Summer Vacation

Maddi is one of the quiet girl with a talent.Summer is coming up and there is a competition at her school a week before. Her frinds love One Direction so they all sign up for Battle of the Bands at her school. The grand prize is the world tour with One Direction. She isnt to excited to meet them. See how one youtube video changes her life. Read More!


2. The Opportunity

"Maddi, get up and come look at this!", Max called.
I get out of bed and run downstairs. I go into the office to find Max at the computer. He was watching the video of our band singing WMYB.
" Look how many views this video got", he said pointing to the screen.
"Oh my gosh! 5 million views! I need to go call the girls!", I shout.
I run out of the office and upstairs. I grabs my cell of the nightstand and call Anna.
"Call the girls and get over here! NOW!", I scream and hang up the phone.
I run to my closet and pull out a blue summer dress and pink wedges. I put them on and run into the bathroom. I brush through my bed head and put it in a side ponytail. I put on some light eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss. Ok, I am a girly girl by the way. I run downstairs and into the kitchen. I grab myself a breakfast bar and flip on the tv. I eat my bar and flip through the channels and find the news channel. It was showing our YouTube video! I paused the tv so I could show the girls when They got here. I basically jumped right out of the couch. Then I heard the doorbell. I open the door and find the girls outside. I step to the side and let them in.
"Guys I got a serprise! Max get in here!" I exclaimed.
Max comes out of the office and they all follow me to the living room. That all sit down. I then I pause the tv. My friends and brother stare in awe to see our video on the news. We all jump and shout until One Direction comes on. We all settle down and my friends squeal.
"So, what do you think of this girl band singing your song?", the interviewer asks.
"They are a very good band and I think that they are very talented. It one of the best covers of our song that we have ever seen", a boy with blonde hair and an Irish accent says.
Wow did they just say we were good? Wow!
"We heard that there was a battle of the bands competition down at Somerset high school. The grand prize is to tour with you guys.",the interviewer comments.
"Yes. We actually called off..."
All of us gasped and gave eachother worried looks.
" Becasewe have already made our disicion on who the winner is.", a brunette haired boy finished.
"Who would that be?", I asked myself out loud.
"the winners are actually going to open for us on our tour.", a black haired boy says.
"By chance do you have their phone numbers?", the interviewer asked.
"May you give them a call?"
The blonde haired boy pulls out his phone and dials the number.
My home phone starts to ring. We all look at eachother. I get up and look at the phone and saw that it was an unknown number. I pick it up and put It on speakers.
"Hello", we all say in a chorus, including Max.
"Hi! We are One Direction!", he boys say in a chorus.
We all look up on the screen and see the boys huddlin over the phone. My friends start to screem.
"Uh, sorry my friends are here and freaking out. We are acctualy watching you guys on the new right now", I laugh.
"Awesome! Then you already know that you won the contest."
"Ya", my friends scream.
They all laugh.
"Can you all say your names?", the interviewer asks.
"I'm Maddi and my friends are Anna, Taite, and Aubrey. We acctualy are the ones in the video. My brother Max video taped us.", I say confidently.
All of a sudden we hear a knock on the door. I hand the phone over to Max and get he door. Outside are cameras.
"Uh, hi", I saied a little nervous.
They come into the house and walk into the living room while I shut the door. The tv shows us on the screen behind us. All my friends smile and wave. I come and sit on the couch.
"So we heard that the lead singer is Maddi. Who is that?", the interviewer said through the tv. My friends ended the call.
"I am", I answer raising my hand half way with a small smile.
"Taite is the back up singer, Anna is the drummer, and Aubrey is the guitarist." I said as they each raised there hands and smiled.
"Would you like to come and play opening for us in concert?", A loud Brunete haired boy asks.
All of us shout yes. This could acctualy be our big break.
"Cool!", they all say in a chorus.
"We will send down a limo so you can all join us in the studio", the interviewer said.
We all say ok.
"See you then", the interviewer says then the camer a cuts off.
All of us jump for joy and have a group hug. I wasn't that excited to see One Direction, but I was excited for performing. That means we beat Caitlyn! Yes! She likes One Direction a lot so I bet she was watching. In her face! I can just imagin how her face looks when she watches us on stage. Ya. She got tickets to are them. Of course I knew that because she likes to tell the whole world about everything. Taite was watching out he window for a limo. The camera man left a few minutes ago.
"It's here!", Taite shouts gleefully.
I grab my phone and put it into my dress pocket. I give my brother a hug and head for the limo. The driver opens the door for us and we climb in. Before we know it, we are on our way to the studio.
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