My Brother's Best Friend.

Scarlett Brooks begins sixth form college. She begins to find out secrets about her brother, secrets she wishes she sometimes never found out. However, she does take quite an interest in one of her brother's best friends.


3. Friendship.

Second day of school. I got up, got breakfast, got dressed and then started waiting for Riley to get ready.

"Rileyyyyyy are you ever going to hurry up?!" I shouted upstairs at him. "Im nearly done!" he shouted back. I slumped back against the wall and sighed. "Scarlett! I have your money. I'll give it to you now so you won't run off without it." mum winked coming out of the kitchen holding a £5 note. I smiled and took the money from her and stuffed it into my bag. "Thanks mum." I said as a door upstairs opened and slammed shut. Riley came running downstairs out of breath with a grin on his face. "What you so smiley about?" I asked pushing myself off the wall. "Oh.. nothing." he laughed nervously. "Come on, we should be going." he said and opened the front door and ran out. I was about to follow him when my mums hand pushed out infront of my face. "Now HE forgot his money. Give this to your brother." Mum laughed and so did I. I took Riley's money and ran outside after him.

"RILEY! RILEY! Wait up!" I shouted after him. He was half way down the street already. He stopped and waited for me to catch up. "Here. Its your money. You forgot it." I said pushing the money into his hand. "Oh right thanks." He smiled putting the money into his trouser pocket. "Sooo.. anything you wanna tell me that you couldn't say infront of mum?" I asked sweetly. He laughed and looked at the ground. "I just got a text from a girl.." he blushed. "OH REALLY?!" I grinned excitedly. "Whats her name?! Do I know her?! Does she go to our school?!" I asked fast. "I'm not telling, no, and yes." he laughed. "Aw come on! Let me know her name!" I frowned. "No way sis. Nothings even going on between us so theres really nothing to tell so right now you don't need to know anything about her!" he said just as we reached the bus stop. "Thats so unfair you know." I huffed. "Oh well, live with it!" Riley grinned. "Now stop huffing and smile, theres the bus." he added. "Uh." I groaned. The bus stopped and we both got on. 

Straight away I went and sat next to Maisie. "You won't believe what happened yesterday!" I gushed. "What?" she asked. "Riley's friend Louis from yesterday came to my house!" I said shaking my head. "And? He was there for Riley so what?" Maisie asked with her eyebrows raised. "Thats the thing! He wasn't there for Riley! It was like.. like.. he was there for me!" I complained. "You've lost it Scarlett. I think you like him or something!" she winked. "UH! You're just like Riley! Thats what he thought! If I liked him then you would know by now because I would have told you but I haven't said anything therefore I don't like him." I huffed folding my arms. "Oh come on Scarlett, lighten up! I'm sure it was nothing. Did he say anything to you?" she laughed. "Yeah, he was calling me his best friend again and he even said that he was here for his best friend! ME! Then as soon as Riley showed up he said he was there for him! SEE! SEE!" I argued. "He's just trying to be nice, you are his best friend's sister after all. Riley probably told all of them to be nice to you or something." Maisie stated. I sighed and faced away from her. That couldn't be it. Theres something different about him, I know it. 


Our bus was late into school because of traffic so we had no time to find our friend Tessa and chat until our first lesson. Me and Maisie ran around the school until we finally found our Art class. We walked in and the class was full and the teacher was in the middle of doing a demonstration. When the door opened the whole class turned and looked at us oddly. "Erm, we're students in this class. Our bus was late getting in so we've only just arrived, we're so s-sorry." I stammered. "Its alright, you two go sit at the back desk. I'll be down to you both in a minute, you've missed most of the demonstration so i'll have to show you it separately." the teacher said. We both nodded and went to the back of the room. We took our seats and took out or pencil cases and waited for the teacher to come to us.

"That was so awkward." Maisie whispered. "I know right? Everyone was staring at us like we had 100 heads" I giggled. We were both laughing until two books slammed down infront of us. "Hmm, gigglers. I don't want gigglers in my class.". We both looked up at our teacher and smiled nervously. "S-Sorry Miss." Maisie stuttered. "Hmm.." the teacher nodded. "Ok, all you have to do is decorate your book. You can do anything you want. Can be pictures of singers, artists, actors anything that inspires you. We are going to find out more about eachother through this. The media room is through that door down there so you can use the computers to print out pictures if you like or you can use paints, pastels, pencils or whatever to draw." she explained and we nodded. "Alright of you go." she said and walked off. Me and Maisie got off our stools and headed down to the Media Room. 

