Summer Vacation

Maddi is one of the quiet girl with a talent.Summer is coming up and there is a competition at her school a week before. Her frinds love One Direction so they all sign up for Battle of the Bands at her school. The grand prize is the world tour with One Direction. She isnt to excited to meet them. See how one youtube video changes her life. Read More!


3. The Interview

The limo stopped outside the studio. The driver again opened the door and we all got out and went into the building. The asked the reseptionist for the news room and she took us into a room with cameras. We sat and waited for her to stop the conversation with One Direction. The interviewer and the boys looked at us.
"Welcome to the studio, Maddi and the Set!", she announced.
Yes, our band name is Maddi and the Set. We entered the stage with a smile and sat down on the sofa next to the guys.
"So, how did you guys find out about the video of them singing", she asked.
"Well, I was on YouTube and I look at the most viewed this week section. It showed that a video had 5 million views. It was the number one video. I looked at the title and it read,'Maddi and the Set cover of What Makes You Beautiful. (Battle of the bands)' and so I clicked on it and while i was watching it, I called in the boys and we all sat around and watched it. We read the comments and saw that's most of them said that they should win the competition. We all tweeted the link of the video and called Simon. He watched it and said he wanted them as an opening act. He looked up their number and told us to call them Nd ask if they wanted the job", a brown haired and eyed boy explained.
"Now that is something. Now let's ask the girls some questions. How long have you guys had the band?"
"We made the band in the 8th grade and we are juniors in highschool", Taite answers.
"Have you guys ever made your own songs?"
"No we actually just practice popular songs and play them for Maddi's neighborhood", Anna says.
"Have you guys play other instruments and have you guys taken lessons?"
" We only play the instruments we play in the band and we take lessons exept for Maddi", Aubry explains.
"Realy? Can you explain Maddi?"
"Ya. I play guitar, piano, and and sing. I have never taken lessons on anything. I taught myself how to play", I answer.
Everyone stares at me with awe.
"Well Maddi, you are very talented. Well, that's all we have for today. We would like to thank One Direction and Maddi and the Set for joining us today. Thanks for watching"
The camera man says cut and very one starts to put everything up.
"You guys did great today",says the interviewer.
We all thank her and get off the stage. We are all stopped.
"We haven't realy got to meet you guys properly. I'm Liam", the brown eyed and haired boy said holding out his hand.
We shook it and said hi.
" I'm Harry and this is Louis", a boy with a husky voice said pointing to anothe brunette haired boy.
We all said hi and a dark haired boy came up to us with the blonde hairs boy.
" Hi I'm Zayn and this is Niall", he said pointing to the other.
" would you like to come to lunch with us and come to the recording studio to meet Simon?", Niall asked.
We all said sure and followed them into the limo. I could tell my friends were trying to keep it cool and not go fan girl on them. I slid all the way to the end of the seat with the girls following behind. The boys slipped into the seats on the opposite side. Niall was across from me.
" Can we go to MacDonalds? I'm hungry", Niall whines.
The way he pronounced McDonalds was cute and gave me chills down my spine.
"Your always hungry", Louis says emphasizing the Always.
All of us giggled. These guys actually aren't that bad. The whole ride there I pretty much got to know there personalities. Louis is load and humerous. Harry is a flirt cos he always winks at us. Zayn is quiet. Liam pretty much keeps to himself like I do. Niall is always hungry and has a good sence of humor.
We pulled into the McDonalds parking lot. All the guys slipped on hoodies and shades before getting out. We headed out and went into the building. Niall was following right behind me.
"What would you like to order love", Niall asked.
Did he just call me Love? I told him I would pay for it but he didn't take no for an answer. We all decided on chicken nuggets. We all sat down at a table. Louis was having this conversation about how they should wait h apple slices with carrots. I just ate quietly and smiled whenever they said something funny. I always caught Niall sneak glimpses of me but turn before I would notice. It gave me butterflies in my stomach. Was I really falling for someone in a band I had no interest in? Well, maybe I didn't like them because I hear about them all the time and never listened to any of their music.ike I said before, I only listened to their one song.
"We should head off to Simon",Liam saye.
"Can I go down the slide once Daddy?",Louis asked Liam.
"Fine make it quick", he said pretty annoyed.
"Yay! Come with me Hazza!", exclaimed grabbing onto Harry's wrist and dragging him along.
I had a confused look on my face.
"Louis and Harry have a bromance. We call it Larry", Zayn explained.
"Oh", I said.
"Do you know anything about us?", Zayn asked.
"Sorta. I'm not a giant fan.", I said shyly.
"Oh", he answered.
Harry and Louis got back and we all headed back for the limo. We got in and sat I the same order and head off for the recording studio.
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