My Brother's Best Friend.

Scarlett Brooks begins sixth form college. She begins to find out secrets about her brother, secrets she wishes she sometimes never found out. However, she does take quite an interest in one of her brother's best friends.


10. Freedom.

Every night without fail I would sneak out with Louis and go to his house. By the time next Friday came around my mum had finally decided to unground me, but not without giving me a long lecture about never having a party in her house again. 

'Guess whose free?! X' I text my best friend Maisie.

Seconds later she replied. 'F I N A L L Y. What you doing tomorrow? xo' 

My thoughts travelled to Louis. I wondered if maybe he would want to do something with me now that i'm finally free from my own tiny jail cell. I looked back at my phone and began typing a new message.

'I've finally been given freedom. You doing anything tomorrow? X' 

Minutes later, Louis' name flashed on my screen and I fumbled with my phone as I opened the text and read it. 

'Im planning on having a study day tomorrow, got a lot of tests next week, sorry Scarlett.x' 

My heart sank as I read the words. I suppose it would be great to finally spend some time with Maisie outside of school but deep down I know I was hoping I could have spent my night with Louis. 

I re-opened mines and Maisie's conversation and began typing her a reply. 

'Nothing, i'm totally free. What you got in mind? X'

'Tessa from Spanish class is holding a party tomorrow night. Lots of older people will be there I know, but loads of people our age will be too. We HAVE to go xo'

My mind flooded with questions. Would Riley be there? Tessa is his friend after all. Would all of his other friends be there too? Aren't they players that go round getting high and drunk all the time? Would Louis be there? No of course Louis wouldn't. He's studying tomorrow night. I read over the end of Maisie's text again. 'We HAVE to go'. 

'Okay sure. Sounds like fun. I'll come to your house around 7. See you tomorrow. X'

'Can't wait!! xo'

I placed my phone down on my table and looked at my wall. It was 6pm on a Friday night and I had no plans. Louis wasn't going to come get me tonight since he said he was hanging out with Harry and Zayn who were the two guys that were in the picture from Louis' room. 

I decided to watch a few movies in bed and have an early night since tomorrow night i'd be out at the party and God knows what time i'd finally get to bed at. 




I woke up with my laptop ontop of me. I slid it off me and sat it next to me and rubbed my eyes. A knock on the door made me groan and I mumbled 'come in' to whoever was annoyingly knocking. 

Riley stepped inside and shut the door. 

"What do you want?" I sighed and sat up in my bed. 

"Checking if you're still alive. You do know that its 2 in the afternoon right?" 

I stared at him in disbelief as an amused look crossed his face. I grabbed my phone from the table where I left it and checked the time. As Riley had said, it was 2pm.

"Fuck.." I mumbled under my breath grabbing my phone charger and sticking it inside my phone earning a chuckle from Riley. 

I ran round my room grabbing towels and Riley leant against the wall watching me. 

"Why you in such a hurry?" He asked. "I, uh, have plans with Maisie today." I answered and pulled a bra and pants out of my drawer and stuffed it between the towels, not allowing Riley to see it. I pushed past Riley, not giving him a chance to ask me what my plans were and headed downstairs towards the bathroom. I decided i'd get food after my shower. I pushed the door open and threw my towels and underwear on the ground. I turned the shower on and peeled off my pyjamas from my body and stepped under the hot water. I shaved under my arms and my legs and washed my hair twice making sure that it would look nice for tonight. 

After drying my hair it was 3:30 by the time I finally sat down for something to eat. 

"Any plans tonight?"

I jumped at the sound of my mother's voice and turned my head to look at her as she entered the kitchen. 

"Yeah actually." I said and took another bite of pizza. "Im staying at Maisie's tonight" I lied. I couldn't exactly tell her I was going to a party that involved underage drinking, drugs and sex. Oh and Riley is also going to be there doing all three. Also, I don't even know if I can stay with Maisie tonight. "Thats great!" she beamed. Oh only if you knew. "Bet you've missed her." she added. "I wouldn't have had to miss her if I wasn't grounded" I reminded her and she laughed as she started the kettle for herself. "And you wouldn't have been grounded if you hadn't thrown that party" she countered. "I-" just as I was about to reply, Riley walked in nudging me purposely as he walked past me. His way of telling me to shut up before I say something he would make me regret. "Yeah." I mumbled and pushed back in my chair and stood up. I placed my dish in the sink and left the kitchen and went to my room. 

