My Brother's Best Friend.

Scarlett Brooks begins sixth form college. She begins to find out secrets about her brother, secrets she wishes she sometimes never found out. However, she does take quite an interest in one of her brother's best friends.


8. Jump.

I got grounded. For two weeks. My first week of going to school and coming back again and being trapped in my room only being allowed out for food and to use the toilet dragged slowly. 

I only got to see Louis at school and even then I could barely talk to him, in fear that someone close to Riley might see and catch us out on our secret. As for mine and Riley's relationship, it was pretty much disastrous. Riley wouldn't talk to me or even acknowledge my existence. It was like I wasn't even there.  

I was able to text Louis which kept me going. I craved the sound of his voice badly and everytime I went to phone him I had to hold back, scared that someone might overhear me talking to him. Texting was safe. 

"Hows prison today? Is the food as bad as they make it out to be? x" 

I smiled at Louis' text and started typing my reply. 

"Same as all the other days. No one will talk to me except the odd comment from my mum. Riley's as distant as always. Foods also the same. However tastes great. I miss you. x"

"I need to see you. I miss you too. x" 

"Feelings mutual. 1 more week and I'm free. x" 

An hour passed and there was no more texts from Louis. During the hour I was getting ahead with my homework since I had no other plans for the weekend. 

My phone buzzed infront of me and Louis' name flashed on the screen with the words "New Message". I picked up my phone and read the text. My eyebrows creased together.

"Come to your window. - Surprise x"

I ran to my window ripping my curtains open searching the street infront of me. There was nothing there. 

As I decided to give up my phone buzzed again and I looked at the new message waiting for me. 

"Down a little. x" 

I looked down at my garden and Louis was there leaning against a tree. Our smiles grew as we met eachothers gaze. I opened my window as wide as I could and leaned out. 

"You're crazy, you know that?" I laughed and he grinned up at me. 

"You said the feeling was mutual! I thought that maybe I could free you now, instead of waiting a full week." 

"Oh really?! Do tell how you're planning on pulling off this one!" I giggled. 


I stared down at him blankly waiting for him to crack up and tell me he was joking. 

"What you waiting for? A magic carpet to float up and bring you down?" 

"Wait, you were being serious?" I gaped. 

"I promise i'll catch you. You won't get hurt." He stated, no hint of laughter in his voice. His face was serious as he stretched out his arms, waiting for me. 

I turned back into my room pulling on a pair of shoes frantically. I stuffed my phone into one of the pockets in my jeans and ran back to the window.

I boosted myself up and sat on the windowsill. I turned myself round and poked my feet out the window and let them dangle down. I took in the height I was up and closed my eyes. He promised he'd catch me. He promised he'd catch me. He promised he'd catch me. 

I let go of the windowsill and pushed myself off. As I fell closer to the ground my heart sped up and butterflies whizzed round my stomach.

"You alright?" 

I opened my eyes slowly and looked into Louis' eyes. A smiled creeped onto his face and he kissed my forehead lightly. He put my feet onto the ground and grinned at me standing in shock. 

"That was so scary." I gushed. 

"Told you I'd catch you though. And that you wouldn't get hurt." He winked placing his hand in mines. I rolled my eyes and pushed him lightly. He pulled me out of my garden and we walked down the road a little to where his car was parked along the pavement. 

"I had to park down the road a bit incase Riley walked out and seen the car. If he had came out I would have jumped behind a bush or something." Louis laughed. I laughed to myself thinking of it. 

"You do know that if I get caught, I am definitely, without a doubt, blaming this all on you." I joked.

"I will happily take the blame for you." Louis winked as he opened the car door for me. 

I jumped in saying thank you as I did. Louis walked round to the drivers side and got inside starting the engine as soon as he did. 

"So, where we heading?" I asked looking out my window as we drove down my street into town. 

"I was thinking we could just hang at my house. Unless there was somewhere else you would rather go.." Louis trailed off and looked at me from the corner of his eye. 

"No no. Your house is perfect." I smiled and he nodded.


As we pulled up to his house and parked the car Louis ran out and opened my door. I blushed as I stepped out and he took hold of my hand. Louis opened the door to his house and we stepped inside. We walked over to the same seat that we had sat in the first time I came to his house and sat down. 

"Louis? Louis? Is that you?" 

I looked at Louis and he smiled standing up. 

"Yeah mum. I'm in the living room." Louis shouted back. A door opened and a woman who resembled Louis walked inside. 

"Oh. Hello. Louis you could have said you were bringing people over." she sighed placing down a basket that was full of clothes. "Sorry mum. Was a kind of last minute thing." Louis laughed and sat back down next to me and took hold of my hand again. Louis' mum looked down at our tangled hands and a smile spread across her face. 

"I'm Johannah, Louis' mum. Its lovely to meet you!" she she grinned reaching down and hugging me tightly. 

"I'm Scarlett. It's lovely to meet you too." I smiled as she pulled away. 

"Are the girls home?" Louis asked as Johannah picked up the basket again. 

"Felicite is in her room I think. Charlotte is out at her friends and Daisy and Phoebe are away to their friends also." She replied. 

"Would you like to meet Felicite?" Louis said turning to me now. 

"Yeah sure." I smiled and we both stood up. 

Louis went through the door that Johannah had first came out of and I followed after him. We were in a long corridor with doors lined along it. Louis took me to the end of the corridor and knocked on the last door. A voice muttered something from inside the room and Louis opened the door. 

