My Brother's Best Friend.

Scarlett Brooks begins sixth form college. She begins to find out secrets about her brother, secrets she wishes she sometimes never found out. However, she does take quite an interest in one of her brother's best friends.


15. Broken Family.

Me and Harry finally managed to persuade Louis that he didn't need to come and stay over at my house. However, the compromise was that Harry stayed at mine for the night, just incase Riley decided to make an appearance and it went badly.

By the time me and Harry got back to my house, my mum was back from shopping for over an hour. As soon as I opened the door she was basically ontop of me. 

"Where the hell have you been? I thought something horrible at happened when I-" She stopped as she noticed Harry standing awkwardly behind me. She looked back to me and then back to Harry. "Whos this?" she asked me but looked at Harry.

"I'm Harry Styles. I'm friends with Scarlett and.. um. Scarlett." he smiled and outstretched his hand for my mum and she took it. 

"Is it alright if Harry stays for dinner and then maybe stays over in the spare room? Only for tonight because he, uh, got kicked out of his own house." I lie. I feel Harry's eyes on me and my mum's mouth drops open. "Why did you get kicked out?" she asks. "Well, I accidentally set fire to the kitchen and had no money to pay for new things and my mum told me to get out so I'm letting this blow over tonight then going back tomorrow." "Well. I suppose you can stay here tonight.. but you have to promise not to set fire to any of our things." my mum jokes and Harry agrees with a smile. 

"Follow me Harry, i'll show you your room." I say and run past my mum to the stairs, pulling Harry with me. 

I bring him to the spare room and when inside he bursts into laughter. "How long do I need to keep this shit up for" he grins. "Oh shut up, it was the best I could do on the spot." I smiled. "Is the room fine?" I added and he nodded, taking a seat on the bed. "Very manly." he said. I looked up at the pink walls and grinned. "I think it suits you well." He smiled at my comment and stayed silent for a minute. "Well, my mum will call when dinners ready but if theres anything you need before then i'll be just across the hall." I say and back towards the door. "Thanks, i'm good." he says and with one more smile I leave the room and walk to my own. 

I pull out my phone and dial Louis' number.

"Hey, hows it going?" he answers on the second ring. 

"We're fine. Riley hasn't shown up thankfully and mum doesn't seem worried about him so i'm guessing he called her or something to say where he was going." 

"Wonder where he's gone."

"You don't think... you don't think he's with Tessa, do you?"

"It's my top guess at the minute. I'm thinking of giving Liam a call, to see if he knows yet, and if he does know, see how he's holding up." 

"Yeah that would be good. If he doesn't know, are you gonna tell him?" I ask. 

"I think something like that would need to be done face to face. Anyway, are you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah of course. I'm fine I promise! If anything goes wrong then I have Harry here and i'll call you straight away."

"I just wish you would have let me stay." 

"The last thing we need is you and Riley in the same house together. You just continue resting and i'll talk to you tomorrow." 

"Yeah yeah. See you tomorrow then?"

"See you tomorrow." I confirm and hang up. 

"Scarlett! Harry! Dinner!" 

I rush out of my room and as I'm about to knock on Harry's door he opens it and steps out. "Heard the call." he laughs. "Of course. How couldn't you hear that? Sounds like a freakin' fire alarm." we laugh as we head downstairs and into the kitchen. 

A big pizza is in the middle of the table with four plates and four glasses set out. I sit down at one seat and Harry and mum sit down at two more. I stare at the empty chair and bite my lip. 

"Is Riley joining us then?" I ask mum as I reach for my first slice of pizza. "Well he rang me and said he was earlier but I'm not sure anymore." she sighs and bites into her slice. I look up at Harry who's looking at me as we both take a bite of our slices. 

As i'm finishing my second slice the kitchen door swings open and Riley steps inside and without one word sits down at the empty chair next to Harry and begins eating. I watch Harry tense up as I stare at Riley who doesn't even seem to see any of us. 

"Riley dear? Are you alright?" mum asks and we all wait anxiously for his answer. "Well i'm a bit confused as to why my friend here is sat having dinner with my family" he speaks and motions to Harry who is picking at the crust of his pizza. 

"Your frie.. um, he got kicked out of his house." mum asks and looks at each one of us in confusion. 

"Ah, did you Harry? That must suck. Is your lovely step-daddy giving you trouble?" he mocks and now i'm the one that's confused. "It's nothing to do with him." Harry whispers. "Oh. Mum trouble eh? I sure know what that's like." Riley smirks. I look up at mum who's staring blankly at her empty plate. 

"Riley stop it." I say and he looks at me. "Finally! You've found your voice!" he laughs. "Why are you doing this?" I ask him and he raises his eyebrows. "Doing what? If I remember correctly, it was you that turned against me." "No one has ever turned against you so you need to stop acting like a dick and stop doing all this shit". 

He kicks his chair back and stands up making me and my mum jump. Harry stands up and pushes Riley back. "You need to leave." Harry says slowly and sternly. "Excuse me? You're in my fucking house so how about you get the fuck out." Riley shouts. "Riley, you're scaring your mum and your sister. Look at them! Just get out!" Harry says but Riley just laughs. As Riley's hand rises Harry grabs it and forces it back down. "Wrong fucking move." Harry laughs. Harry drags Riley out of the kitchen and into the hall. I get up off my chair and chase out after them. When I reach them they are at the front door and Harry throws Riley outside and Riley lands on his back and rolls onto his stomach. 

"You're not wanted here right now so just back off." Harry says and slams the door shut, locking it. 

"He has keys you know. He can just get back in." I say but Harry holds up a set of keys. "Got them from his pocket." he states and walks past me into the kitchen and I follow. 

"You ok?" he asks my mum and she nods weakly and runs a hand through her hair. "What just happened?" she asked sadly. I brush Harry away and and kneel down on the ground infront of mum who is still sat on the chair. "Theres some things you don't know about Riley. And them things are still better kept unknown. But we're trying to help him alright? You just have to trust us mum. Trust me." I whisper. "Fine.. fine.." she trails off, standing up, walking past me and out the kitchen and upstairs. 

Harry takes my hands and pulls me up off the floor and into a tight hug.

"What are we going to do?" I mumble, still clutching onto him. 

"We'll work it out. Want me to call Louis?" he asks and I nod into his shoulder. He lets go and opens the door to the back garden and steps outside. I watch him through the glass as he takes out his phone and begins talking. 

I walk into the living room and slump into the chair and look up at the ceiling. Riley is completely off the rails and i'm so scared. 

And Harry's "We'll work it out" scares me even more. 

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