We took a seat beside a girl who was looking up pictures of Justin Bieber. "Hi." she said without looking away from the screen. "Hey." I smiled turning on the computer. "I'm Leonie Kennedy." she smiled looking at us now. "I'm Scarlett Brooks and thats my friend Maisie Regan." I replied as Maisie waved at her. "Nice to meet you both. Oh by the way, our teacher is Miss Kelly. You won't want to get on the wrong side of her." she snorted. "Why? Whats wrong with her?" Maisie asked. "Shes a complete cow- I mean erm.. ah.." Leonie's attention went behind us to the Media Room door. Me and Maisie looked round at the door. Miss Kelly was standing there looking in at us with a angry expression crossing her face. "Do you like Justin Bieber?!" Leonie asked fast turning back to her screen. "Oh yeah, love him." I answered going bright red with embarrassment. "If I wasn't dating my boyfriend I would be with him." Leonie grinned. We all laughed. "So whos your boyfriend? Does he go here?" I asked. "Yeah he does. His name is Niall Horan." she replied. "Oh my God. Thats another one of Riley's friends! Riley is my brother." I sighed. "Oh really? Yeah I know him! He's hilarious." Leonie smiled. "Uhhhhhhh." I groaned and laughed. 

Lesson the rest of the day flew by and soon it was hometime. I got on the bus with Maisie and for the ride to her stop we chatted about the new lessons that we had that day. She got off and then we headed to mine and Riley's stop. Riley always sat at the back of the bus so when the bus stopped I was off before him and he stood waiting for him. 

I died. 

He got off the bus with Louis by his side. "Hey!" Louis grinned with a wink. "H-hi." I stammered. "What you doing here?" I added fast. "My grandad and grandma live five minutes away from you so i'm heading there now." he answered and I sighed with relief. Ok so he didn't come here for me like I had thought. We all started walking together then and we chatted about our day. Me and Riley got to our house in a few minutes so we started saying bye to Louis. Riley and Louis gave eachother one of them boy hugs and then Louis pulled me in for a big hug which took me by surprise. "Go get changed and meet me up the street as soon as you're ready." he whispered and then pulled away. "Well see ya both!" Louis smiled and walked off like nothing happened. I stared after him in shock until Riley gave me a shove. I walked inside and ran upstairs as fast as I could. I kept telling myself that I shouldn't go meet up with him but I was really curious about what he wanted. I threw on a pair of shorts, a tank top and a pair of converse. I sprinted downstairs and out the door. I didn't stop running though. I kept going, out of my garden and up the street to where Louis said he would be waiting for me. 

I approached the corner and I could see him standing there with his hands in his pockets and leaning against a tree. He had his blazer off and it was hanging over his bag. His bag was one of them long ones that straps over one shoulder. His hair was moving a little in the wind and his white shirt was now untucked from his trousers because he was out of school. He looked almost like a dream.. like he wasn't real. "Louis?" I smiled when I got right up to him. He looked up at me and a huge smile crossed his face. "I'm so glad you came. I didn't think you would." he admitted with a little blush. "I'm not that mean." I lied thinking back to my thoughts about not showing up. "So um, what did you want?" I added nervously. "I want to spend time with you. I wanna be your friend." he laughed. "Oh.. alright so what are we gonna do?" I prompted. "I was thinking we could walk around the neighborhood and talk? I want to get to know you." he smiled. "Alright." I said looking at the ground and I started walking. He pushed himself off the tree and started walking next to me. 

"Can I ask you something?" I asked. "Yeah of course." he smiled. "Why do you want to be my friend so much?" I laughed a little. "Because you seem really nice." he answered. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised. "Yeah right!" I grinned. Then something dawned on me and my mouth dropped open. "W-What? Whats wrong?" he asked worriedly. "YOU LIKE MY FRIEND MAISIE RIGHT!?" I laughed. "W-what? Maisie? Whos she? Huh?!" he stumbled. "My friend! Yesterday when I asked Riley for the money she was behind me!" I said between laughs. "Oh her! Scarlett what the hell! I don't want to be your friend to get to her!" Louis laughed. "Oh. Really?" I asked sadly. "You're such a freak." Louis grinned and shoved me. "Shut up I am not!" I said shoving him back. "Oh my God Louis wait!" I said stopping. "What?" he asked. "You have to get to your grandad's and grandma's house!" I said. "I'll get going then." I added and started to turn around but him bursting out laughing stopped me. "You- You- You made that up didn't you?!" I gasped. He nodded still laughing. "F-R-E-A-K." I shouted and started marching back home. He ran after me and pulled me into him. "Oh come on, you like my freakness." he winked. "I actually hate you so much you know." I said trying to act serious but a smile creeped onto my face. "Come on Scar, can we continue to walk?" Louis asked with a charming smile. "Ok, IF you don't call me Scar again. I'm SCARLETT." I frowned. "Alright fine, SCARLETT" He grinned and threw his arm around me and started pulling me along back up the street.. <3


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