My Brother's Best Friend.

Scarlett Brooks begins sixth form college. She begins to find out secrets about her brother, secrets she wishes she sometimes never found out. However, she does take quite an interest in one of her brother's best friends.


1. First Day Of Sixth Form College.


Scarlett's POV.

"Riley! Give me my pencil case back! I swear, if you keep me back and I end up getting in trouble on my first day of sixth form college I will KILL you!" I screamed at my brother.

"Jeez calm down Scarlett!" Riley laughed and threw the pencil case at my head. It hit me unexpectantly and I staggered back a little. "I hate you." I murmured under my breath as I bent down and picked up my pencil case that had landed on the floor. "I heard that!" Riley laughed and then a door closed. I looked up and Riley was gone. Music started blasting out from his room then. "Whatever." I muttered to no one and went back to my room.

 I put my pencil case back in my school bag and picked up my hairbrush. My hair had got messy after my encounter with Riley. I brushed through it quickly and looked at myself in the mirror one last time. "This is it Scarlett. First day. Big big big changes now." I smiled at my reflection.

"SCARLETT! RILEY! COME ON!" shouted my mum from downstairs. I picked up my schoolbag and threw it over my back. As I stepped out of my room Riley stepped out of his. We both stopped and stared at eachother. He looked me up and down and smirked. "Beat you to the bus stop!" he shouted and started sprinting downstairs. I started flying down after him. Riley was stopped at the bottom of the stairs talking to mum. Mum gave him something and he sprinted off again outside. "Sorry mum can't stop!" I shouted as I reached the bottom of the stairs and I flew out the door. "SCARLETT! NO! YOU FORGOT YOUR-" I didn't hear the rest because the front door closed. I didn't bother stopping though. When it came to competition between me and Riley we got really competitive even though he's 17 and i'm 16.

I could see Riley not to far away from me but he was so close to the bus stop. There was absolutely no way I was going to get there first. And I was right.

"I'm STILL better than you!" he bragged as I reached the bus stop after him. "Oh shut up Riley." I sighed and he smirked. "So you excited for today?" he asked. "Yeah, I guess. I can't wait to see what it'll be like and I already have friends going there so all should be good." I smiled. "Good luck." he laughed. "Whats that supposed to mean?!" I scowled. "Sixth form college is COMPLETELY different than normal college Scar. Its far more work. Sure you can handle it?" he winked playfully. I rolled my eyes at him. "I'm sure i'll be fine Riley. Thanks for your concern." I said sarcastically and looked down the road. The school bus had just turned the corner and was heading towards us. "Hope so, wouldn't want you scared would we?" he grinned and poked my cheek. I slapped his hand away and pushed him away. "Go away, you're so annoying!" I huffed just as the bus stopped and the doors opened infront of us. "Love you too sis." he smirked and climbed on the bus. I followed him on. There were so many people there but I was looking for one person. My best friend Maisie.

I looked around and eventually found her. She had her hand in the air and was waving it so I could spot her. I walked over and sat on the seat next to her. "Hey!" I grinned as I sat down. "Hey, are you excited or what?!" she said excitedly. "You bet! This is going to be so good!" I grinned. For the rest of the ride to our new school we talked about how excited we were, about how we hoped there would be hot guys there, about new friends and all sorts.

As we pulled into the grounds of the school we pushed right up to the window and stared out. "This is so exciting!" Maisie screamed quietly. We didn't even realise that the bus had stopped until I got a smack over the head. We both looked up at the person that had hit me. "Oi idiots time to get off." Riley said and walked on. I rolled my eyes at Maisie and stood up with her. We walked off the bus and started heading towards the entrance of the school

"Woah." I gushed as we entered. I looked around at the high ceilings and the posh decor. Though we didn't get to stand and look for much longer because the bell rang. People started emptying from different rooms. Me and Maisie stood there not knowing where to go. There was a loud sigh from behind us and we turned around. "Whats your first lesson?" Riley asked. "W-What?" I asked. "Whats your first class?! You got the leaflet with your timetable in the mail a few weeks ago." he said impatiently. "Oh.." I said and took my bag off my back. I fumbled around inside it and took out my timetable. "Spanish." I said and looked up at him. "Ok the language corridor is up the stairs. Turn left and through the doors. Then turn right and your in the corridor. See the number on the timetable beside each lesson?" he asked and I looked down again then back up and nodded. "Thats the class room number. Look for that on the door and go on in." Riley said and walked off before I could thank him. 