"Hey fizz. I want you to meet someone." He said stepping inside and holding the door open for me. I stepped inside and looked at the girl lying on her stomach on the bed. 

"This is Scarlett." Louis introduced me.

"Hi Felicite." I smiled. 

"Hey Scarlett." she grinned and then looked at Louis. "Your girlfriend?" 

"No no, nothing like that." he laughed. My eyebrows creased and I looked at the back of Louis' head. I guess even his family couldn't know that we were together. Yet he openly held my hand infront of his mum.

"I'll come talk to you later Fizz. See you later." Louis smiled.

"Nice meeting you Felicite!" I waved and stepped out of her room. 

"You too. Bye." she shouted back and Louis closed the door behind him. 

Louis walked past me and went to a door back up the corridor a bit. He opened it and went inside so I followed him in.

Looking at the posters of Manchester United, I guessed that it was Louis' room. 

There were shelves on one wall and I was attracted over to them instantly. I started studying the items sat on the shelves. One was a picture of Louis, Johannah, Felicite and three other girls which I assumed was Charlotte, Daisy and Phoebe. I lifted up the picture next to it and sighed. I felt Louis' arms wrap around my stomach from behind and his head rested on my shoulder. 

"That was taken a few years ago." he mumbled. 

"I've never noticed how much he's changed. He looks far healthier and happier here." I said studying Riley's face. "Well that was before the drinking and drugs." Louis stated. "Do you have any pictures of him now?" I asked. Louis let go of me and walked to the other side of the room. He rummaged through a drawer and then came back over to me. He handed me a picture of a large group of people. Louis, Riley, Liam, Niall, Leonie, Tessa, two other guys and two other girls were present in the picture. The four people I didn't know looked familiar. I thought I recognized them from Riley's party. 

"Who are they?" I asked pointing at the four unknown people.

"Harry, Zayn, Ashley and Lacey." he answered. 

"I remember their faces from the party." I told him. 

"Yeah well thats Riley's main group." 

"You don't know anything about a girl Riley might be seeing do you? Someone that goes to our school?" I asked sitting down on Louis' bed. Louis sat down next to me and started thinking. 

"Not that I know of. Why?" Louis questioned. 

"Was just that one day he told me that he was texting a girl and he was practically blushing about it. He told me that she went to our school but wouldn't really tell me anything else." I laughed thinking back. 

"Well thats news to me. Riley actually liking a girl is hard for me to believe. You know, after the whole using girls and..." He stopped himself from continuing as he seen my head go down in shame. 

"I'm sorry Scarlett. I didn't mean to bring that up again." Louis sighed placing his arm around me and pulling me closer. I rested my head on his shoulder. 

"Its fine. Don't worry about it." I smiled softly. 

Louis lay back on his bed pulling me down with him. 

"I'm so happy having you here with me. All to myself." Louis whispered kissing my neck.

I moaned at his touch. "I love being with you." 

Louis' mouth moved to mine and he started kissing me heatedly. My hands slid up his shirt feeling his back. His hands were either side of me, holding himself up ontop of me. 

"L-Louis.." I started.

He stopped kissing me, letting me continue.

"I need to go home." I giggled. 

"Damn. And we were just getting to the good stuff too." He winked. I laughed and pushed him off me. 

"Cmon! Take me home!" I said and got off the bed. Louis stood up and we left his room. As we entered the living room, Johannah was there watching TV.

"Oh Scarlett! Are you leaving?" She asked and stood up.

"Yeah I sure am. You have a lovely home." I smiled and she pulled me in for a hug. 

"Thank you. You're welcome to come over and stay whenever you like." she said and pulled away. "Thank you so much." I grinned.

"Mum she has to go." Louis said taking my hand and pulling me towards the door.

"Goodbye Scarlett!" Johannah yelled. "Bye!" I screamed back just as Louis closed the front door. 

"Well, you and my mum really hit it off." Louis smirked and opened my door. I jumped in and waited for him to get in the other side.

"Shes really nice. And so is Felicite. I can't wait to meet the others." "I'm sure you will soon. Probably next time you come over." "So theres going to be a next time." I grinned and he laughed. "Of course. Tomorrow." he winked and pulled out of his driveway. "Tomorrow? Oh, are you planning on nearly killing me again making me jump out of the window. You know, if someday your little plan goes wrong and you don't catch me-" "I've promised to catch you and never let you get hurt, Scarlett." He interrupted. "I know but just say-" "No. No buts. You. Will. Not. Get. Hurt. Final." He laughed. I sighed in defeat and leaned back in my seat. 


Louis parked in the same place as he did at the start of our evening. I got out of the car and he rolled down the window. I poked my head in and smiled. 

"See you tomorrow then." I winked. 

"I'll be the one standing under your window with my arms stuck out." He grinned big. I laughed and kissed the top of my finger and I brought my finger to his lip.

"Bye Louis." I whispered and started walking to my house. 

I entered my garden and looked up at my window. The window was still wide open and I noticed an easy way to climb up. I climbed up the tree that Louis had leaned on earlier. A long branch was level with my window and I was able to slid out over to my window. I grabbed the open window and pulled myself over the little gap from the branch to the window and got myself safely inside. 

My room was untouched meaning that hopefully no one had been in while I was gone. I closed the window and ran to my bed. I kicked off my shoes and pulled the duvet up over me. 

My phone vibrated and I took it out of my pocket. 

"You remind me of spider man, you made quite light work of that tree. x" 

I laughed as I read the text over and over, laughing more each time.




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