Summer Vacation

Maddi is one of the quiet girl with a talent.Summer is coming up and there is a competition at her school a week before. Her frinds love One Direction so they all sign up for Battle of the Bands at her school. The grand prize is the world tour with One Direction. She isnt to excited to meet them. See how one youtube video changes her life. Read More!


18. Plane to London

I woke up with Niall snuggling me. I smiled at him. He was cute when he slept. I didn't want to wake him so I just layed there until he wakes up. I think he noticed I was staring at him cos he woke up.
"What?", he asked still half asleep.
"You look cute when you sleep.", I said with a smile.
He blushed.
"Plus I was waiting for you to wake up so I could get dressed.", I giggled.
"oh", he said and loosened his grip. I got out of bed and took a quick shower. Today was the day we were heading off for London. I got out and dressed into a black tanktop and a grey plaid button up shirt. I put on some skinnies and toms. I put my hair in a quick messy bun. I put on some eyeliner and mascara a.k.a. the usual. I put on some light pink lipstick when Niall grabbed my waist from the behind and made me smear my lipstick.
"Hey!", I shouted.
"That's better look for you!", he said wih a hint of a laugh.
"Oh Realy?", I asked then but some of my lipstick on him.
"Haha!", I laughed mockingly.
He gave me a devious smile and and started kissing my all over my face leaving lipstick marks on my face.
"Niall!", I said still being kissed.
He finally let me go and I looked into the mirror. I gasped and he laughed when I saw all the marks.
"I got an idea!", I blurted out with a smirk.
Anna's POV: I was chillin with the girls and guys in Zayn and Taites room. We were all chatting and Aubrey and Harry were flirting again.
"Just go out with eachother! I'm getting tired of watching you guys flirt all day", I admitted with a groan.
All of a sudden Niall and Maddi came in the room. Everyone started laughing when they saw that Niall had a bunch of pink lipstick marks on his face. Maddi must of gotten carried away. Niall looked dazed.
Nialls POV: Maddi had the idea of putting on lipstick and missed my face like I did to her. Then we would go into the room with the others. I got in on it. She washed her lipstick stains I gave her and applyed more lipstick and kissed all over my face. She kissed the corner of my lips and on my neck. She laughed when she saw that I was enjoying it. I blushed. She got done and we both walked into Taites and Zayns room. Everyone laughed.
"Seems like someone enjoyed it", Louis remarked with a smirk.
"Maddi got carried away.", Anna playfully sang.
Maddi blushed.
Maddi's POV: "Are we ready to go?", Liam asked.
Everyone replied with a yep. Me and Niall went back to our room to get the luggage. He washed off the lipstick marks. I giggled.
"I did your plan now I get something in return", he said.
"Like what?", I asked with a smile on my face.
He grabbed me by my waits and kissed me. It then turned into a make out. I still felt the spark. He deepened the kiss. He licked my bottom lip asking for enterance and I let him in and let our tongues dance. We smiled in the kiss. We pulled back and smiled. He let go of me and we grabbed our luggage and went down to the lobby hand in hand. We met up with the guys. A limo was outside with a bunch of screaming fans. Paul was standing with us. We decided it was ok to go outside and get to the limo. We got inside and started off for the air port. We had our passports in our luggage and our plane tickets. We were ganna stay in London for a couple months. There was a bunch of cities so we were ganna preform there. We got to the air port and and got onto the private jet. Niall and I sat together again. I put my headphones in and listened to One Direction. Okay, they arnt that bad. I think I'm becoming a fan. Niall was eating a bag of Pringles. He offered me his last chip. I took it and ate it. I must be super special of he is givin me his last chip. You know how Niall is with his food. We dozed off leaning against eachother.
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