brooks begins sixth form college. She begins to find out secrets about her brother, secrets she wishes she sometimes never found out. However, she does take quite an interest in one of her brother's best friends.


11. Liar, Liar.

As I stepped outside into the cool night air I clasped my arms around my body in an attempt to shield myself from the cold. 

"Scarlett? Are you alright?"

I turned round and glared at Maisie. 

"Did you not see that in there?" I raised my voice and motioned towards the door I had came out of.

"See what? I don't get it.." she trailed off and I could see her go into deep thought as she tried to figure me out. 

"He lied to me, why would he do that? He should have just told me! Yes, I would have questioned him on why he wanted to come here but it wouldn't have been half as bad as me finding out this way!" I mumbled to myself and paced back and forth, still clutching onto myself. 

"Scarlett, you need to tell me what you're on about. I can't help you until you do." Maisie pressed. 

I looked up at her and sighed. "Louis." 

"Louis what?" she asked, confusion clear in her voice and on her face. 

"I wasn't completely honest with you before. We started seeing eachother alot. I sneaked out most nights and went with him to his house, nothing serious, we just wanted to try it out but clearly I got too rushed into things and now look at me." I rushed and Maisie's eyes went wide. 

"Why didn't you just tell me?!" Maisie asked and took a step closer to me. 

"We didn't want anyone knowing. We just couldn't risk it, i'm so sorry, I didn't want to lie to you." 

"What did he do?" she asked, getting me off guard and the sick feeling returned to my stomach as I thought back to him with Keira sat on his lap.

"He told me he was staying in tonight to study and here he is sat drinking in there with a girl perched on his lap." I grimaced and Maisie chewed on her bottom lip. 

My eyes moved to behind Maisie to the door. 

"Whats happening out here?" 

I glared up at Riley who was leaning against the door frame and his stupid smirk grew. 

"Why did you do that?" I screamed at him as realization hit me that it was all a set up. 

"I don't want you hanging about him, Scar. He's not the kind of guy you should be with, just back off." Riley said straightening up. 

"You're such a dick! You can't tell me what to do Riley!" 

"You should be fucking thankful that I showed you what kind of guy he is. Would you rather have gotten more attached and have found out later? You'd be a lot more angry with me for it then if I didn't tell you in the first place!" He hit back and I backed off. 

He is right. Finding out later would have been a lot more painful than this.

"I just want to leave." I sighed and moved the hair that had fallen infront of my face back. 

"I'd take you back but ive been drinking. I could find someone for you." Riley offered and I nodded. He turned back inside, leaving the door open for me and Maisie. 

"What did he mean?" Maisie asked and I looked at her blankly. "By the kind of guy Louis is." she added and I looked down at the ground. 

"Riley and his friends, including Louis, are into using girls for sex alot." I said in shame. I sneaked a look up at Maisie who was staring at me in horror.

"Are you fucking stupid Scarlett!?". I looked at her in disbelief. "Don't you even start, this is the last thing I need right now alright? I get that I was so stupid and its not going to happen again, its done with." 

"Um, sorry... Riley said you need a lift?"

I looked up at the door to Harry. 

"Haven't you been drinking?" I asked, immediately regretting my rude tone. 

"I actually don't drink." Harry laughed awkwardly. 

"Oh, i'm sorry." I blushed and he grinned. "Its fine. So where you heading? Riley's? Or..." he looked towards Maisie and she looked at me expectantly. 

"Riley's." I smiled at him and brushed past Maisie, towards the door. 

"Uh, Scarlett? You're staying at mines tonight, remember?" she asked, sounding more pleading than questioning. 

"I just want to go home, sorry. Night Maisie." I said and walked past Harry and into the house. The music grew louder as I walked back into the dreaded living room. I glanced back to the place Louis and Keira were sat but they were both gone. My stomach tightened my head went light. I shook the thought out of my head and pushed through the people to the entrance of the kitchen. 

Riley was sat on the counter with a drink in his hand. Liam, Tessa, Niall, Leonie and a few others were surrounding him and they were all in deep conversation to notice me slip out. 

Two hands placed on my shoulders and I started to be maneuvered through the crowds and out the front door. I looked up at Harry who was laughing. "You were too slow! We would have been there until morning at your rate." he grinned and I couldn't help but laugh with him.

"My cars a bit up the street, hope you don't mind the walk."  he said as we began to walk down the driveway and out into the street. 

"The walk might help clear my head." I smiled up at him and his face lit up as a car's headlights hit his face and he raised his hand to block his eyes. He blinked his eyes a few times as he tried to adjust and I laughed at his face. 

"What a prat shining them right in my face." he laughed and rubbed his eyes. 


I froze at the familiar voice and looked up at Harry in panic. He looked at me questionably and then looked behind me and waved. 

"Scarlett, where are you going?" 

Two hands gripped me and turned me round forcefully and I looked up at Louis in fear. He quickly let go and stumbled back, remembering my abusive encounters with Riley. 

"We need to talk, now." Louis begged and I looked up at Harry who was standing awkwardly looking at his shoes. 

"What I seen in there did enough talking to last a life time." I spat and grabbed Harry's hand and started our walk up the street. 

"Scarlett." Louis groaned and grabbed my wrist lightly to stop me. I spun round and pushed Louis back.

"This doesn't need to be done right now. You're making a scene." I whispered and looked at Harry and back into the garden were people were standing drinking. 

"It does need to be done right now because we both know your not going to give me another chance to do it." he stated. 

"You lied to me Louis! Of course I don't want to talk about, I don't need to talk about it! I know enough already!" I cried. 

"No you don't! You haven't heard me out, Scar!" 

"Don't call me Scar." I said through gritted teeth. 

"I'm sorry i'm sorry. Please just let me explain! I'm not drunk or anything, I had one drink thats all I swear." he pleaded. "I was just sat there and she came in so drunk and sat down on my lap, I couldn't just tell her to move-"

"Harry take me home please." I said and began walking again. Harry placed his hand on my back and started walking with me.

"Hey hey hey hey take your hand off her!" Louis shouted pushing harry against a low wall and he nearly toppled over it. 

"Louis back off!" I screamed pulling at his t-shirt but I couldn't move him. His hand rose into the air and I quickly wrapped my arm around his wrist. 

"I'll come home with you alright! Just stop!" I screamed and he loosened his grip on Harry's shirt. Louis moved away from Harry and grabbed hold of my hand pulling me down the opposite end of the street that we were on towards his car. 

"Scarlett! Will I get Riley?!" Harry shouted after us. I turned my head quickly around and looked back down the street at Harry who was still stood beside the wall. "No its fine really!" I shouted back, trying to sound as okay as possible but failing. 

As we got to Louis' car he opened my door for me and I stepped into it. He closed it with a loud bang and I flinched. As he walked over to his side I debated in my head how far I think I would be able to run before he caught me.

'Not far'. My head spoke and I sighed and rested my head against the window as his door flung open and slammed shut when he got inside.   

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