As long as you love me

Samantha is a regular girl but when her dad starts dating a certain pop stars mom her world is turned upside down when she starts to like him to. Find out what happens to them in my new story 'as long as you love me'


8. awwh sh*t


His lips lingered close to mine, "Can..I?...can I kiss you" it was like I was in a trance. "Uh huh..." I mumbled,He moved in and our lips just about touched, He slowly and lightly moved his lips on to mine,he caressed them professionally. slowly increasing the pressure and his Lips gradually made mine part,He was so Gentle his other hand leaving my cheek and slowly running down my arm,Before they stopped at my waist,He held me close,his other hand left my cheek and also went around my waist holding our bodies close together,Without hesitation my arms lingered to his neck as both our lips slightly parted and I felt the tip of his tongue,on mine,and before I knew it we were French kissing,It was...Amazing,He didn't rush me,Best second kiss I could ever imagine I couldn't even stand up,but his hands held me up,He kissed me one more time before we both pulled away... I blushed looking down,Where did that all come from? Just 15 minutes ago I hated this guy but now we were sharing a romantic kiss in the middle of park? His hands still on my Waist,We both looked at each others at the same time before smiling nervously. "We should...Er...Get going" he finally spoke up horsily. "Yeah.." I mumbled, As we walked our hands would just about touch and we'd both blush.Neither Of Our smiles would leave our faces. When we got home,The gates opened to reveal the black car,oh shit."fuck" Justin cursed... "c'mon" he mumbled Grabbing my hand,There was White checkered like pattern with green vines elegantly dancing around it.He picked me up and put me on it ,"hey" I hissed,shocked,"Climb it I'm right behind You" he hurried me,Thank God I wore flats. I slowly began climbing but when I heard the door slam I picked up my pace, Justin began laughing immaturely,He could see up my skirt,My cheeks burned,"anyhow bieber I swear!"  this thing was like 30 ft long,We got half way,and I heard pattie and dad walk to the door fumbling with the keys to open it. I tried pushing the widow open. "It won't budge" I whined,"Try harder" he said frantically,I could hear dad talking inside the house. Shit.  "Sammie hurry" "I'm trying!" I hissed back...Loud booms came closer to my bedroom,Were gonna get caught!!! im sorry it takes so long for me to post but i just have lots of things to do:( but i post whenever i can:)
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