As long as you love me

Samantha is a regular girl but when her dad starts dating a certain pop stars mom her world is turned upside down when she starts to like him to. Find out what happens to them in my new story 'as long as you love me'


5. Score for me and none for you

His hands held my waist. I gotta admit he was a pretty good kisser. Wait. What am I saying?! I shoved him off of me and gasped. "What are you doing?!" I yelled through gritted teeth. He looked at me wide eyes fumbling with his words. "I um..I..You cant tell anyone!" I smirked as an evil plan ran through my mind. I went for the door but his hand violently slammed into right next to my face. "Why so violent? Scared I'll blab

"to the paparazzi?" I gasped dramatically. "Or worse tell your girlfriend." The smirk on my face growing into an evil grin.

"You cant tell!" "Why not?" This was too good of an opportunity to miss. "I'll just say that you came on to me." He grinned. I leaned in, "Go ahead." I smiled opening the door and going downstairs. Black mailing bieber was to good~

I sat on a black marble stool taking an apple from the bowl.I swapped it between hands when Justin came out of no where and snatched the apple from mid air and taking a huge bit of it. Ok Im pissed off enough at this kid but him taking my food was just..NO..I waited until he swallowed and took another bite. NOW! "I took a crap in the bathroom on the plane and didnt wash my hands." He looked at me. "Im not kidding..."

He spat it out and dropped the apple running to the automatic sink putting his head under it. He lapped up the water rinsing his mouth before spitting it out and doing it again.

I laughed so hard to a point where I couldnt breathe. "Im totally kidding you retard." I was able to say between laughs. When he turned to me I closed my eyes and scrunched up my nose beginning to clap like a retarded seal. It was to funny and his face was priceless. 'Oh god.' I meant to say but instead it came out as a faint gasp. My lungs cried for air as I rasped in a big breathe. 

"Oh shit bieber." i sighed red in the face. I picked the apple up that he had dropped and put it on the counter. I picked a small kitchen towel and through it in his face. "Clean up shit eater." 

He had a straight face that instantly turned into a cute smile. No..ew..

I walked off into my room. Maybe I should unpack a little. I opened the door. I was cozy in 'My Room'. I told myself not to get to comfortable though because dad and Patties relationship wouldnt last long I assure you. I pulled out my diary and put it under the comfy mattress. Putting pictures on this plain white shelf with a carved in butterfly effect on the side. It was kinda pretty. 

I pulled my moms snowball out. "whenever your upset think of me when you hold this know that I am always watching over you no matter what." Her voice echoed in my head. I shook the snow globe and watched the snow twirl around the ball. "So are you some sort of fortune teller?" Justin asked. I turned around and saw him leaning against the door frame. Was he EVERYWHERE?! "What are you some sort of creepy stalker?" I shot back. "No for your information kid, Richard told me to tell you to get ready for dinner tonight." "Kid? We're the same age. Your younger then me by a month KID." "Im still older then you." "True but Im not the one who looks like a 13 year old boy who got a bad haircut."  I smiled sarcastically. He raised an eyebrow. "Touche bitch..." He mumbled. "Anyways get ready." "Are you coming?" "If I dont have things to do then...sure?...But I dont know yet." He said folding his arms. "Cool..Not that I want your ass there but I just wanted to know." I stated. "Sure." He grinned and walked out. Fucking freak...

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