As long as you love me

Samantha is a regular girl but when her dad starts dating a certain pop stars mom her world is turned upside down when she starts to like him to. Find out what happens to them in my new story 'as long as you love me'


7. maybe...just maybe


“justin you almost left without security are you crazy?!” pattie hissed at him. “I went to go get sam no big deal.” He shrugged. “no big deal? Justin you could have been trampled  or worst killed!” she was trying not to make a scene, but she had a point. “but I wasn’t now please can we just enjoy dinner?” he asked taking the menu in his hand flipping it up covering his face. the table went silent.


Pattie stared at him upset. It was understandable though because she was worried. I fiddled with my fingers, something I always did when the situation was awkward.


He put the menu down realizing the silence. He sighed before going over to the other side of the table kissing his moms cheek. “Kenny was with me mom its fine.” He assured her. Pattie smiled half heartedly. “your right. I was just worried.” “can we please order something im starving.” He tried lightening the mood. “your always hungry.” I laughed while everyone joined in.


Eventually the food came. It was basically like dad and pattie were on their own little date. While justin did most of the talking. “so sam tell me more about yourself. All I know now is that your samatha mcartney and you’re a complete bitch here to make my life harder.” He grinned. I rolled my eyes. “true I am. Well what can I say? I mean im different. I don’t like boring. My mother died in a car accident. That thing I was holding earlier wasn’t a fortune telling ball, it was a snow globe she gave me. Erm…I don’t let people in easily, and I don’t really like telling people about myself because if your special enough you’ll find everything out on your own…eventually.” I smirked.


Twirling the last bit of spaghetti on my fork and putting it in my mouth. “so you left like..a..boyfriend back in canda?” he rubbed the back of his neck already done with his food. I was a really slow eater.


“no..” I mumbled. “really?” he asked kinda shcked. The whole restaurant seemed to zone out.  “yea why is that so hard to believe?” I frowned a little. He shook his head. “I mean I thought you would have one.” “ive never had a boyfriend.” I said awkwardly.” “lies!” his lips parted in shock. “nu uh..i was more focused on school and working out.”


“you work out?” I nodded. “yea shopping everyday carrying heavy bags yup I work out hard..” I laughed. He rolled his eyes. “but seriously no boyfriend?” “yea.” “ever been kissed?” his eyes now concentrated on me. “no..”


“and I took it? Im really sorry.” He apologized. “no its fine.” I began fiddling with my fingers again. he looked at dad and pattie. “wanna get outta here?” he looked at me seriously. “you serious?” I said a little in disbelief. He was totally ignoring his moms lecture from earlier. “yeah.” He smired like a mischievous 15 year old. “if we get caught im blaming you.” I said pointing my finger into his chest. “okay then lets go.”


“um I need to go to the bathroom.” I piped up. They didn’t even pay attention. “me to.” justin looked back at them following me.  Nothing. “yeah we’re gonna go sneak out and I completely lied to you about the bathroom part.” He added. Still nothing.


“c’mon!” I hissed at him. he shook his head. “unbelievable.” We looked at a door that read kitchen. "go Through it?" I nodded. He pushed the door open,


"What are you kids doing in here?"

"That's mr bieber!" another yelled at him. "Smells great in here fellas, keep up the good work" Justin said professionally. 


We Bursted through the back laughing,


I mimicked him In a voice he didn't even have, "I don't even sound like That" he chuckled. "I know" we walked more into a  silent park with a lake running down the left, The trees slightly bristled with the slight night wind I shivered a little dam me for not wearing a Cardigan. "Cold?" Justin asked. "a little" I admitted. 


" You should have brought a cardigan then........I'm kidding" he slipped off his jacket and put it around my shoulders ,He was looking ahead and I could see the moon reflect his eyes, Anyone

Would tell you They were brown. That's how I used to see them but looking closely. Chest nut brown with a darker shade on the outside with a sudden starburst of gold. They were amazing.


We strolled down his arm around my shoulders, every 50 ft ahead there would be a long Victorian black lamp. "So...I had your first kiss huh?" he was smiling the waxed moon had nothing on his White hollywood smile. ,"Uh huh" 


"it wasn't much of a kiss..." he mumbled. 

What wad he getting at, I looked at the Trees looming over us. "what do you mean..." I pulled his jacket closer, My hair slightly blowing.


"I mean...." he whispered the last bit barely hearable. "I wanna give you a better one" he held my face in his hands and his soft lips brushed against mine just a little, teasingly, barely touching mine "can I?" he whispered softly....



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