Summer Vacation

Maddi is one of the quiet girl with a talent.Summer is coming up and there is a competition at her school a week before. Her frinds love One Direction so they all sign up for Battle of the Bands at her school. The grand prize is the world tour with One Direction. She isnt to excited to meet them. See how one youtube video changes her life. Read More!


15. Stuck On a Ride

The guys and girls and I had just got done watching Nialls interview about the whole Justin Bieber thing. We all knew this was coming. Nialls goin to be getting a lot of hates by a lot of Beliebers. He will be ok. At least he put Justin in his place. I feel my phone vibrate in my pants pocket.
Niall:"Hey. I will be home in 5"
Me:" Ok. Love you!"
Niall:"Love you too!"
"What are we all ganna do if Justin comes after Niall?", I ask.
"He won't come after Niall. But if he does, he's getting it", Aubrey says.
Aub is one of the strongest girls I know. I believe if Justin comes back for Niall she will literally rip his head off.
"We all sit in silence until Niall comes through the door. I run up to him and gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek.
"We watched you interview today", I said.
"How'd I do?", he asked.
"You did good", I answered while every one answered with an ok or alright.
Niall heads off to the kitchen to grab something to eat.
"Hey Maddi, want some Oreos?", he asks.
"Heck ya!", I say and run into the kitchen.
I grab the milk and Niall grabs the cookies. Every one else is in the living room watching tv and chatting. I pick up an Oreo and start to dip it in the milk and eat it. I watch as Harry and Aubrey start to flirt and mess around. I knock my elbow into nialls arm.
"Seems like Aub and Hazza is flirting", I whisper playfully.
Niall laughs. We finish eating our Oreos and go into the livings room to join in on the convos. I sit on Nialls lap. We notice Harry and Aub still flirtin up a storm. We give eat other devious smiles.
"You guys like eachother just admit it!", I shout at Aubrey and Harry.
"What are you talking about", they both say and blush.
"You guys spend a lot of time together and you flirt all the time! Just go out already!", I say.
By then everyone does turn their attention over to Aub and Hazza. They both blush. We and Niall smirk at eachother.
"You know this is our last day before we go to Britan...", Liam trails off.
"Ya, and?", Danielle asks him.
"There is a carnival here and we could all go.", he finishes.
We all scream yes in a chorus of course Louis the loudest. We all head for the door. Mess all got a cab. Me, Anna, and Niall got in one. He others got in other cabs. Carnival was only 20 minutes away thank gosh! We got out and Niall paid for the cab. We met the others there. There was a bunch of roller coasters and fun houses. The first think Me and Niall did was go for the food carts. Well, I followed Niall. The others went off for the rides. Harry stayed off he roller coasters with Aubrey. I guess he is afraid of roller coasters. We all had to meet back at the front gate at 8:00. It was only 12:30. Niall bought a churro and we shared it. After we went on a few roller coasters. One of them tooo our pictures and Niall bought it. Me and him looked scared as heck! We both laughed at it though. Through out the whole time only a couple of girls asked for our autographs. We walked around a bit and found a ride for couples. It was called, " The Tunnel of Love" * *Cheesy name I know** we decided to go on it. Well, I wanted too. We waited in line. Only one couple could go at a time. By the time we got in we were strapped on a slow moving roller coaster. Me and him just made out the whole time. Until the ride stopped. We pulled away gettin some air. We noticed that the ride has paused completely in the middle of it. There was Norway to get out. We were surrounded by water. I started to panick.
"Maddi it will be alright", Niall said calmly and put his hands on my shoulders.
Ing hard breathing started to slow. I was terified that we wouldn't get out.
"They won't leave us in here you know?", he said with a smile.
I nod and then a speaker comes on.
"Attention Love Birds but we are having technical difficulties. Please stay seated and wait for an ante sent to fix the ride. Have a lovely day!", the voice recording said.
**An hour and a half later** The ride started to move again. Me and Niall looked at eachother relieved. The ride has ended and we got off.
"Sorry about the ride. Here is a coupon for a free churro.", an attendant said.
"Thanks", I said and took the coupon.
"Well lets to get that churro!", Niall said grabbing my hand and the coupon away from me.
I giggled as he pulled me along. We were in line.
"Niall?", a girl asked behind us. It might be another fan. Niall seemed serprized. Maybe he knew her.
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