Niall's Princess

I found a similar imagine and had to expand and put it here


1. Niall's Princess

My boyfriend Niall has been at a photoshoot for hours now. He’s still going to be gone for another 3 hours. I decide to text him to see if he’ll reply because I just miss him so much. Me: Hey baby, how much longer?

Niall: A couple more hours. Hang in there, princess. Xxx Me: I miss you): Niall: I know, I miss you too. Take a nap until i get back(: Me: Okay.. xx I decided to lay down on my couch and as I began to fall asleep when a loud crash of thunder woke me up. I’ve always been scared of the thunder and now since I don’t have Niall’s comfort, I'm petrified. I curled up in a ball on the couch shaking, and rocking back and forth. Another loud crash of thunder comes, followed by a huge bolt of lightening. I manage to grab my iPhone and text Niall. Me: Im scarted pleade cpme home?? I know there's numerous spelling errors but I'm scared and my hands are shaking too much because of being frightened. Niall doesn’t reply for about 20 minutes. I start getting more worried that I actually began to cry. Suddenly the door flings open causing me to jump and scream a little because no one is supposed to be home. It’s Niall. He’s soaked head to toe from the rain. He drops his things right where he is and runs over to the couch to comfort me. The feeling of being in Niall’s arms makes me have a sense of safety. He holds me tight and gently and slowly kisses my forehead making me less scared with every second. He wipes a tear from my cheeks with his thumbs and says to me in his sweet Irish accent, “Don’t cry, Liz. I’m here now, and I’m not going to leave your side.”. I take a deep breath letting the last couple of lose tears fall down my face. “Why aren’t you at your photoshoot?” I ask him, trying not to choke up. “When my girlfriend needs me, I’ll do anything to get to her. I love you, princess!” Niall replies then kisses the top of my head. I let out a tiny smile and close my eyes. As he promised Niall does not leave my side all night and the two of us fall asleep on the couch. “Good morning, love!” Niall says as he sits up. “Morning,” I reply kissing him on the lips for a long time, to make up for not kissing him back last night. I rest my head accross Niall’s lap as he turns on the TV. “Thank you so much for coming last night,” I say to Niall, looking up at him. “Anything for you, Elizabeth.” He replies as I kiss him.


The End 

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