When it got to 5:30 I began to think about getting ready. I looked at myself in the mirror. I wore my pyjamas that I had woken up in and I sighed at my appearance as I walked to my wardrobe and pulled open the big door revealing my clothes. 

After about 15 minutes of looking I decided on a red dress that reached just above the knee. I did my makeup more outgoing tonight since it was a party, adding thick black eyeliner under my eyes, some blusher and bright red lipstick that suited my name perfectly. 

By half 6 I was completely ready and I decided to get my mum to take me on over to Maisie's since she wouldn't mind me being early. 

As I walked into the living room to get my mum she stared at me in confusion.

"All this just for going to Maisie's house?" she questioned and looked at me from head to toe. My heart started pounding as I tried to think up a lie. 

"Yeah, theres a few of us girls going there tonight and we're all getting dressed up so.." I trailed off and my mum nodded and rolled her eyes at me. "C'mon c'mon out out." she hurried me and I stepped out into the hall as she grabbed her keys. As we stepped outside into the cool air she didn't shout good bye to Riley meaning that he must have already left for wherever he was heading tonight which worried me but I pushed the thought of him being at the party to the back of my mind. 

During the ride to Maisie's, mum questioned me on everything we'd be doing tonight which made me lie even more than I already have. I was pushing myself deeper and deeper. 

I was relieved when we finally pulled up outside Maisie's house and I practically leaped out of the car and screamed bye to my mum and ran inside Maisie's house without even knocking. I called out her name and she replied telling me to come up to her room. I ran as best as I could in my heels, up her stairs and stumbled into her room. She ran to me and hugged me tight. 

"I'm so glad to see you! I can't wait for tonight its going to be amazing! You look great by the way." she grinned and walked back to her dresser and lifted up an earring to slip into her ear. 

"Yeah i'm pretty excited too. Would you mind if I stayed the night too? I kinda told my mum I was" I laughed and she rolled her eyes. "Of course you can! You never have to ask" she smiled and straightened up, flattening out her dress. "What do you think?" she asked and posed for me. She looked incredible. Her emerald green dress hugged her curves and her blonde curls were perfect. "You look beautiful." I replied. One of the first times I actually didn't tell a lie today. 

She smiled and looked down at her phone. "Its after 7, we should get going." 

I nodded and followed her out of her room and down the stairs. She popped her head into the living room and said bye to her mum and her dad stepped out into the hall to give us a lift to the party. 

The drive to the party with Maisie and her dad was awkward. Her dad lectured us on not drinking and be smart. I could see Maisie cringing at her dad's word and the look of relief pass over her face as we arrived at Tessa's house. 

Me and Maisie jumped out of her dad's car and waved bye as he drove away. 

"If I had stayed in that car for another second I would have killed him." she groaned. I laughed and grabbed her arm, pulling her towards the entrance to the house as the cold was making the hairs on my arms stand up. 

As we stepped inside the smell of weed and alcohol filled my nose and I scrunched my nose up. 

"Maisie? Scarlett?" 

We turned round to see Tessa and Liam walking towards us holding hands with a drink in each of their free hands. "It is you guys! I'm so glad you made it!" Tessa squeaked and let go of Liam's hand to hug us both before slipping her hand back into his. 

"The party looks great! So many people here already!" Maisie grinned and I nodded in agreement. "Wait until you see it round midnight" Liam smirked and took a gulp from his drink. I looked at Liam. He was wearing a baggy basketball shirt with black jeans with a snapback on his head to complete his look. He was really good looking. He had a few tattoos on his arms setting off the 'bad boy' persona. 

"Babe, I need another drink." Liam said to Tessa, snapping me out of my thoughts. Tessa looked over at us. "You two want a drink?". Just as I was about to say no Maisie surprised me by blurting out yes. 

