My Brother's Best Friend.

Scarlett Brooks begins sixth form college. She begins to find out secrets about her brother, secrets she wishes she sometimes never found out. However, she does take quite an interest in one of her brother's best friends.


9. Hide.

It was 11am when I woke up. As I came round to full consciousness, I remembered everything about last night. I remembered lying on Louis' bed with him ontop of me and how good his touch and kisses were. 

My bedroom door creaking open snapped me out of my memories and I looked up at my mum walking in. "Are you going to come down for breakfast?" She questioned. 

"I might" I replied, miffed that she had interrupted my thoughts of last night. 

"Scarlett.." she sighed and sat down on the bottom of my bed. "I just want to get back to the way things were." 

"How is that supposed to be done when i'm confined to my room all day everyday?" I asked sitting up. 

"You went behind my back and had a party with underage drinking! What do you expect me to do, Scarlett?!" 

"Mum, I have told you that i'm sorry! I thought I would have had it all cleaned up before you got home but Louis stopped by to get Riley and so I got distracted helping him." 

"Having it cleaned up before I got him isn't the problem here! You shouldn't have been having a party in the first place! Especially with alcohol involved!"

We sat in silence for a few moments and then she stood up and walked towards the door, turning around before leaving. "If you want breakfast, nows the time to come downstairs to get it." She said and then left my room. 

I got out of bed and decided i'd go down and get breakfast.

When I entered the kitchen my mum was cleaning dishes at the sink and Riley was sat at the table eating toast. I placed two slices of bread into the toaster and waited for them to pop up. No one talked and you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. 

The noise of the toast popping up made me jump as the noise filled the silent room. 

I placed the toast onto a plate and then put it down on the table. I took my seat across from Riley and started eating the plain toast. 

"Your toast looks a little dry." 

The voice was so familiar yet so unfamiliar. I glared up at Riley.

"First thing you've said to me in about a week." 

We just stared at eachother in silence until my mum turned around from the sink.

"Okay whats going on? You two have been acting weird around eachother for a while now and it needs to stop." 

Riley's stare intensified as he thought I would bring up about how it was his party and not mines. 

"We're fine. Right Riley?" 

"Right." he muttered. 

I took a few bites of my toast then stood up, throwing the rest in the bin.

"I'm going for a shower." I mumbled and walked out of the kitchen. 

I went to my room and got my clean clothes and towels and then went to the bathroom.

My shower relaxed me. The hot water seemed to calm me down and being there gave me room and time to think over things. 


I put on a summery flower dress with a denim jacket and then went to my room to dry my hair. I did my makeup as usual and then flopped down onto my bed.

All I had to do now was wait for tonight with Louis. It would be late before he came to get me and it was only 1:10pm now. I wanted to see him now but I knew that leaving this early would be too risky. My mum would definitely come in to check on me or ask if I wanted food and if I wasn't there it would be quite a shock. 

I stared at the wall infront of me. There was nothing for me to do. No where I could go. As I sat studying my wall my phone buzzed on the table next to my bed.

I reached across and looked at it. Maisie's name flashed on the screen and I opened the text.

"Sooooo, when do you get released from jail lol. xx"

"Some time next week. I'm starting to go mad, Maisie. I stare at my wall now. xx" 

"I'm starting to go mad without you!!! I've been out a few times with the girls from school but its just not the same. xx" 

I smiled at her text. 

"I'll be back soon. xx"

"I'm still mad you didn't invite me to that party. xx" 

"And i'm still mad that you don't believe that it wasn't my party. xx"

"Sure it wasn't.. xx"

I sighed and locked my phone. I placed it back on the table and pulled out my laptop from under my pillow. 

I browsed Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and random sites, trying to desperately pass the time. 

There was a knock on my door and I looked up waiting for the person to enter. Riley stepped inside.

"Mum wants to know if you want lunch."

I looked at the time on my laptop screen. It was already 2:30.

"No i'm fine. I'll wait til dinner. Thanks." I muttered. 

He stepped further inside my room and closed my door. 

