As long as you love me

Samantha is a regular girl but when her dad starts dating a certain pop stars mom her world is turned upside down when she starts to like him to. Find out what happens to them in my new story 'as long as you love me'


1. Good bye canada hello hell

Samantha's P.O.V


The door burst open. "Sam get up!" my dad came into my room grabbing luggage. I groaned. No screw it the plane could wait.

"Samantha Mccarthey if i come back up here and you are still laying in that bed theres going to be hell to pay." I heard him make his way downstairs. Ooh how scary was he.

I got comfortable and i sunk back into the comfy sheets. My beds comfiness increased by a thousand. Then i heard the door slam and  i heard my father walk into the house. Like i care.

He began walking up the stairs. "Sam!" crap! i shot up from my bed and pretended to wide awake by pinching myself. He peeked in eyeing my suspiciously. "Make sure you look adorable" he said with a smile. "Dont i always?" i said flashing him my sweetest yet fakest smile which probably looks terrifying.

He closed the door and i dragged myself into the bathroom. I brushed my black hair and let it fall down past my shoulders. I brushed my teeth and applied some eyeliner that made my grey eyes pop. Now what to wear, what to wear?

I ended up choosing some black high waisted shorts with white tank top that have ruffles in the front. Then I put on a cute pair of white dolly shoes. I brushed down my hair one more time making sure there wasnt a hair out of place. Lastly to top off the outfit i put on a back bag thats strap went across my chest.  With my Iphone in my hand i looked in the mirror one more time. "Perfect." I said to myself. "Samantha!" this guy. agh.

Goodbye room...

I went downstairs. "isnt it a little cold for shorts?" my dad asked. "Today is something in the 70's in Atlanta. Its warmer then Canada." I protested. He was...checking himself out in the little mirror hanging on the wall. "Does this shirt make me look you know...old." wow this women must mean alot. We're going to Atlanta to meet his girlfriend. Pattie was it? They'd been dating for a year now and he wanted ME to meet her now. "Im 17 cant i stay at home?" i argued yesterday when he broke the news but insisted that i came...great...

sarcasm a girls best friend.

"No dad it doesnt make you look old.  But loose the tie." i took off it off. The black shirt he had on was enough. "we dont want to look like your desperate." my father was a good looking man ...not in that way i mean THATS MY FATHER! ew.

He had black hair like mine but his was short with hints of grey..grandpa..but he had goldish brwon eyes. He was a very popular judge. He was taking a break for a while. At 45 he still had the charm and the winning smile that won my mother over. How i missed her. If your wondering she died when i was 12 in a car accident. 

"What would i do without you?" he smile. "I dont know?" i shrugged ushering him out of the house before he stoood in the mirror any longer. At 7am I was tired and my dad continuously talking about how great this lady was wasnt doing me any favors.  "She has a son your age." I perked up a little but didnt want to sound like i took a sudden interest..."mhhm." i pretended to act casual. 

We pulled up to the airport booking us in. 'Hey mandy just wanted to say bye before i take off cause im gonna have to turn my phone off. I'll text you when i land in shitty Atlanta TTYL peace out lovely x.' i sent the text to my best friend amanda but sometimes i called her mandy.

I sat down paying no attention to my surroundings. This was teenage suicide. Why of why was i being dragged to Atlanta?

Before I knew it we were boarding the plane. First class. "a glass of champagne." my father told the flight attendant. 

"sure thing sir." she then looked at me with a huge freaky grin. "and you miss?" "a paper bag to put over my head." i grumbled. "samantha." hissed my father. "A red bull then." I rolled my eyes at him. Gee daddio. This flight was going to be long...


Thaks so much for checking out my story!!

the next chapter will be up soon :)

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