As long as you love me

Samantha is a regular girl but when her dad starts dating a certain pop stars mom her world is turned upside down when she starts to like him to. Find out what happens to them in my new story 'as long as you love me'


4. And the battle begins

When we got in the car things didnt get any better. We were in a big black van with extremly blacked out windows. I mean like damn it was like the freaking president was with us. I just stared out the window. Millions of girls would kill to be in my position. Literally! But not me. 

I put my headphones in my ears and started listening to payphone by Maroon 5. "If happy ever after did exist I would still be holding you like this. All these fairytales are full of shit. One more fuc-" "Sam!" My dad hissed. How boring was this vacation going to be when I cant even sing some damn lyrics. 

The car finally pulled up to a big house. Not that our house back home in Canada wasnt big because it was, but this was a gorgeous mansion. It was white with a tall iron gate in the front with a key pad so you could get in. I guess so the creepy paparazzi could get in to snap a shot of Justin and get that quick dollar. Then I could see from the side that there was a huge pool with a water slide and a diving board in the backyard. Plus a trampoline. I was like a 5 year old in a 17 year olds body so that type of stuff easily excited me. I put my phone away in my bag. Maybe it wont be so bad here after all. 

I opened the door and slid i to the side. Atlanta air was nice and warm. Not cold like Canada air...Oh Canada...

My white dolly shoes hit the small stones of the circular driveway. Fancy eh? The air was perfect as the warm air blew my hair to the side. I finally got out and saw that everyone was already unpacked the car and taking bags inside while I just stood there awkwardly. I grabbed my bag with hair products but struggled with how heavy it actually was. "Let me.." Justin offered. "No I got this." I mumbled obviously struggling. "Lemme just-" "I. Got. It." I growled at him. Couldnt he understand that I didnt want nor did I need his help. I tried dragging the bag this time. Dad and Kenny had already taken in two bags each while I was still her working on my first. 

"Oh Justin I have to go." I heard Selena say. "Oh why?" Justin asked sounding like a complete moran. "I have to get ready for a little event tonight but I'll call you." She said kissing his nose. "Like now?" Justin held her closer. My god get a fucking room. "Uh huh. Im sorry." He smiled at her then he leaned in. OH. GOD MY EYES!

I dropped the bag. Fuck the hair products, I was not going to sit here and watch these two ea each others faces off. I walked inside only to be followed by Justin a couple of seconds later carrying the bag that I had dropped. "Hunny can you show Sam to her room." Pattie smiled. "Sure mom." He said giving her a kiss on the cheek. This guy..such a kiss ass. 

He turned around and gave me a smile. I followed him up the grand staircase. He gave me a quick tour of upstairs. "This is my room." We went passed it. "And this." He looked down at me. He practically towered over me. I was only 5'4 so I guess it was easy for alot of people to tower over me at our age. "Your room." He suddenly pushed me in the room and closed the door. "What the hell?!" I yelled pissed off that he would even dare lay a finger on me. "What the heck is your problem?" His voice raised. "I KNEW IT! The little nice you was all just an act!" I pointed in his face. 

"Seriously Im trying to be nice! Do you think I want to see your father all over my mother?" "Do you think I want to see you suck Selenas face?"  I mean I had a pretty good point. 

"Jealous much?" He stated. "Bitch please jealous of what?" "That I have a girlfriend." "Actually Im more shocked because I matter of fact thought that you were gay!" I yelled at him. "GAY?!" I could tell that he was getting frustrated. "Yes bieber bitch gay! I mean obviously you are just trying to prove the world wrong by constantly being on Selenas lips. Your not fucking attached!" "Thats OUR business!" "If it was YOUR business then dont make out in public and FORCE the whole world to see you! Besides you look like a terrible kisser." I told him crossing my arms in front of my chest, shifting my weight on my right foot.

"Terrible kisser?! Does this feel like a terrible kisser to you?" He took a step towards me, grabbed me by my waist and pulled me towards him. I opened my mouth to say something but before I could his lips met mine. 


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