"You taking the blame for the party was the right thing to do." He said. I stared at him blankly. "You still haven't thanked me for that." I shrugged. "I don't feel like I have to. The way you acted that night was quite uncalled for. About to tell my friends about me hitting you, I mean." He retorted. My eyes grew wider and my mouth fell slightly open. "Uncalled for?!" I laughed sarcastically. "The way I acted was uncalled for?!" I shouted standing up, making emphasis on the 'I'. "YOU hitting me was uncalled for!". He took a step back towards the door. "I told you I had no choice. You were just meddling with me and you got in the way." he said sharply. "You know what Riley. Just get out of my room. Leave!" I shouted and pushed him towards my door. He laughed and opened it. "See ya sis. By the way, your window was open very wide last night. You should watch you don't get a chill." He winked and left.

I stood fixed to the same spot. He knows. He knows I was out last night. If he knows I was out then he must know who I was out with. Louis. 

I quickly ran and grabbed my phone, unlocking it and bringing up a new text. 

"Riley knows, he knows I was out with you!" I frantically typed in and sent it to Louis. 

I sat staring at my phone waiting for Louis to reply.

Louis' name flashed on my screen and my ringtone blared. I pressed the green button and brought the phone up to my ear.

"How do you know he knows?" Louis asked.

"He must have came into my room last night and he seen my window open, he made some sarcastic comment about watching I don't get a chill because my window was open so wide." I whispered. 

"How do you know he knows you were with me though? You could have been with anyone, Scarlett." 

"I doubt he would care so much if I was out with Maisie or someone. Its the fact its you I was with. C'mon Louis! You know as well as I do that he's onto us." 

"Just incase he doesn't though, don't give us away. For right now you were with Maisie last night." 

"Alright. Fine." I sighed.

"I'll see you tonight?" he questioned. 

"Yeah, you sure will." I laughed, and hung up. 

Up until 8pm, all I could think about was the words Riley had said, and the way he had said them. 

My phone vibrated on my lap and I looked at the text. 

"Knock knock x"

I smiled and went to my window seeing Louis standing with his arms wide infront of him, just like he said he would be. 

I pulled myself up and dangled my legs over. My heart raced as I pushed myself off and fell to the ground. 


I opened my eyes and smiled at Louis as he placed me on the ground. He took hold of my hand and we ran down the road to his car. 

"I cant wait til I get ungrounded so I don't have to risk my life everytime I want to see you" I laughed as Louis started driving along the road. 

"Well, personally, im enjoying the dangerous side of all this" he smirked and I rolled my eyes in response which he just laughed at. 

We pulled up to his house shortly after and we walked up to the front door. This time there was a different scene in the living room from the last time. There were 5 girls in the living room, including Louis' mum and Felicite, who I had already met. They all looked up at the sound of the door opening. "Ah Scarlett! Its great to see you again" His mum grinned up at me. I smiled and felt my cheeks burn up as they all took the image of me standing beside Louis in. Louis took me round the three other girls and introduced me to them. After our introductions were complete Louis announced we were going into his room and I felt like my whole body burst into flames as his mum, Felicite and Charlotte smirked. Louis took hold of my hand and led me through the door to the corridor lined with more doors. He took me to his bedroom and I sat down on his bed. 

"Finally" he grinned and walked towards me. He pushed me slightly back on the bed and I preped myself up on my elbows. He leant in and kissed me softly on the lips. He started slowly and as time went on it became more heated and it ended up with me lying down with Louis ontop. I let out a soft moan as Louis' hands fumbled with my denim jacket.

"I can't get it off" he half laughed as he broke off the kiss. I laughed at his attempt and pulled the jacket down my arms. I threw it on the floor as Louis kissed my cheek multiple times. 

"God I can't wait for you too get ungrounded" he mumbled and kissed the tip of my nose making me smile. "Me either. I'll be able to come over all the time" I grin thinking about it. Louis' lips meet mine once more and then a knock at his door makes us part. 

We sit up normally and Louis calls out letting whoever is there enter. Louis' mum pokes her head round the door. "Rileys at the door, i'll send him through" she smiles and leaves. I look at Louis frantically and he points at the closet. "Hide!" he shouts. I leap inside and shut the door just as Riley enters. I can see everything through a little crack in the door. 

"Hey bud. Whatcha up too?" Riley asks as he enters the room casually and closes the door behind him. 

"Nothing much really. Just chilling out. What brings you here? You not have a party to attend?" Louis asks. "Thats actually why I came. Wanted to see if you wanna come with" Riley asks as he looks about the room. 

