Summer Vacation

Maddi is one of the quiet girl with a talent.Summer is coming up and there is a competition at her school a week before. Her frinds love One Direction so they all sign up for Battle of the Bands at her school. The grand prize is the world tour with One Direction. She isnt to excited to meet them. See how one youtube video changes her life. Read More!


13. Freeday

I woke up in Nialls arms. My head pressed against his chest. I look up at him and he is staring his crystal blue eyes at me.
"Good morning love.", he said with a smile.
"Morning", I say.
He losses his grip and sits up. I do the same. I get out of bed and go to the closet. I go into the bathroom and change into a graphic tee that had a arrow through a pink heart with a tank top under it. I put on some shorts and slip on some black sandals. I brushed and curled my hair into beach curls. I put on some eyeliner and mascara. I applied lipgloss. I went out into the room and Niall had his face planted into the pillow. I smile and take a pic.
I tweet it.
@Maddi_andthe_Set:"Someone's sleepy"
I decide to go get some donuts. I leave out of the hotel. A donut shop was just around the corner. I went in and bought a box of donuts and chocolate milk. I head back to the hotel and go to my room. I opened the door and Niall was still asleep. I shut the door quietly. Well I guess not to quiet because it woke him up.
"You got donuts?"
"Ya. There was a donut shop on the corner", I answer and sit down on the bed.
"Cool", he said and reached for a donut.
I take it out of his reach and I gave him a mocking smile. He gives me a smirk and trys reaching for it again. This time I get off the bed. He got off and he started chasing me around the room. I giggled. He chased me until he cornered me. He put his arms on the wall to block me from leaving. He leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back. He then grabbed the box away from me and ran. I plopped on the bed and took one out and started eating. I laughed and plopped on the bed across from him. I ate a donut and we both drinker our milk.
"We have free time today and the guys wanted to know if we should all got to get some icecream this afternoon.", he suggested.
"Sure! Sounds good!", I replied happily.
"Where are we going to next on the tour?", I asked
"Britan I think", he answered.
"Cool. You do realize that we are where Justin Bieber was born right?", I said.
"Ya. I was going to serprise you but I think I should tell you...", he says.
"What is it?", I asked.
"Justin Bieber and me are pals and he wasn't on tour. So he is living here and wanted us to come over to hand out. Do you want to?", he asked.
I didn't have a lot of interst in Justin Bieber but I said yes anyways just so Niall could see his idol.
Niall got dressed in a Free hugs tee and some skinny jeans. He wore some white convers on. He put on a black ballcap. We head out to the address he got from Justin. Justin had a giant house. We walked up to it and I knocked since Niall was to shy. Justin opened the door with a smile.
"Hey Mah man", he said and stepped aside," who is this lady", he said checking me out head to toe.
"Maddi and she's on your with us.", Niaal answered.
"She your girlfriend?", Justin asked.
"Yes I am", I answered.
"Cool! The living room is over there. You can take a seat on the couch. I will be right back.", Justin said then left the room.
"Are you nervous", I ask Niall.
"No! Why would I be nervous?", he said.
"Because he is one of you idols"
"So? Well... Maybe a little." I giggle.
Justin entered the room and I spelt a whiff of cologne when he walked past. He smelt like the woods. He sat down on the couch next to us. We talked about the tour and the recording and everything.
"Hey, Justin do you have a restroom?"
"Ya. Go down that hall and turn to the right.", he said pointing to a hall.
I walk out of the rooms dn down the hall. I enter the bathroom and lock the door. You know what happens from there. I wash my hands and dry them. I unlock the door and turned to go out the door. I was startled by Justin.
"Justin you scared me! Excuse me", I said as I walked to the side of him. His arm reached out to block me. He pressed both his hands against the wall to block me from leaving. I took a whiff of his cologne.
"Justin. I have a boyfriend and you have Selena.", I said.
"So. They will never know", he said me leaned in to kiss me.
I turned my head so I wasn't facing him.
"NIALL!", I yelled and Niall came running in. He saw me propped against the wall and Justin leaning in. Niall teared Justin off of me and punched him knocking him to the ground. Niall grabbed my wrist and took me outside. We both jumped in the car and head off back for the hotel. Niall still had rage and disappointment in his eyes and he was breathing heavily.
"Are you ok?", I asked Niall.
"No! I'm very disappointed at one of my idols! He just tried to make a move on my girlfriend!", he yelled then calmed down.
"Sorry. Maybe we shouldn't of came. He was probably planning this the whole time", he said a little more calmly.
"It's not your fault. You didn't know. Thanks for saving me from him though.", I said with a smile.
He smiled back. I know how easily he can get heart broken. Im still kind of shocked by the whole think. I can believe he punched him. Hes like one of the most sweetest person I have ever meet. I guess he could be prtective.
"Do you think he's ok",I asked.
"I hope not! He deserved that! After what he did to my girl", he smirked.
I giggled.
"Oh ya! We're supposed to go meet up with the guys. Oh and Danielle and Eleanor are ganna be there", he said cheerfully.
"Awesome!", I said maybe a bit too happy cos Niall laughed.
His laugh gave me chills down my spine. We drove into a parking lot of a small icecream parlor. We went inside and saw the guys and The girls. Next to Liam and Louis must be their girlfriends. We sat down at the table. They all greeted us and Liam introduced us to Danielle and Eleanor.
We all got along great. We all had different icecream flavours except me,Niall, and Liam. We got chocolate. We all ate and talked about random things.
"Hey Niall. Did you here about Justin Bieber? He went out in public and had a giant bruis on his face.", Louis said.
I didn't realize he hi him that hard.
"No", he said quietly.
"What's wrong mate?", Liam asked Niall.
"I did it.", he confessed and I looked over at him and gave him a worried look then looked down.
"What?", Liam asked.
"I punched him", he said quietly.
"He's your idol. Why would you do that?", Zayn asked.
"Well, he invited me and Maddi over and Maddi needed to go to the bathroom. He then said he needed to go get something and part me in the living room. I sat there and waited but then I heard Maddi scream my name. So I ran into the hallway and found Maddi being cornered on the wall. He was blocking her and tried to kiss her. I pulled him off of her and punched him. He fell on the ground and started groaning. I grabbed Maddi and took her to the car and we left. Then we came here to meet you guys.", he said with tears filling his eyes.
I grab his hand and squeeze it.
"Wow Nialler. I didn't know you had a protective side. Well at least you put him in his place", Harry said.
"We all know what's ganna happen next though", Liam commented.
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