Me and Maisie ran up stairs and followed Riley's instructions. We were one of the first people to arrive at the class. Lots of people must be still trying to find the room. We waited at the front of the room awkwardly. Did we choose our own seats or does the teacher place us in them? At the minute the teacher wasn't there only a few students so we didn't know what to do.

"Hi you two. Grab a seat before they all go." said a girl at the right side of the classroom. She waved her hand and we walked over to her. I took a seat next to her and Maisie sat next to me. "I'm Tessa Quigley." she smiled and stuck out her hand. I took it and shook it and so did Maisie. "Im Scarlett Brooks" I smiled. "Hey, I'm Maisie Regan." said Maisie. "Nice to meet you both. I think you two are gonna like it here." she grinned. "Wait, you've been here before?" I asked in confusion. "Yeah, I should be in the next year but I was held back unfortunately." she smiled and rolled her eyes. "Oh, you should know my brother then! Riley Brooks." I stated. "Riley is your brother!? Man I love him! He's hilarious! Im going out with one of his friends, Liam Payne. You know him?" She asked. "You think my brother is hilarious? He's a complete turd. And yeah, I think Riley might have mentioned him once or twice but he doesn't really talk about his friends much around me." I replied.

"Hello class! My name is Mrs Morgan and I will be your Spanish teacher here while you are in Lower Sixth. I welcome you all to this school and to your first lesson." said a tall woman walking through the door. I turned around and noticed that the class was full now. Here we go! First lesson! Woohoo!


The lessons flew by and I was really enjoying myself. Already I had made new friends and I was loving going to school here. It was lunch time now and we were heading to the machines to put our money in our cards. Maisie put her card in and topped up then moved to the side. I got out my new card and put it in the machine. I reached into my bag and fumbled around for money but there was nothing.  "Scarlett hurry up, im hungry and theres a queue forming!" Maisie groaned next to me. "Maisie, I can't find my money!" I hissed. "Didn't you take it before you left this morning?" she asked. Then it hit me. Thats what mum was trying to tell me about! I closed my bag and got out of the line and started walking away with Maisie running behind me. "Hey! Where you going?! The canteen is back that way!" Maisie said as she caught up to me. "I need to go find Riley. He probably has spare money I can borrow." I said as I started picking up speed. I headed outside to the big field area where everyone goes at break and lunch time.

I spotted Riley among a group of boys so I headed over to them. "Hey Riley. I need your help I left my money at the house so I need you to giv-" I was cut of by a arm being put around my shoulder. I looked up into the most amazing blue eyes ever and froze completely. "Uh hi there.." I said slowly. "Hey." the boy grinned back. "Erm.." I turned back to Riley. "..So.. erm.. I need money. Could you give me some?" I asked. Riley put on a thinking face and smirked a little. "I dunno.. after you saying that you hated me this morning I don't think you deserve it." he winked. "Rileyyyyyyy! Quit being a jerk!" I groaned then turned to the boy that still had his arm around me. "And you, could you please remove your arm away from me? I don't even know who the hell you are and honestly, you're freaking me out." I told him. He laughed and took his arm off me. "Shes cute you know. Actually, shes my new best friend!" he grinned excitedly and threw his arm around me again. "Oh my.." I gasped. "Go on Riley! Give her money!" the boy said squeezing me tighter. "Fine whatever, but Jesus Louis, let my sister go man! Its gross." Riley said disgustingly and took out money from his pockets. The guy 'Louis' let me go laughing and I took the money from Riley. "Uh thanks.." I said but I couldn't stop staring at this 'Louis' one. There was just something about him.. <3   

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