As long as you love me

Samantha is a regular girl but when her dad starts dating a certain pop stars mom her world is turned upside down when she starts to like him to. Find out what happens to them in my new story 'as long as you love me'


6. ive been called worse...


"Samantha hurry up!" "Richard wait!" i yelled to my dad annoyed, always rushing me. i stared at myself in the mirror. took me so long to decide what to wear. Casual? Dressy? I settled for in between. I didnt own many dresses since i wasnt a dress up type, so I wore a skirt. I was black high waisted with two red thin belts at the waist and it went a little big at the bottom of the hips, not Cinderella big though! Fashionably big and a black vest with red flats. I wasn’t really in the mood to wear my heels.


I grabbed my red bag that went across my chest down to my hips. My hair was out so it looked cute with a bit of curls.


I walked out the door into the black car. Getting in I instantly was on my phone texting my friends back home. “Sam you weren’t born with that damn iphone in your hands. You can live without it for a couple of hours.” I sighed and put it away. Pattie looked up to my father and smiled and he leaned in. EW!!!


I pulled my phone back out and my nails clacked against the screen furiously. I heard dad sigh. That’s right. Rebel. We got to the restaurant. It was nice to say the least. We got out and flashed attacked me. I shielded my face. “Back up.” A security guard demanded.


I couldn’t see where I was going. I panicked and went back into the car. Guess my dad couldn’t see me obviously since he was almost at the entrance, and me, well I was basically trapped. Great. No sarcasm. Now I didn’t have to see two people kissing all the time.


“Justin whos the girl in the car?” I heard them yell like flies on a piece of crap. Yes justin was the piece of crap if you were wondering. I felt the door swing open and a had grab my arm as I was yanked out of the car.  “Easy bitch!” I yelled over the paps and I saw an outline.


And then as the lights clicked I saw justin. What the hell? He was walking with me close while about four body guards boxed us in. “justin are you cheating on selena? Whos this? have you two had sex yet?” my eyes widened.


Im not into beastiality. Someone hit my arm with a camera. “OW!” I flinched. Justin turned around and saw me looking at my arm. “dude are you fucking kidding me?! You hit her with your camera and you don’t even apologize! Your lucky I don’t smash it!” justin fumed.  Wow he actually looked…mad, like I could see a vein pop out from his neck and blood rushing to his face.


“are you okay?” he asked once we were inside. “yeah im fine…” he took my arm and looked at it. “you sure?” it was red with a scratch that looked like it was ready to seep blood. It was fine though. “yea…erm…thanks for sticking up for me. I guess.” He smiled.


“dosent mean I like you.” I quickly added. “I mean your still gay.” I mumbled. “its cool I don’t like you either.” He nudged me a little. “your still a bitch.” “its cool ive been called worse.” I said as we walked up to the table. “like?” he said curiously. “your girlfriend.” I laughed. 

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