"Um, I dunno man. Wanted to just chill tonight" Louis lies. Something on the ground catches Riley's attention and he bends down and picks it up. As he stands up holding the object his back is to me meaning I can't see it. I look at Louis' expression and its blank. "You got company?" Riley asks and turns round facing the wardrobe like he expects to see a girl sneaking out. I look at what hes holding and almost faint at the sight of him clenching my denim jacket. 

"Nah man" Louis laughs nervously "its one of my sisters." he lies and snatches it from Riley's grip. Riley nods, seeming to believe in the lie. I let out a silent sigh of releif from where I am confined inside the wardrobe. 

"Anyway, you should come tonight. Some absolute bangers coming" Riley said. I cringed as he described the girls as 'bangers'.  "Not really my scene" Louis replied much to the shock of Riley. "Since when? Was your scene all summer. Remember?" Riley stated smugly. I looked at Louis who looked uncomfortable and was fidgeting with his hands. "I want to give tonight a miss just, no big deal" Louis said. Confusion washed over me when he didn't deny it wasn't his scene anymore. 

"Keira will be there" Riley pushed. My head started spinning at this. I focused on Louis, taking in his reaction to this 'Keira'. "I don't care Riley, I ain't going" Louis sighed.

Riley's phone buzzed and he took it out of his pocket and smiled at the phone. "This is my time to leave. Bagged someone" Riley said excitedly. "Well you go have fun" Louis said standing up and opening the door. Riley smirked and stepped into the corridor. "Oh I plan too. Oh, by the way, its so weird, Scarlett has the exact same jacket as that" Riley laughed and looked at the jacket that was now sat on the bed "Bye" Riley winked and left. 

My breath caught in my throat as I stood still in the wardrobe, not wanting to leave until I knew Riley was gone. 

I watch Louis close the bedroom door slowly and as soon as its fully closed I step out of the wardrobe. "What do we do Louis?" I whisper. He turns round to face me and his expression seems angry. "We're continuing like tonight never happened. We ain't letting him scare us." Louis said sternly, no hint of joking in his voice. "Its going to be so difficult, Louis" I whine and flop onto his bed. "No. No. Don't let it be difficult. Im past caring what Riley thinks now." he scowls. He sits down next to me and I rest my head on his shoulder. 

"What did he mean? He 'bagged someone'?" I asked, deep down already knowing the answer. Louis tensed. "He got another girl" he sighed. I nodded as my thoughts were confirmed. "What does he get from using these girls for sex?" I ask. "A big status when it comes down to popularity. All girls want him, its crazy." Louis replies and I nod. "Whos Keira?" I ask, my heart pumping in my chest. "A girl I... I... bagged.. when I was like that" He stumbled. I lifted my head off his shoulder and stared at him. "Im glad you stopped doing all that shit" I said and his face relaxed, he was obviously expecting me to say something else. 

I placed my head back on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm round my waist. "No one is gladder than I am" he whispered. 


We sat and talked for a while after, it was a good way to take Riley off my mind. Being with Louis relaxed me. As he became more comfortable, after Riley's encounter with him, he started getting back into his normal self. He was joking around, laughing and smiling. I came to my own silent agreement that Louis' smile was my favourite feature about him. 

"Its that time again, Louis" I smiled. He pushed out his lower lip and frowned. "Cmon Louis, take me back to my prison cell" i joked. A grin creeped onto his face and we got off his bed. He took hold of my hand and walked me  to the living room where his mum and Charlotte were sitting watching tv. "Aw, you leaving Scarlett?" Jay asked and I nodded. "Unfortuantely. I had a  wonderful time though, it was great meeting the entire family" I smiled. We said our goodbyes and we left, I was still clutching onto Louis' hand. 

Our car journey was great, we talked and laughed the entire way until we reached my street. We parked in the normal space and Louis turned his entire body to look at me. "I had such a good night with you, apart from Riley of course" he laughed lightly. "Same here" I grinned. He leant in towards me and pecked my lips. "Goodnight, Scarlett" he whispered. I opened the car door and stepped outside. "Night Louis" I smiled and shut the door.

I got up to my room the same way as before and had one simple text from Louis. 

"Spiderman x" 


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