Summer Vacation

Maddi is one of the quiet girl with a talent.Summer is coming up and there is a competition at her school a week before. Her frinds love One Direction so they all sign up for Battle of the Bands at her school. The grand prize is the world tour with One Direction. She isnt to excited to meet them. See how one youtube video changes her life. Read More!


4. Recording

We got to the recording studio and headed for the elevator. We got to the top floor. They knocked on a door which I think was Simons. A man called entered and the boys pushed us in. Simon gestured to the seats. We all sat down at the desk.
"I saw the video of your band singing and wanted you to preform opening act for One Direction. Would you like to?", he asked.
We all said yes in a chorus and and he gave us papers to sign. We all signed them and then he dismissed us and said we could come back tomorrow and start recording. We led the room and met the boys outside waiting for us in the hall.
"What did he say?", Harry asked.
"He told us we could come back tomorrow and record some songs. Then we signed some papers and left", I answered.
They congradated us and gave us high fives.
The Next Day:
The girls decided to stay the night so we could all go together to the studio. Their parents brought them some fresh clothes to change into. We all got dressed and headed out for my jeep. I named it Jeepers. I know it's wierd but I like it. We all jumped into the car and headed for the studio. We all had a random conversation.
"Maddi, do you have a crush on Niall", Taite asks.
"Uh, why"
"Do you see the way he looks at you!", Aubrey screams.
"Oh shut up", I said rolling my eyes.
I parked into the parking lot of the studio. We headed inside towards the elevator.
"Stop! Your not allowed up there", a tall man in a black suit.
"it's alright Walter. Their with me", Simon comes up behind us and walks into the elevator.
We follow him in and he pushes the fourth floor button. There is a hallway full of doors. He takes us into one of them and inside is a recording studio. Behind a glass window was two microphones, a drum kit, and a bass.
"All of you go into the room back there and practice while I get Ron. I suppose Ron is the recording guy.
We walk the through the door back into the room and get behind the instruments and microphones. Me and Taite get lyric sheets and Anna and Aubrey get music sheets. We practice for about 20 minutes and Simon comes back with Ron.
"Ron sits in a chair behind the controll panel.
"Ok girls, take it from the top", Simon says through a migraphome on the other side. I hear the
music play into the headphones and I start singing. When we got through recording our first song Simon dismissed us and told us to come back tomorrow after school and record.
A week later:
We got done recording our small album. We only recorded 5 songs and which is all we needed for the concert. When we went to school the next day everyone was giving us high five. Caitlyn of course had to come up to me and tease me. I was going to leave and she stopped me by pulling my hair. I stomped on her foot and she whined about her shoe and said she would get me back. Ya right. Everyday she would give me death stares befor first period. During first period everyday Simon would call us to the front office and take us to the studio to practice and record. Right now I could just go for a nap. I ran upstairs and flopped down in my bed felt my eyes get heavy. Man was I tired. I let my eyes sink and I fall asleep.
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