As long as you love me

Samantha is a regular girl but when her dad starts dating a certain pop stars mom her world is turned upside down when she starts to like him to. Find out what happens to them in my new story 'as long as you love me'


2. A not so great surprise

Samantha P.O.V


Half an hour of sweet peace went by. "Theres a surprise for you in Atlanta as well." I perked up a little bit. "Really? Will I like it?" he nodded, smiling to himself. "Wanna give me a hint?" he pretended like he was zipping his lips closed. So he was gonna leave me hanging? Mmkay...Whatever...

I have two hours to find out what this surprise was. So it'll be...well it was 8:30am when we got settle so we should be landing at around 11am.

Hm..if I fall asleep time will go by faster and then I can see what my surprise is! Atleast I have something to look forward to on this trip in hell.


"Sam..Sam wake up sweetie." sweetie? Was my dad high or something? I opened my eyes stretching. I upziped my bag and took out my small mirror  slipping it open to make sure that I still looked normal. I slept like a rock so I still looked fine. It took me a while to adjust to my surroundings. Oh thats right I was on a plane to hell. I stood up swaying a little.

My dad was looking at me, which kinda freaked me out. "What?" I asked a little grumpy. "Nothing." We headed out of the plane. "Hope you enjoyed your flight." said one of the flight attendants. "Thanks." I said popping some gum in my mouth.

We grabbed a trolly to put our luggage in. I watched my dad pilling them on. "What's this?" He asked. "My hair products." I simply said.

He shook his head before looking around nervously. "What is she a ninja? We have to walk down there atleast 10 minutes before you'll see her." I rolled my eyes at him. We began walking. "Wait wait!" He stopped and looked at me and I sat down on the luggage. "Remember to be well presented and no slouching when we go to dinner tonight." Agh not a lecture. I rolled my eyes.

"Sam." He raised and eyebrow at me. "Richard." I mimicked his tone of voice. Before turning turning back he pushed the trolly with no signs of trouble. Has dad been working out? To impress his new women? Impressive.

I played on my phone and I could here him mumbling to himself as the trolly picked up a little speed. Then the trolly came to a stop. I looked up a dad who was smiling wide. The hell?

"There she is!" Ive never seen him smile so big. I look forward and saw a petite woman with brunette hair wearing the same smile. Well she looked nice enough?

"Pattie!" He kind of yelled excitedly before abandoning the trolly and half running to hug her. "Dont kill her." I mumbled. 

"Oh Pattie this is my beautiful daughter Sam. Sam this is he gorgeous Pattie." He had his arm around her shoulder.

"Hello sweetie." Why was everyone calling me that today?

I put on my best fake smile and hoped of the luggage to give her a hug. Behind her there were two men. One was kinda stumpy but he had a warm smile. "Thats Kenny." He looked kinda familiar and so did Pattie.

"And this is my son Justin." She grinned. Both of the men stepped aside revealing the most famous, richest teenagers in the world. Justin fucking bieber. "Surprise!" My dad yelled. "This is my surprise?" I questioned. "Yup!" He said  the msile still on his face. You HAVE got to be fucking kidding me...


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