Summer Vacation

Maddi is one of the quiet girl with a talent.Summer is coming up and there is a competition at her school a week before. Her frinds love One Direction so they all sign up for Battle of the Bands at her school. The grand prize is the world tour with One Direction. She isnt to excited to meet them. See how one youtube video changes her life. Read More!


12. The concert.

"Stop at Toranto, Canada", the pilot announced. Me and Niall lean off of eachother. I get a buzz in my pocket. My phone went off. It was a twitter nonification from Zayn.
"Love birds sleeping on the plane", read the tweet and above was of me and Niall sleeping agains eachother. I show the tweet to Niall Nd he gives Zayn a death stare. I go to my messages and text my mom.
Me:"Got here safe!"
We all get off the plane. We walk through the station and head outside to see two rows of bodyguards surrounding screaming fans. Paul follows behind all of us keeping a watch out. We all get in the limo. I decide to tweet something.
@Maddi_andthe_Set: Just got off the plane. Thanks for meeting us here. See you tonight!"
Most of the twitter replies we're yay and I will see you tonight!
We talked about random stuff.
"Hey Liam, how are you and Daniell doing?", Aubrey asks.
"We're doing great! That reminds me, I should text her", he replied taking out his phone.
I'm guessing This Daniell girl must be his girlfriend.
"And you?", Aub asks looking at Louis.
"Oh Eleanor? We and her are the same.", he replies happily.
"Before you ask me, I'm single", Harry says and winks at Aub.
She blushes.
"How about you two?", she asks us.
Niall puts two fingers under my chin and turns me to face him. He them presses his lips against mine. I still feel the fireworks we had for our first kiss. To tell you the truth my first was him. Louis pulled out his phone and took a pic of us. I pulled away and blushed.
"Does that answer your question", Niall sayed with a cheeky smile.
They all hoot and laugh.
"Me and Zayn have something to say", Taite says.
Everyone turns the attention to Them.
"Me and Taite are dating!", says cheerfully and she smiles.
We all shout and congrate her. Taite did have a celeb crush on Zayn and now her dream has finally come true. You might think that if Aub and Harry go out, Anna will be lonely. Acctually Anna already has a boyfriend named James. He's. A sweet boy. She needed someone like James. We get dropped off at a stadium. We go in and I head up on the stage. I look at the seats where the audience will sit. It was huge!
"T-that's where the audience will sit?", I ask.
"Yep! And it's sold out", Harry replied.
We had 2 hourse until the concert so we practiced. We went first and then the guys went next.
"Don't worry Maddi. You will do good", Niall sayed and kissed my forehead.
2 hours later:
I was in my dressing room still getting ready to go on. I hear a knock on the door.
"Come in!", I call and Niall enters the room.
"Hey" I say and get up.
"Hey. You look beautiful.", he said and grabbed both my hands.
"You don't look bad yourself"; I commented.
He leans in slowly and I do too. He presses his lips on. Mine and I kiss back. His lips are soft and warm. I still feel the sparkling sensation I felt with our first kiss. We pulled away still holding hands. I hear a nother knock on the door.
"Maddi your on in 5!", the stage director called.
"Your ganna do great. I will watch by the sidelines. Good luck!", Niall said and kissed my forehead before leaving.
I head off the the side of the stage. The girls are already out there near their instruments. The spotlights arnt on yet. The speaker comes on and announces Maddi and the Set. I take a deep breath and run out. I wave to the crowed.
"How are you all doing tonight", I yell into the mic.
The crowd roared. Some of the fans hold up signs saying, "We love Maddi and the Set!" One of the other ones say,"NIALL IS DATING A *****"
Tears started stinging my eyes but I sucked it in. I sang all the songs on the set list. I ran off the stage and said," We love you Toranto!"
Niall was waiting on the side of the stage for me. I come up to him and jump into his arms.
"You were amazing!", he said and put me down.
"Thanks. Once I got up there I wasnt Realy nervous. It was fun!"
"That's great! I need too go on. Can I get a gods luck kiss?", he asks with a smile.
I smile and peck his cheek.
"That's all I get?" he said jokingly.
I smile and lean in but then pull away.
"Acctually I like to play hard to get.", I say jokingly and turn to walk away.
Niall grabs my wrist and brings me back and clashes his lips on mine. The guys pull him away and drag him on stage while he still looks at me. I smile and wave. I watch from the side stage as they preform. After the concert we had an after party. We had pop and some chicken wings from nandos. After the after party, we head back to a hotel Nd checked in. Me and Niall shared a room and Liam, Harry, and Louis shared a room. Zayn and Taite got a room together and Anna and Aubrey shared. When we got into the room I went straight into the bathroom and took a shower. I got dressed into a tank top and pj pants. Niall was out on the bed with Liam. Both of them on twitcam.
"Hey there's Maddi right now!"Liam announced.
Niall pulls me over on puts the camera on me.
"Hi guys", I say shyly.
"How about you guys ask Maddi some questions", Liam suggested to the camera
I sit down in front of the camera and read the first question and read it out loud.
" Liamlover wants to know who my first kiss was. Well, my first kiss was actually Niall", I blush and look over to Niall who was blushing also.
"Next question. How are things with Nialler and you? We are doing great. Thanks for your concern.", I say with a smile. Then I read a comment and start to tear up. I think Niall notices cos he comes over and reads the comment.
"You guys need to stop with the hater stuff! Maddi is the best thing that has ever happened to me! You can't change my mind! We all find love someday and I did so you guys go to support me! Please!", he said.
He said the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I smile.
"I think it's time I should go. I will talk to you guys later. Bye!" Liam says and then shuts his computer.
Niall comes over and concerts me.
"I'm sorry Maddi. I didn't know"Liam apologizes.
"No it's fine. It's not your fault".
"I'm ganna go. Night guys"
"Night" me and Niall say.
"It's all right Maddi. I won't let anything happen to you. I promise.", Niall says hugging me.
I get out of his grip and walk over to the bed and plop down on my side. He gets on the other side. He wraps his arms around me.
"I love you", he whispers and kisses the back of my head.
I feel butterflies in my stomach.
"I love you too"
We both fall asleep in eachothers arms.
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