"Great!" Tessa smiled and her and Liam started walking towards another room. I looked at Maisie as we followed behind them and I raised my eyebrows at her and she just shrugged. 

As we entered the kitchen I nearly fainted at the site of Riley sat on the counter drinking a can of beer. As his gaze met mines his eyes widened and he jumped off the counter and walked towards me. 

"What the fuck are you doing here?" he growled, grabbing my wrist to stop me from following after Tessa and Liam anymore. "Tessa invited me and Maisie" I replied equally as harsh and yanked my wrist from his grip. By this point, Maisie, Tessa and Liam had realised the scene unfolding and had stopped to watch. Riley glared at Tessa and fear crossed her face. 

"You shouldn't be here Scar. Just leave alright?" he said sternly still looking at Tessa. Liam took a step forward and Riley turned his gaze back to me. "I'm not leaving Riley." I snapped. "Goddammit Scarlett! Listen to me!" Riley raised his voice and stepped closer to me. 

"Hey hey hey Riley, calm down!". Hands separated me and Riley and I looked around at the small crowd that had gathered around us. I looked up at the guy that had pulled us apart and realised that it was Harry. I looked back at Maisie and stepped over to her. "Lets go get your drink." I whispered so only her, Tessa and Liam could hear. 

We walked further into the kitchen to where loads of drinks were laid out along the table. Maisie grabbed a WKD and took a sip, scrunching up her face at the unusual taste but quickly recovering. "What'a bout you Scarlett?" Tessa asked handing Liam another drink and then pouring herself one into a cup. "I'm fine for now." I smiled at her and she nodded before being pulled away by Liam into another room where the music seemed to be coming even louder from. 

"Why am I even drinking this?" Maisie laughed when the door closed. "I have no idea. You tell me." I laughed with her. "It tastes horrible. How do these guys drink this every weekend!?" she groaned and placed the bottle down on the table. "They'll do anything for a buzz" I replied and scanned the room at the many young people drinking. 


I shuddered at the familiar voice and turned round.

"I'm sorry for acting like that alright? Why don't you go into the living room, everyones dancing in there." Riley said trying to smile a little bit and nodding towards the door Tessa and Liam had went into. I looked at Maisie, silently asking her if she wanted to and she nodded in agreement. 

"Alright. If you need me i'll probably be in there then." I said to Riley and began to walk towards the door with Maisie.

As we stepped inside we were engulfed by sweaty bodies dancing against eachother. We pushed through everyone to the other end of the giant living room and I began to look around the room for people I might recognise. I seen Tessa and Liam dancing together and Leonie dancing with a few people I didn't know. There were a lots of people from Riley's party in the room. 

As I stood looking round the room, a door opening and hitting my back and a pile of already drunk people stumbling in snapped me back to reality. I let them past and into the living room as easily as possible and rolled my eyes at Maisie. 

Just as I was about to get back into my place the door opened again making me stumble forward.

"Hey Keira!" 

I froze remembering what Riley had said about Keira and Louis. 

I looked up at the person who had called Keira's name only to see that it was Riley himself. A smirk was plastered on his face and he was looking towards the other end of the room. I followed his gaze and I landed on a girl who I assumed was Keira. She was sat on the lap of a guy. One of her hands gripped the back of the guy's neck whilst the other held a drink that was nearly finished. She was waving frantically at Riley with a grin plastered on her face. 

Thats when I noticed the guy.

The guy that I knew.

His eyes were focused on me and as he realised I had finally noticed him he began to speak but I couldn't hear him. I couldn't hear a thing. All I could see was the two of them. She was sat on him, not realising what was happening to the pathetic girl on the other side of the room. 

He told me he was studying. He told me had given up on this shit. Yet here he is, a drink in his hand and a girl on his lap whose probably willing to do anything to him and let him do anything to her. My stomach turned and I was nearly sick at the thought. I stepped backwards and bumped into someone. I turned round to look up at Riley who now looked at me. 

"You alright sis?" 

I pushed him aside and ran out the door hearing my name called by both a boy and a girl on the way.                                                             

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